1. does mika ever contribute anything useful to the coversation? or is she just there because of her pretty face?

  2. The Dems are not compassionate – they make promises raising the hopes of the poor & middle class-promises that can't last cause our country's broke financially. These promises also raise taxes & force emplyrs to buy ins. Will cost my brother his business he began in 1979. His employees are in a very specialized field,they won't be able to find other employment using their skills. It's a tragedy- HCR could have been handled in a much better way. Some r dumb enough to follow Cal. into bankruptcy.

  3. gosh, I wish republicans had the balls of steel to run against this bill AFTER seniors look at their receipts from the pharmacy and after all those small businesses get their tax rebates for their employees health care and all those young college students find out that they can be on their parents' insurance. Not to mention the billions this will pump in the real economy away from the investor class. I'd love to see the republican party die on that hill!

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