1. these countries dont offer better education than india….looking at thier faces…mostly they might have not passed thier 2nd pu in 1st class…and thier parents might be having lots of money…….
    india is best for mbbs and ur MD or MS done in US or UK would give a well settled life ….dont fall into such trapes

  2. Bro these company's are fake . they just wants to grab your money. I am in Ukraine I know . study in Ukraine is very bad . they will teach nothing. And these agents will always asks money. So do not come in Ukraine . it is a very poor and distressfull country

  3. When will u clear MCI Exam, Now a days Screening exam is very difficult in India.Those who want to study in Europe.They fix that they should be in Europe only

  4. Hahaha….can't get seat in indian medical colleges as a result they go to ukraine where any donkey can study and become a doctor

  5. Ukraine is very dangerous for Asians. They hate all Asians and want to kill them all. You won't see me there

  6. https://www.facebook.com/mbbsinusa2018/

  7. Mam, can you provide me the link of audio track that you used just in the beginning of this video. I want to download it.

  8. I m nt qualifying in Neet.. What should I do now.. N i was thinkng about medical college in ukraine.. Is der any hope..

  9. The thing is that 3/4th of the people who go abroad are mindless jerks who cannot handle the competition and the pressure of studying for 6 hours every single day from the beginning of class 11th. Therefore, they don't perform well in their universities and are not able to pass the MCI test. I think that is why India is one of the noble countries to produce world-class doctors since the people who get selected to topmost institutions here have the real caliber of studying medicine.

  10. Hello mam,What is the salary of a Ukrainian doctor per month? After the graduation,I'll have to find a job myself?

  11. hello yukti mam ….gd evening .Mam i want to know wheather there is any representative from book my university in Chennai because right now i am in chennai

  12. hii mam

    firstly you make an awesome video 👌👌

    my question is That

    according to national reports only 19% of students can passed the mci exam !!

    its sooo tufff

    sooo is good to take ???

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