Shimkus Questions Sebelius on Budget Gimmicks in the Health Care Law

this is like so there is a there is an issue here on the budget because your own actuary has said you can't double count you can't count 500 there they're attacking Medicare on the CR when their bill your law cut 500 billion dollars in Medicare then you're also using the same five hundred billion dollars to what say you're funding health care your own actuary says you can't do both so my simple question I have 27 26 seconds left what's the 500 billion dollar cuts for preserving Medicare or funding health care law which is it sir that Affordable Care Act as 12 years the Medicare trust fund according to every actuary and the five hundred billion dollars represents a slowdown in the growth rate of Medicare over ten years from what was projected at eight percent so it is it Medicare is it using it to save Medicare are using it to fund health care reform which one both throw your double counting I yield back my time gentleman's times expired


  1. ACCOUNTING does not LIE – you can not use the SAME money for TWO DIFFERENT PROJECTS!
    WHERE are the ARREST WARRANTS?????

  2. That's funny because if you go to the video "Rich Lowry destroys Rachel Maddow," some other idiot thinks I'm a liberal.

    Maybe I just say what makes sense and I'm not as shallow-minded as you liberals/conservatives.

  3. Completely irrelevant. Without those companies your ass would be popping a squat in the woods. Learn to respect the system that gave you everything you fucking have.

  4. Was youtube? What about Microsoft or Apple? What about the companies who made your hardware? What about the ones who made your air conditioning, and stitched clothes, and your toilet bowl, you dishonest little shit?

  5. The Americans are getting something in return for their money…a place to live. You don't understand basic economics. Business deals go two ways. That's why our lives are better off by these "evil corporations" existing. It's why you own a computer that has access to almost infinite amounts of knowledge…and air conditioning, and stitched clothes. Please respect the system that gave you real-life miracles.

  6. From what I understand, what's pissing Shimkus off is that they're cutting that money from Medicare, spending it elsewhere, then claiming that they're reducing spending by only pointing to the Medicare cut.

  7. This is typical Republican BS. Shimkus starts off hostile. This isn't an "investigation," he's out to win a prize. Sibelius calmly explains that the Affordable Health Care Act slows the growth of Medicare spending from 8% a year to 6% a year. We're talking rate of growth reduction, which if you understand statistics or calculus, it's a bigger savings. But like a Republican, Shimkus ignores Sibelius and keeps snorting out his lie like the Republican pig he is. Either your'e a thug or a sheep.

  8. Gotcha! just keep holding on to that point maybe in a year or so it will become clear. Maybe by that time the President will have provided us all with healthcare and more jobs, and hopefully when you a not so desperate fighting someone elses battle you can take off the blinders and stop fighting someone else's politics. You are one of the 99% and you know it. Fight for us not the decievers.

  9. @ddlynn100 No, you just stick your head in the sand and ignore the fact. The entire ObamaCare law is a scam. Notice they recently ended the CLASS Act because it was self sustainable? It is double counting to those of us who can do math and logic. She admitted it. Watch and listen to the video very closely and you will see for yourself or just stick your fingers in your ears and deny the truth.

  10. @NCMan28025 No she did what I've learned to do give up people hear what the want hear. Its called guarded truth nothing can penetrate that donut hole.

  11. @megarational How dare Americans want to keep more of the money they earned through hard work and investments. They must be heartless not to let the government take more of their wealth so they can redistribute it to those who vote Democrat. You socialist are all alike. You guys want to leech off the productive. By the way, how has this Keynesian economics plan been working out for all Americans? Higher deficits, higher unemployment and higher poverty. All of Obama's policies have failed.

  12. @megarational Didn't want to touch the $500 billion dollar double-counting scheme did you? It's ok. I'd scurry past that fact as well if I were trying to defend the re-distributor-in-chief. You also won't touch the fact that Democrats are against these cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. The Republicans don't want to cut these services. They won't to reform them so they stay solvent.

  13. @megarational Didn't want to touch the $500 billion dollar double-counting scheme did you? It's ok. I'd scurry past that fact as well if I were trying to defend the re-distributor-in-chief. You also won't touch the fact that Democrats are against these cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. The Republicans don't want to cut these services. They won't to reform them so they stay solvent. The AP and Washington Post fact-checked Wasserman Shultz who tried to spin just as you did. Conclusion You are lying.

  14. @ddlynn100 Except they're double counting for two programs-Medicare and ObamaCare. Simple comprehension skills are needed to see what Sebelius admitted to.

  15. @megarational Obama cut $500 billion from Medicare to fund ObamaCare and now is proposing to cut an additional $540 billion. Please read and educate yourself as The Washington Post fact-checked the same claim you're parroting from Debbie Wasserman Shultz. Both of you are lying about the Ryan plan. Now scurry away cockroach.

  16. @ddlynn100 Agreed, if i cut spending by $500 billion on one expenditure I then have created a savings of $500 billion, and then I can use it towards another expense That is actually what they are saying, we are saving tax payers $500 billion, no your not you are applying that savings towards Health Care. Serious folks I dont care what side of the fence you sit on, if it smells like s#$% it probably is. Remember, 'you need to pass the bill to find out what it is in it', are we that stupid.

  17. This is what republicans believe is a gotcha moment because of a congressman who can understand guarded truth, let me break it down to you like you are a 1st grader, let this be a teachable moment. When you budget your bills and payments and you save $500 on your entertainment expenses don't you now have $500 that you can now pay a car note with (don't loose your lunch this is a hypothetical situation).

  18. @Phalinex Coming from an idiot that has only thrown ad hominem attacks (look it up). ObamaCare was sold by fraud who used fraudulent numbers. You haven't proven anything but the fact that you lack critical thinking abilities and logic. In this video, HHS Secretary Sebelius admitted they are using the $500 billion in make believe savings to fund both Medicare and ObamaCare. It's fraudulent accounting. The #'s they gave the CBO were fraudulent and were done in order to hide the true costs?

  19. @Phalinex Talk about stupid. The tea party members voted into office had nothing to do with ObamaCare. They took their oath on Jan. 4, 201. Then again, its clearly obvious you have no grasp of civics or reality.

  20. @Phalinex Did you not read the Chief Actuary's report about the billions that were wasted in 2009 & 2010. They found nothing and tried to take $500 billion out of Medicare to fund their unconstitutional bill. Did you not hear her agree that they double counted or are you deaf due to inbred liberalism? Google Richard S. Foster +CMS. He is the Chief Actuary that continues to tell Americans that ObamaCare causes medical costs and insurance premiums to rise.

  21. While this 'double-counting' method has been used for decade by both parties, it is time to put a stop to it.

    This is no different than Arthur Andersen cooking the books for Enron. If a company practiced the accounting methods that the Fed uses, someone is going to jail. I'm required by law to pay taxes or face jail. Congress has no such accountability in regard to the use of my tax money. People are sick of it.

  22. I don't wish to tell everyone who hears 74 seconds of video and makes a conclusion an idiot, but every comment I read is idiotic. I forgot that Barack Obama himself plots and schemes every aspect of our lives. Oh, wait, *he doesn't.* And you're retarded for thinking so. I know you're all still bitter for losing the battle for healthcare, but you've certainly got other things you can bitch about.

  23. The Obama Administration, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid All lied to us about the Healthcare Bill? I am shocked. The left wing media told us that they were being truthful. Now I am to believe the network news, MSNBC, CNN are liars. I am having a difficult time understanding this how can the leftist sheep handle this? Say it aint so Bamster.

  24. @1family4me
    And he is loving every minute of it. He is thinking……"wait……wait……wait, almost there. Soon the top down will come after the pressure will be too much"

    It is all working well so far for him……….Fundamental Change We All can Believe

  25. The media will hide this ….hope it goes away and Obama will NEVER be asked about this.

    Wake up people

  26. The lies are unraveling and the truth is coming out. It will be the demise of the Progressives/Socialists/Communists/Unions/Islamists because they will and are being exposed for the trash they truly are.

  27. It is both, not double dipping. Wean off SS Medicare to affordable health care. She explained that plain.

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