[Serious] Mental Health Professionals Talk About The Saddest Cases They Had – r/AskReddit #32


  1. I don't have to worry about mental issues because I just don't even have a brain

    Modern problems require modern solutions

  2. And this is why abortion is better than keeping a child you are not mentally or physically ready to raise

  3. When my Nan was a nurse in the 1980s she had to look after a woman who had mental health issues. She never said a word to anyone. My Nan asked another nurse what happened. The patient had been raped multiple times and her parents didn’t believe her so they sectioned her. She was eventually moved to a mental institution. My Nan never saw her again but always remembered to this day the look of sadness in that poor woman’s eyes. I hope she eventually recovered. She was only around 20 at the time so would be late 50s now.

  4. Sometimes I can’t see people in pain.

    Sometimes I want to rip peoples fingernails out and jam them down their throat. Like when I hear the story about the orphanage.

  5. It makes me think that although I’ve been through trauma myself, there’s always people who experience worse out there. It breaks my heart that innocent people are suffering as a result of others actions.

  6. Man, I want to be a Psychiatrist and work with Indigenous people (mainly youth) in Canada but I don’t think I can handle it 😭

  7. if you're not mature enough to deal with your partner without dragging your kid into you dont deserve to be married or have kids. you CANNOT change my mind

  8. I am 10 years old, I am on the trail of having a great life but I was mentally and physically abused by my mother until I was 8, most of the time it was verbal abuse but that still hurts. Most days she would call me swears which i don’t wanna repeat but there was 1 thing that will stay in my mind forever. One day it was just me and her and she refused to feed me so I called her crazy, she then slapped me and then said “I will have a baby with another man so it will actually love and respect me” that is the most hurtful thing that will stay in my mind. I just want a mother

  9. wait is the pet killing thing a thing. My mom's stepfather woke her up just so she could watch him kill her cat by throwing it against a fence repeatedly.

  10. It hurts me to know how many other people went through similar things I did as a kid. Why are people so fucking shitty..

  11. I want to add a "positive" story of mental illness and child abuse. My punishment as a kid for acting up would be getting my ass beat with a belt. I also had ADHD (Still affected at 21) so I would act up a lot. Get my ass beat a lot. One of the things I got beaten for was half assing my chores. Felt weird when I took pills so I started spitting them out when I left for school. Picking up random hobbies and playing basketball helped me control myself a bit but my schoolwork suffered. But anything I was interested in I could master very quickly. Like musical instruments and construction related things. Fast forward to now I am a pipe welder and pipe fitter (pipe fitter does the math and measurments for fabrication and installation of pipe) and the combination of being able to focus on those thing because I like them and always getting my ass beat for half assing as a kit I can do some seriously high quality work very quickly with minimal to no supervision. I still have trouble focusing on some things but have made a pretty good career for myself. (Dropped college because I couldn't focus on the school work.)

  12. Girl in my class, let's call her M, had an abusive father and a neglectful mother. Father left sometime around when she was 5 or younger, not sure exactly. Had an older half brother who I assume, based on context, was always the favourite, and a younger full brother with same health issues that she has, something to do with blood cells, and not processing iron right or something. Mother remarries and has 2 more kids, a girl and a boy. M is seemingly neglected a lot as a result, with everyone focusing on helping her mother with the kids, or helping her with her mental issues, but no one helping M. Not sure what was going on for most of her childhood, but she was dating a 20 year old when she was 12. Then an 18 year old when she was 14. Drinks all the time, with her mother's knowledge. Mentioned once that she was so stressed she smoked 20 cigarettes in one day. Not sure exactly what drugs she does or did, but I know she smokes weed, and claims to keep it in her school bag, though no one really believes her on that part. Also is addicted to monster energy drinks, which her ex boyfriend used to buy her, since she couldn't get it. Has tons of piercings, was going to get her eyebrows tattooed because she spends an hour on them every morning, not sure if she did or not but I assume she did, told her FIVE YEAR OLD SISTER that piercings "didn't hurt" when the kid wanted her ears pierced, wanting to "be like her older sister." M has been pregnant twice, seemingly miscarried both times. Her mother wouldn't let her stay the night at a boys house because, and I quote "she knows what [she's] like." This girl turned 15 two months ago, and has been through more shit than most 80 year olds. Also, only has one on one teaching now because apparently there were too many people in the class now (it's a small specialist school, only like 5-6 people in our class), which I'm sure has nothing to do with the fact that the new girl who joined when she left was from her old school, and M's friends used to bully new girl. New girl says she doesn't even remember M, but whatever. (Also sure it has nothing to do with her flirting with the only dude in our class, suggesting they meet up during half term, then ignoring him when he called to arrange, and even letting her new boyfriend answer it one time. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the guilt of either of those, though.)

    Anyway, I'm so fucking terrified for her and her future, and for the poor guy who's still completely infatuated with her.

  13. I just graduated highschool and I’m going to start studying psychology in the fall. One of my worst fears is having a child like this that I can’t help, I’m a very empathetic person and it’s almost like I feel their pain. I had a rough childhood myself and I feel for kids being abused beyond anything else. They are innocent human beings who need love and guidance. I hope as a future psychologist I can help atleast one child one day.

  14. If you rape a child I will find you and I will cut your eye lids and put orange juice in the cuts

  15. When I was in 2nd grade my parents divorced in front of me I saw the whole thing then my dad threw the house phone at.my mom out of anger then left , the turning point is that my dad isn’t abusive and nor is my mother (she’s just a bitch). My dad got better with managing anger and I have a great relationship with him. But a fun and now 5 almost 6 years of being in the middle

  16. That second story is why I don’t trust any dude that’s eager to be with a single mom. I mean there’s nothing wrong if you love a woman who has kids but once a pattern forms there’s probably something going on.

  17. This is really inappropriate and disrespectful/distasteful. These stories are sad and the whole context/format is tacky.

  18. Because he was fucking tickled I'm ticklish and have delt with shit like that from my sister's who were actively trying to make me piss myself tell the snow flake to get over it

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