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one time I had to go for a surgery and someone gave me the name of a taxi company and I made an arrangement with the head of the taxi company and this man is yelling at me and he that he wants more money for me and I thought to myself oh my god he’ll just dump me on the street somewhere why go through that why would one go through that after such a traumatic time and and the nurses said to me you’re alone you shouldn’t be alone I said well I had no one to take me I had no one to bring me the new care services provides a much needed service for elderly and homebound seniors in our area these are seniors that want to remain in their homes and we can provide medical transportation food shopping or a friendly visit it allows them to stay in their home longer to age gracefully in their own place right how what time would be good for you because we’re pretty flexible today I have to tell you there were so many patients who would call and cancel their appointments because they didn’t have a ride so I just feel that this will be more and more important for this area to have the ability to get free rides to their doctor’s appointments [Music] well it turns out you have to go shopping fairly often if you want fresh food if you want to eat fresh food you have to go fairly often and senior care will do that for you they’ll take you to the store that will help you buy food they’ll remind you of what it is you said you wanted they make you feel okay somebody cares about me somebody cares about whether I survive or not how wonderful is that I did see the announcement of the grant application we did submit and we were so thrilled to have won the grant our main need is transportation and the grant that Penn cares gave us helped for us to purchase a ride scheduling program that really streamlines our process before we had a big paper calendar and it was phone calls and emails back and forth so this ride scheduler program paid for by Penn cares allows that all to be done in one fell swoop [Music] the most kind and helping people I’ve ever met I just cannot say enough good things about the people I have had help from here I just love the Senior Care there was a terrible winter storm my parents somehow managed to get to the hospital but they say none of the doctors and nurses could get there

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