Shakshuka – Eggs in Tomato Sauce Recipe

lively music shakshuka; eggs in tomato sauce 1 medium onion; diced heat a 12 inch 30cm frying pan 1 tbsp olive oil cook for about 5 minutes until the onion begins to soften 1 medium red bell pepper 2 cloves garlic , minced cook bell pepper for 5-7 minutes , over medium heat until softened 2 tbsp (30G) tomato paste 2 cans (14 oz – 400g each) diced tomatoes 1 tsp cumin 1 tsp paprika 1 tsp chili powder chili flakes (to taste) 1 tsp sugar salt freshly ground black pepper allow to simmer over medium heat for 10-15 until it starts to reduce make 6 pockets for the eggs 6 eggs cover the pan and cook for 10-15 minutes or until the eggs are cooked fresh parsley


  1. I just made this – my goodness it is delicious, thank you. I tweaked it a bit though by adding turmeric and feta cheese and substituting Aleppo chili pepper for the chili flakes. I also used fresh diced tomatoes, not canned.

  2. Here’s a thought. Tomatoes weren’t introduced in Middle East until the 18th century. They were, however, introduced to the Iberian Peninsula in the 16th century. It’s quite possible that the dish originated in Spain and went to the Middle East and North African regions…

  3. I cooked tonight with this recipe and my family loves it ♥ thank you so much 😊 Greetings from Poland 🇵🇱

  4. I don't even know how I found this video, it looked so delicious that I had to make it myself, and I'm addicted to it now! Oddly enough after finding it, I started seeing it in a lot of TV cooking shows, on magazine covers, etc. It seems to be the dish of the moment.

  5. Just came across your channel, this is fantastic, thank you so much for making these videos. We are fully subscribed. We have made our own version of this delicious dish, and we would love to hear your feedback on it! Thank you in advance and hope to continue to see more of your videos.

  6. I put in 4 small Thai peppers with seeds inside first so it coated the olive oil, biggest mistake ever LOL, I sweating out throughout my nose, next time I won't put as much

  7. Thank you for your wonderful recipe… I made this for trial in a restaurant it selected… With bit of changes… Thanks…..

  8. Cook times of the sauce and the eggs are too long. You end with a dry base and almost hard, non runny yolks.

  9. its more of an ejja than a shakshuka , shakshuka is made the same as ejja but with more vegetables like potatoes pumpkin broad beans etc…

  10. In tuscany where i came from it s very popular poor dish.. We make in The same exactly way but without cumin

  11. its name is 'menemen'
    And this is turkish food!
    Shakshucka is turkish food
    And its make with eggplant
    if u want to see u can write on youtube
    'şakşuka' and 'MENEMEN'
    they r very different recipes
    Sorry my english🤪
    Because i know a little☺️

  12. Shakshuka is one of the most commun summer dishes in my country but you've just taken it To another level .. salutations

  13. Shakshuka is an Algerian food even the name is Algerian you should wrote it in title so it won't be misused

  14. I tried the recipe. DO NOT use as much chili powder as she says, it came out so spicy, I couldn't eat it. And definitely reduce the sugar in half or don't put any sugar. At first it felt very sweet, but then the spicy chili overwhelmed everything. Bottom line, don't add the spices quantity she says.

  15. oooh! where would I find the skillet with the awesome lid, please?
    Have you considered adding a link here so you get a bit if I purchase the pan? Thank you.

  16. oooh! where would I find the skillet with the awesome lid, please?
    Have you considered adding a link here so you get a bit if I purchase the pan? Thank you.

  17. 105/5000

    This is a kind of Turkish menemen recipe. A kind of Turkish appetizer Shakshuka ( We say "şakşuka" in Turkey) is made with aubergine and no eggs.

  18. I really likes this so I took this recipe as an inspiration and posted a curry shakshuka recipe on my channel.

  19. Im gonna cook this for my syrian fiancee. Ive been cooking it all wrong for these past four years and he never said anything and he always compliment my food. But this time im gonna do it right.

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  21. Why the fuck see are camera angkes so damn close and tight. I missed the garlic part if i hadnt paid attention. Just a piss off

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