Sexy Women Beg For Healthcare (with Rebecca Romijn, Blac Chyna, Nina Dobrev, and more!)

hi there the Internet it's me a woman you may recognize me from TV movies magazines or late-night Google searches you've probably thought about touching my breasts Oh wonder what I look like as a naked cartoon character it doesn't matter where you first saw me maybe it was a maximum spread your favorite soapy teen drama maybe it was a music video or a genuine work of art where I stretched myself and showed my range you don't remember that last one do you that's okay I'm here to remind you that while you may be super familiar with the outside of my body my body also has an inside including a pretty hefty amount of reproductive organs and in order to keep those reproductive organs fully functioning they need some motherfucking health care you know the stuff I'm talking about the vagina the breasts plus all the other things in women's bodies that can be confusing like lymph nodes uterus uterine life fallopian tube ovaries ovum birth canal Duras Volvo Mons pubis suit endo clef labia majora maybe a menorah and of course who could forget the bartolina's glands those are the things that secrete vaginal mucus they get me really really they flood my basement you know what I'm talking about and in order to keep those reproductive organs fully functioning we need health care think of pap smear is like oxygen facials for the inside of the body because the thing is our chunk gets fucked up from time to time – I know you fantasized about having sex with us come on you know you have and I'm guessing that fantasy doesn't end with the cond tap and a trip to the drugstore for Plan B and I'm sure when you're thinking about my beautiful huge breasts you're not thinking about the fact that they need to be regularly screened for breast cancer also we will go through menopause will still be hot though did you know that cervical cancer is under diagnosed in women of color leading to higher mortality rates that's something you probably haven't thought about when you've imagined me playing beach volleyball in a rainstorm while wearing a thong we need EMTs and STI screenings that way if we ever do get a chance to have sex with us we can do it in a safe responsible manner if you don't do this for us we'll never do anything sexy for you again because we'll be upset but also because we won't have functioning bodies which means we can't do all the things we do at getting erections no more washing cars jogging braless or bidding on antique costume brooches on eBay so please when politicians talk about things like not wanting to cover contraception or prenatal care or mammograms think about us sexually begging you to keep us healthy because there's nothing sexier than being alive okay what mom Mons pubis okay like the boy help me out now monban pubic mom pubis Mons pubis I should probably learn this I'm gonna fuck this up Mons pubis mom sorry Mons pubis pubis what is it okay we need back-to-school education for all


  1. The fact that this hasn't hit 1 mil views is tragic. This was SO awkward and I love it for that. It's a ballsy video. Or, uhh, mons pubey?

  2. Ok my eyes and my ears are fully open and nooo I’m a girl πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ¦° πŸ‘±β€β™€οΈ πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ¦±

  3. This video is filled with comments from people who completely miss what channel this is on…. It is "Funny Or Die"… This video was made for comedy purposes. Everyone needs to stop taking things so seriously xD

  4. Who are all of them? I really recognize the one at 0:04 who said movies. Hate it when videos don't give the full list.

  5. great funny video really but fuck Blac Chyna that evil skank ass whole damn gold digger yeah I got to stop promote in deceitful people in this world

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