1. We are not in a negative birthrate/high death rate. So-called "white" people are. And it was never "20 and odd Africans" it was "20 and odd negras", not "negroes". Be advised. Furthermore, Bernie keeps lumping Race with religion and individual lifestyles with equal discrimination. Laughable.

  2. Wow Roland no questions about REPARATIONS huh just another snowball interview, So let me get this right he voted in supports Jews getting REPARATIONS but tell black people the are not entitled to ReparationsThis guy is a White Supremacist fraud iam thumbn this video down.

  3. This is a wasted, pussy footed interview. True softball. Roland is the largest wolf ticket seller around. He let Sanders control the hell out of him. Sad. Fucking sad. All that Sanders said is everybody deserves to continue to thrive off of black people's ongoing pain.😐👎

  4. This whole conversation was about paying poor white people this is how I’m going to prove so. At the beginning Roland laid out what is happening within the stat and the gap between white and black. Health care is a people issue but a white need remember they are the majority. Teachers wages which Roland Martin knows this already the highest percentage of people that are teachers are white women. He he’s talking about helping the poor well as you know majority of poor people are white many people who are struggling because of the conditions that are place are black it’s a difference. Roland keep talking about hbcu we’ll college is like prison only a small percentage will go to college as we see now these days college is a raven for debt within the black community. The one thing I haven’t hear is something tangible. Everything was about paying poor white people and you know who did the same type of speeches Obama and bill clinton and Hilary.

  5. Hope he gets to debate Biden in June. Anyone who thinks Biden is better than Bernie for the U.S. hasn't checked the record.

  6. Roland–good pushing him about black treatment in Vermont. Among my other issues with him, he needs to actually DO something about it & not just push it aside for a "more appropriate forum." He's still senator there, whatever happens in the presidential race. I keep being told he will do this and that. I want to see him DO something where he actually has the power to do something now.

  7. Sanders can go to hell and anyone not talking reparations to the black community for slavery and injustice that is still being dont today but just in a convert way…

  8. Roland is specifically asking him about black issues and as a typical politician fashion he is mentioning Latinos as that is a concern of blacks…smh. I wonder if Bernie does the same when ask questions pertaining to Jews?


  10. I just have to say this as a so called "black american" why are we constantly looking for white people to care and help out our problems? News flash history has shown THEY DONT CARE!!!!! I mean really they are supposed to take of their own as well as Latinos, Asians, and other cultures. We are the only group who dose this as if white people are the standard of humanity. Wake the F#[email protected] up, liberate you minds from mental slavery.

  11. It’s all fake. Bernie is a self-hater against his own people and sides with known terrorist against Israel. Told us to vote for Ms. Super Predators. All talk from the right and the LEFT. White privilege on both sides of the coin. Education means nothing when one racist can destroy your entire career just because they can. We can only trust G-d! 🕎✊🏾

  12. Hey

    It's that one guy running for president that voted for reparations for his own people but says he will deny it for black people

  13. Glad you had him on Roland. Now to every dignified Black Person with sense, and who understand history would clearly see Bernie Sanders, is the best bet for Black America! Medicare 4 All, Tuition free college, and a $15 minimum wage hike, is enough to give hope to a disenfranchised community, that's currently being denied these basic needs! Joe Biden, Focused on Locking Black America up, with a racist draconian crime bill that Bernie told him would hurt the Black Community! JOE BIDEN IS NO FRIEND OF BLACK AMERICA Bernie2020

    – https://feelthebern.org/bernie-sanders-on-black-rights/

    – https://feelthebern.org/bernie-sanders-on-racial-justice/

    – https://feelthebern.org/bernie-sanders-on-economic-inequality/

    Where does Bernie Sanders stand on job creation?
    – https://feelthebern.org/bernie-sanders-on-the-economy-and-jobs/bernie-sanders-on-job-creation/

    Please do your due diligence and read the linked information. Find other information online about Senator Sanders as well as for all of the other candidates. In the information age ignorance is a choice. Choose to be an informed voter and vote.

  15. My worry about charter schools is are they just going to all be all white administratively?

  16. Bernie is rich just like the rich he speaks against. Bernie is no more for black people as the people in which he speaks against. It is all fake. I will not vote for Sanders.

  17. Flattering of the tongue done well but Bernie but he do lie! Our people are like cattle for the slaughter. Remember he voted for his people to get reparations and SAID NO TO YOU NEGROES.

    Voting democratic has done nothing but mass incarcerate us, separate our families and marginalized us as a community.

    No man will save us!

  18. Why does Bernie always talk about the rich like he's not one of them? Phony. And there's that 94 crime bill. I don't accept his explanation/excuse. He's not for reparations. He's too old. I don't like his hair. He's a no for me dawg.

  19. I don’t understand why use time with this guy who doesn’t care about our people like ya he walked with mlk but that’s before I was born what about now then on top of that him walking with mlk wasn’t only for my people it helped a lot of different races

  20. Bernie, we want the same reparations you given your fake jews bigot buddies. Why is this man keep talking about these fell programs , that has kept blacks in lower class deliberately, because capitalism can't function without a low class to profit off.

  21. Bernie Sanders is the clear choice for the president of the United States. No debate. But Elizabeth Warren is right there with him. Don't get me wrong, I Richard Ojeda and Kamala Harris are good candidates too. Problem with that is Kamala Harris has a really rocky track record with the African American community and still is taking corporate pact money. Along with Corey Booker. Naomi Konst is another Sen. Warren in my opinion. Her stance is more progressive then most of the other candidates with the exception of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Most of the candidates are corporate democrats and voters see that. And that's problematic. One candidate said she supports water boarding and she's a veteran. Mayor Pete might be a good candidate for congress but not president. But Roland Martin can definitely be the second black president in America. Or should I say third coz Obama did it twice lol. #RMU #SandersWarren2020 #BringTheFunkBernie

  22. #Bernie2020. Our community has failing schools, gun violence, black Trans people being killed, police brutality, mass incarceration & redlining. If you only care about reparations and refused that's a vote FOR Trump which is a vote against ur OWN.

  23. Black men are moving away from the democratic party. It has benefitted exclusively black women it has never benefitted black men. Black men need to be independent no loyalty to any party vote for your interests. Democrats said they only need black women votes they will crash and burn trump will win election 2020.

  24. Corrupt ass justice war on drugs system the albino nationalists created, as people can read, ever since the humble Black people first discovered this nation, the first on this planet, that the migrated mutated albinos fucked up with their IMMORAL CLASSISM AND RACISM FUCK THE ELITE PIGZ

  25. I like Bernie but When he tells the Jewish nation to pay back all the money they received from America (reparations) then I'll vote for him it's not fair or right the black plight out weights the holocaust

  26. Corrupt ass geniuses not you Roland this is fucking sick!!!!!! Corrupt ass education system, corruption in EVERY fucking department in government and capitalism!!!!!!!

  27. Fuck education PAY US OUR DUES republicans have already fucked it all up I know their numbers and I know mine, manual labor beats the soft ass genius FUCKING PERIOD

  28. What about reprerations!🙌 That's for starters. Until then you get no votes. No Mo Talk! 👎

  29. And I disagree with Pres Obama even that you need an education to make a decent living, I fundamentally disagree, that the manual laborer doesn’t deserve their dues, yet we are nowhere near that reality, we should all be grieving at this garbage, I want to curse right now!!!!!! These dumbass Mexicans don’t have a fucking clue what they deserve what they are worth fucking disgusting that they vote REPUBLICAN Jesus fucking Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 3 trillion over the next 10 years is waaay too late for a tax on the CLASSIST RACIST WEALTHY, with as it stands today at a 22 trillion dollar debt that, that ONLY brings it down to 19 trillion, long overdue, a disgrace that these idiots are coveting the bottom 50%s MANUAL LABOR that should have been compensated 50 years ago…the dead? A disgrace to them ya think? AND the living? at 80 years old these poor people? politicians have failed miserably ain’t no light speed on this planet! Yoo-hoo Christians where in the Bible does say that Jesus took billions of dollars from the government, a check, AND then have the nerve to charge more at the counter to revive the dead?????????

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