1. My family say I'm addicted but, i can honestly go without my computer anytime i just use it when I'm bored.

  2. Put it this way, I would have been like this but i picked up a guitar, That shit is way more fun than anything on this!

  3. Really?Hitting your father?
    And this is some serious shit.
    And i still love how his brother is talking to him nicely.

  4. I know this kids feel. It used to take forever to level up in maplestory and if you died you undid hours of progress. This makes me feel bad :/

  5. Poor baby. he's in a lot of pain. He's hurting. It's not funny.

    This child is a victim of the hellish environment he's in. He has a life filled with people that torment him and publish his pain on the internet.

    Going to school has got to be a bully fest after this video was published

    The only way he thinks he has to escape the hell he's in, would be the addiction to something anything that helps him forget and feel a little better.

    God please save him.

  6. they're mentally torturing that poor boy 🙁 such horrible people.
    He's just playing maplestory and they're being very cruel to him, practically bullying.

    He's just a BOY. THey're adults and they're bullying a little child.
    This vid is disgusting!

  7. @Justification75 good good. honestly i know im in front of the computer but this is my own free decision. i got one difference with that lol boy. i can quit at any time and i test myself from time to time 😀 just to be sure that im not addicted

  8. the computer is taking over many lives and dumbing us down staring at a bright screen. not good. destroy the computers b4 they destroy us.

  9. actually i just discovered few days ago that im addict.
    1) i just feel like to go out(trying to fix that)
    2) When i g2 act front of the class i feel soo uncomfy(wasnt like that half years ago)
    3) I dont know what to speak about with persons i dont know so good and dont play any games.
    These are the most common effects to computer addiction and im fighting against it cuz i dont wanna memorize my teen years as doing nothing. srsly if you got these symptoms as ive discovered youd better do sumthin

  10. God damn this is far from a joke. Its different if you're a sad adult who wastes his life on games…but what the hell? Who's letting this kid stay on the comp till he thinks it's 'his life'?? Then those 2 swoop in and tear him off it, laughing as they go. If this is their kid they certainly aren't taking care of it as they should. This clip shows what uncaring bullies they are. He's just a kid, his world is small. He would never have got an addiction if they took him outside in the sun. Bulies

  11. This video made me cry..I don't understand how the people in the video are laughing and giggling, I am disgusted by it…this child has an addiction – a serious addiction that needs help, not ridicule.

    I sincerely hope someone is taking him to a child psychotherapist to get weaned off..this child might as well be addicted to heroin or crack..would they be laughing then?

    So incredibly sad. This is a perfect example of parents not doing their jobs.

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