Shakeology and Base Nutrition

Morning everybody!
Happy New Year! I hope everybody had a great Christmas
and a happy New Year and you’re all safe and sound. Wanna take a second today and talk about nutrition. And I wanted to talk in particular about Shakeology. Shakeology is BeachBody’s nutritional product.
Of course, BeachBody is the folks that made P90X, Insanity, ChaLean Extreme and whole host of other really great products. But they also have a line of nutritional supplements. And I wanna talk to you about this product because I think it supports one of the things
that we talk about a lot. I get a lot of questions from people about ‘What kind of supplements should I be taking when I do P90X?’ and, you know, they tell me ‘I’m taking this’
or ‘I am taking that’ or they tell me they’re relate or their experience about going down to, you know, GNC or the Vitamin Shoppe or Hi-Health or wherever. And talking to those folks about, you know,
‘Hey i’m doing P90X, what do I need?’ and they come home with the tub that, you know, is about this big and it’s got some guy on the label that’s, you know, that’s 5’6″ and he weights about 290 pounds
and he’s just chiseled muscle. And that’s great and I think that a lot of
those supplements are very, very effective. I’ve used some of those supplements
BUT what I think happens is you end up spending a couple of hundreds of bucks buying these big tubs of stuff and you forget that you need to get your base
nutrition taken care of first. And so you know if you’re not… If you’re taking the big tub but you’re not eating vegetables, and you’re not eating fruit and you’re not taking a multi-vitamin, and you’re not taking care of your basic nutritional needs, then the big tubs I thinks are largely just
a waste of money. So what shakeology is…
is it fits in the category of your base nutrition. Shakeology’s got a lot of different things
in it, I’ll go through ’em really quickly. The first thing is protein and amino-acids.
I think everybody knows, you know, protein’s one of those things you need for muscular
cellular growth. There are two flavors of Shakeology.
There’s chocolate… These are a little sample packs by the way which I’ll talk about in a minute. Chocolate Shakeology here, the chocolate Shakeology
has 17 grams of carbs and 17 grams of protein; then, there is the greenberry flavor. Greenberry has 19 grams of carbs and 15 grams of protein. So, basic protein and amino-acids has antioxidants in it. Antioxidants are incredibly important. This is something that, you know, I overlooked for a while I was, a year before last, got into a situation where
I just didn’t know what was wrong with me. I was training really really hard;
I was doing triathlon at the time an olympic distance triathlon I was training for; and there’s was just something wrong,
I didn’t know what it was, but I was tired and I really had no clue what was going on with me, and I think what it happened is I had neglected my base nutrition and I wasn’t taking my multi-vitamin, I wasn’t really eating enough fruits and vegetables.
And I believe what happened is that free radicals sort of invaded my body and I didn’t have the antioxidants that you need to fight these things off and if you are familiar with what free radicals are
I don’t wanna get into it too much here but take a second, google that and you can see that antioxidants are incredibly important to your base nutrition. That’s why people talk about antioxidants
and multi-vitamins taking those things. Fido nutrients, these are sort of your green
algy-type of foods, they help with immunity in particular. Adaptogens. Adaptogens have some really unique qualities which help, you know, with hormone production and again, immunity. Prebiotics – this is something that I think a lot of people overlook. It’s just your digestion. You know, if you’re taking, again, the big tub of stuff,
you have to be able to digest those foods and you have to be able to process all the
other foods you’re eatin’ on a daily basis. A lot of us don’t have the sort of nutritional… base nutrition in place
that helps us digest all those foods. Another thing is the fiber that’s in Shakeology.
I think that a lot of people aren’t aware of how low in fiber their diets actually are. Our modern diet’s so high in sugar and fat
that it really overlooks fiber. And if you’ve overlooking fiber,
you’re overlooking one of the most important functions that your body can have which is digestion. And you will notice a
difference almost immediately on Shakeology, And the digestive enzymes and those are really along the same lines – – the digestive enzymes help with digestion. So, that’s kinda what Shakeology is. Again, it’s not… it’s not the big tub of stuff with a bodybuilder on the side of it. Those, again, those products I think have
a place in your fitness program, but you shouldn’t be overlooking your base nutrition. And if you’re a person that eats a ton of fruit, a ton of vegetables, is able to get all this stuff from someplace else,
then I think that’s great. I know for me, I don’t necessarily dislike
fruits and vegetables I just don’t always find them convenient. I am much more likely to go grab a protein bar than I am to go slice up an apple or something like that, and that’s just kinda who I am and what I
do, and so what Shakeology’s done for me is, it’s enabled me in a simple shake to get
all of my base nutrition done for the day. So that if I am taking other supplements or
when I am getting my hard workeouts, I know that that’s taken care of – my body has what it needs, now I can move on and I can give it if I want to give it extra stuff, I can give it extra stuff, but I’ve taken
care of that. So, these are the sample packs of Shakeology;
we are currently offering free sample packs. You’ll find some information… some more information about that on the link which you will see below me or off to the side. Contact me through that link and we’ll get you a sample pack of Shakeology. They’re both really good as far as the flavors go.
The chocolate one is really, really good if you mix it with either like some almond milk and peanut butter, it’s really good;
throw a banana in there – it’s really, really good. I made some last night with strawberries that I really liked, I thought it was good, just chocolate and strawberry.
The greenberry is probably my favorite the greenberry one I love because it mixes
with fruit and juice really, really well. So, I usually mix it, if I am in hurry, I’ll
just put orange juice in it. If not you put orange juice and really any
kind of fruit. I like berries and berries go under really well, but it’s good with pineapple; it’s good with
mango; it’s good with melons. I mean it is really… it really mixes well with anything. The greenberry flavor is more of a citrus type flavor;
the chocolate is obviously pretty rich chocolate. So, anyway, contact us, we’ll get you a free sample. In the meantime, you know, again, keep focusing on the base nutrition. I think it’s one of the most important things you can do for yourself is just to continue to focus on making sure your body has the core things that it needs to do those main functions, and if you can do that, that’s when you’re
really gonna see some strides and some advances. So anyway, hope everybody had a happy New Year
and we’ll talk to you soon.


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