Short Stories For Kids | Appu And Friends Learn First Aid

Does she have a heart beat? Thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump. Yes! What’s that for, doc? To check her ears, eyes and throat. Say ahh. Ahhhh. I mean, her. “Ahhhhhh.” Looks good. But, doctor, what about that cut on her arm? What cut – oh, yeah. Oh my goodness, that cut needs tending. With what? Adhesive bandages. But first antiseptic. Don’t worry, Amanda Jean, this will just sting a little. What does antiseptic do? Besides sting. It cleans the wound. Very brave, Amanda Jean. Now – adhesive bandages. Nice hearts and flowers motif. That should be enough. Amanda Jean! Oh no – a head wound. Yes, she’s got a goose-egg bump on her head. What do we do? Hand me the ice pack, Tiger. And a nose bleed! Amanda Jean, you’re a wreck. Appu, take a tissue, hold it under her nose while you squeeze it. Good, hold her head back a tad. I think she’s healed. I love playing with your first aid kit, Neena! Fun and educational if we’re doing it right. We are. My aunt Samantha is a nurse And she showed me there’s a lot of simple first aid kids can do, Like bandages, ice and antiseptic for cuts. Or tissues for a bloody nose. She gave me this kit so I can practice with Amanda Jean. Coming through! Watch out! King! Are you okay? Did I swing into space? What pretty stars. He’s growing another head! Help! It’s a bump. We need ice. Real ice, Tiger. I have got it. My, that feels nice. What’s that red on his arm. Oh, he cut himself. He’s bleeding! Just a scratch really. Must have scraped his arm when sliding down the tree. We need some antiseptic. Not the plastic one. Let me concentrate. Don’t fret, my dear. I’m feeling better already with this ice on my head. Now this will clean your cut, King. But it might sting. STING!? Calm yourself. Royalty must get used to a little sting once and awhile. It’s part of the job. How was that? How was what? Guess it didn’t sting much. Now, bandages. I’m sorry, but I must draw the line here. Kings cannot wear hearts and flower bandages. Oh. Let’s see then. What about this? That’ll work. Just wrap it around the cut a few times and tie it off. How else do you feel? Have a bloody nose? Because for that you hold your head back while squeezing your nose with a tissue. Nose is fine. Should we check his heartbeat, or ears, nose, throat? That seems like a bit much. How’s your bump feel? It’s shrunk. The ice is working. Just keep the ice on it, King, and it’ll be better soon. Oh no – Queen! There. That cut will heal well now! Looks like Queen’s got this all wrapped up! ALL LAUGHS


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