*blows nose* Thank you no problem (Awesome music) SHUT UP A: Hello and welcome to the behind the scenes for 1976 vs 2016 2016 is uh.. pretty far off in the future I can’t even imagine what the world’s gonna be like then- I: I bet they’re gonna have flying cars… C: yeah, I bet they’re gonna have flying cars A: We all have the same voice apparently C: Yeah A: Honestly, this is probably the most politically charged video we’ve ever done (yeah) so, it’s gonna hit kind of rough for some people C: Also the most platform charged I: It’s gonna make people… yeah I:Take a look at that A: who’s is bigger? Alright, let’s go shoot this hushpuppy I like M.A.S.H. *BANG* I: Do you want a tissue? A: Don’t!- (bang) hehehe A: Don’t push your religious views out relizzshsus Don’t change paper! climate-paper-denying-son of a- *Laughing in background* C: Hey look at me! Look at these high-waisted They go up and up and up and up! It’s called high-wasted because in the 70’s people got really FASHIONABLE. Don’t do drugs. A: Lemme make this VERY clear, You’re getting paid LESS, because you’re a woman! C: Oh what’s that over there? *swaps pays* I: Oh no cuz’ we have the same name! A: You’re doing the same job you should get paid at LEAST the same as a woman I: Y-you’re right why does a woman get paid more than me? A: That doesn’t make any SENSE! I: give that back A: Ok that’s good HEHAHAHAH I: How’s a goin’ My name is- Bill I’m from the 70’s Nice ta’ meet you Things I like: lavalamps, biiiiiiig bushes. I cover my house in all types of topiaries. Flora, fauna I’m a fan of all of it. *rewind* ha-PFFFFFFF ha-PPFFFPFYFYPFPFPFZZZPFFPSSFP PFFFT *laughs under breath* *crew starts laughing* A: Do you like it today? I: What? A: Are you having a good time today? Is it a good day? I: Well I’m drunk so yeah… *laughs under breath* A: Hi! How’s a goin’? C: Hi. A: This is my wife. C: I’m Sammy. A: That’s right my wife Sammy here- C: Hey! I can speak for myself! I: Tell me about your sex life. A: When we first got together we had sex once… I: Well, I’m just putting this out there… You don’t have to take my advice, but… I think I should go and have sex with your wife. A: You can go ahead and do that, if you would like C: I SPEAK FOR MYSELF I DECIDE whether it happens- YES. YES. My tax money’s being wasted! A: This is ridiculous. I: Your tax money. How much do you think I get paid you little fucks! C: Too much *I’m not-* apparently! I: These aren’t even real glasses. A: What are they? I: Fisher Price kids glasses C: Fisher Price makes childr(laughs)ens toys! I: Hello I’m sergeant A-nooses grandfather I keep sunglasses on because I’m hungover all the time… because I’m suffering from severe alcoholism GIMME A BEER eeeEEEHHHHHHHHHH *AHH* Eh – sorry, sorry Holdon holdon holdon PTEEEH – AHHH I – It’s not a race thing…. Alright? It’s just a bad neighbourhood. It’s just statistics ok? GETOUTTA HERE GOGOGOGOGO Welcome to my house…. I gotta lot of gadgets I’m the tech vlogger on the side This is my selfie iPhone, I use it for selfies… This is my iPad I don’t really use the iPad because it’s not really useful for anything And sometimes I just go to concerts on my VR headset. Man, I am s-(bang bang bang)-o BOR-(bang)-ED!!! *Put’s headset on* Flap falls of (XD) *Laughter starts up* Other person: Please don’t make me work in the coal factory! C: I’d like to work in the coal factory they make nice nichols out there… I: That’s not how it works… A: I heard they’re kicking up a nicole kidman, right now… I: What about nicole richie? C: She’s gonna be real revolutionary, that one! She’s gonna – Did she *she’s gonna* ask you *gonna* talk *pfft* HERH HAHAHA-HEHAHAH A: And that was 1976 vs 2016!!! I: What did you guys think? Was it accurate? All our 50-year-old viewers out there! Let us know! A: There’s a few! Elder’s react watched us… Let us know, if there’s any other years you’d like to compare. It doesn’t always gotta be recent years… 200 bc! Vs 100 bc! I: A lot of relatable jokes C: Everybody’ll be into that… Everyone’ll be like I remember that! I: I remember Pangea… A: Alright guys! A: do whatever you want *at same time* I: like it, comment ‘I love their bushes’ C: To the 70’s! Wooo! I: Hey guys thank you so much for watching! And if you haven’t seen our video 1985 vs 2015 Click the box on the screen to check it out now! I and A: DAAAAMMMNNN I: that girls a total babe *high five sound*


  1. sub to me if your watching in 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030 2031 2032 2033 2034
    2035 2036 2037 2038 2039 2040 to 300000000 years

  2. When it said sex therapy I thought it was sex the rapy without a space 😂😭 but as I kept looking at it I realise it was therapy

  3. back when i was in the 5th grade I thought that bts was a fun way to shorten behind the scenes but now all I think about is fRIGGIN BTS THE KPOP GROUP WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME

  4. I commented on a previous video, 1958 vs 2018, I'm curious to see how you guys would compare those years. I really like your skits 😊

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