morning guys Tina's watching line up dude check out all the angles denim-on-denim nice peekaboo see you later cheeky pea where's his dummy good I just and now I'm gonna go meet it at the office and we're gonna attempt for the second time or is it notice about third time in two days to record a car I can't wait until it is my time off oh my god oh my god I just had a handful then as I was saying I can't wait until it's my time off in Ramadan so that I can get up and just go and have a coffee really honestly that's just the only thing I thought I'm gonna eat when it's my time off I'm just gonna have a coffee I say that probably okay so I've decided the rest of this vlog we can ask Hannah questions on which day with Sylvester Stallone boy okay next question we're doing weakest link how many pyramids are they in Egypt okay right it's time which is the largest ocean the Pacific or the Atlantic okay Brian Lara played international cricket for which national side West Indies which pop star was born in Gary Indiana on August 29th and 1958 Michael Jackson which smoked fish which smoked fish might you expect to be served with cream cheese and lemon juice it in canapes correct which former England footballer scored against Morocco in a pre World Cup 1998 friendly to become at the time England's younger goalscorer Rebecca Michael Owen Russell Crowe plays inspector Javert's in which 2012 film we just recorded a podcast and it actually went well well I thought it went well we didn't argue the whole way through do you have different opinions we didn't argue the whole way through I don't think we argue the whole way through and I remember to record it I remember to record it on the mic oh my god I'm vlogging with this one that's why it looked so nice I was thinking I was thinking just then what's going on wow that's a nice lens bro basically we had we had difference in a we didn't have difference in opinion Deena's just so promo pro-women even though even when she shouldn't be pro women in cases oh that angle angle right there it's a bad thing to be pro anyone I feel like I feel like being unbiased is the best way to go yeah but what you don't realize is you think you're being unbiased but no but you're being full blown bias at least I'm tiptoeing around the bias like yeah base meeting the stuff why don't you tiptoe on the line and I'll take this stuff hey don't use that thing with oh you are associated to me we're not I am my own entity is it when I go to the toilet do you come in with me oh actually the camera butts and we're home and I picked her up she was much head to toe covered in mud because they were making mud cakes so um I just cleaned her up and I'm just making sure food platter food pretty much so she's gonna munch chill out for some TV watch some TV nearly ready sweetie pops nearly ready literally some oats blueberries raspberries cherries apricots cheese string and cashew nuts so she's already had her main meal I didn't know they had pea soup and bread just now probably picked her up so this is just like a snack when she gets home I don't know once I eat with me meets you the blueberries well you could probably have to feed him just like I feed Mika he doesn't have fingers he's got paws that's why he can't pick up the blueberries it's entertaining with a nappy on his head now it's a used one too no it's not the ponytail that's why they had these hats back in the day yeah I missed it yeah a Hyundai steel yeah we all walk into cameras now and again money me go away defeat tackle me Mama's gonna support a rocking come on let's see the skills Deena the skills like Meg god mallanna slippers on now they are mine yeah we just upland walk by the way but they don't actually eat this stuff no they just like to join us they just like to watch they just like to keep us company so we got katsu curry chicken katsu curry instead of chicken dumplings they sent us basically squid rings and then we got octopus tuna sushi and then we got a whole thing of sashimi Dina's gonna kill that and then we got soft-shell crab before it stops your crab a lot of food so basically guys we thought we didn't really do a lot blogger today and I'll be just brutally honest with you well not hating on each other but just getting snapping with each other and if I'm honest with you I know I let you say this on every single vlog today was the hardest last know what think about it I think has been a day where Dennis literally taking misunderstandings and just going on probably but think about this every day we fast gets a bit harder because you're eating less and less food so like first day my mum was easier because we can for that I stopped my face that's literally a soft-shell crab deep fried that's it and you can eat with the shell and everything very nice YUM by the way congratulations we've done ten days we've done one thing to Ramallah just under a week before I get a break well I'm off coffees not the hardest thing for me this was the timing keep talking about it you haven't even spoken about it you haven't even said it a thousand times I'm so lucky that we can just have food every day seriously it's my people don't get that luxury they don't get the luxury of water forget about food yeah shall I open up so I tell them the way the reason for the weight loss anxiety it's like do you think can't handle it not to take away from your situation but people who are living with people who have anxiety oh nice yes listen Arthur I swear to God but basically sits as I T not just Norma and not not not normal I mean like pretty hard cool right no but to a point where it was no but seriously though but this is in the span of just was it two months two months but hard you guys must have noticed since barely been on the internet anyway but even more so like even on my personal stuff it just hasn't been there heavy that's because he's literally been there and you guys probably think at all deena poor soul hasn't been there for sit down have been there forever no this is very recent no I mean like this hasn't I was there up until 2:00 literally two months ago I've always been in there like mentally yeah so we think something has triggered this literally controlling his life as in literally could not get off the sofa sitting there a jeté 'td no I'm doing stuff no no he's doing stuff but it's like it's just in motion and and Mohammed his for so happens no but you're forgetting the stuff that you that you normally do so I'm like talking to you like but when he doesn't have to do anything he's sitting on the sofa shaking his leg he's not just on the sofa all day like a slob I don't mean that I'm out and about but like the time he was sitting and he's just agitated and shaking and when he talked him it's not there because he's just got on his break imagine day to day is just day to day stuff but it's just it's just flying by that you don't even know what happened that they do I don't know if there's different kind of a kinds of anxiety but his type of Condry Atkins ID says was based around his head still lays you're still dealing with it mmm-hmm like there's still days in fact every day there's moments in the day where you can tell it's like going which is funny because I've never been no he's been carefree and like not scared never been like that I've never been scared of death illness but you have always had anxiety about something so like social things maybe it's not I'm it's not I'm telling you no I've never felt anything like this in my whole life so I think you had small anxieties and something triggered this in you and this is yeah a lot of like family members and Deena and everyone there saying there's a bunch of things that led up to this hundred said a bunch of things know and I think it all started off with my granddad died my grandfather died yeah so I felt guilty he was he was basically dying and they were trying to bring him back to card it so that he could pass away and called it because he wanted it basically long story short something happened to put him while he was out in Pakistan people weren't taking care of him because the old man is like 85 or something no no like the people who should be taking care didn't take care of him and you know you got to pay for medical stuff out there people weren't paying for medical stuff out there when they should have and he ended up getting like gangrene on his legs or something yeah I don't again to the whole shebang of it but but basically he's in a bad state but he can't come back home to Cardiff because he's not healthy enough healthy enough to fly healthy enough to fly my sis granddad was quite old with me he's quite old but healthy he was healthier I I felt really guilty and I was like ah if he dies now I'm never gonna forgive myself for not seeing him before he passed away I don't know we fell out ages ago on and we were like we've never seen eye to eye but me and my granddad we'll really clubs like really really close out of all my siblings so when we fell out we like hardcore fell out we had disagreement or whatever it sounds hilarious I fell out with my content so do you like spend a lot time with him yeah they don't know what your relationship was I used to go on a lot of religious trips with him and stuff like that was with him all the time so then I went on to Pakistan with your mum and back with my mom and brother the hospital absolute dickheads I did a whole post on Instagram and everything but I ended up deleting it because everybody was like yo watch it because people in Pakistan they got all Shady and if you try yeah I I was basically like if you try and mess them up through social media they might come after you so I was like okay just to keep everybody safe well they might come after your granddad who's just just delete that so we ended up to be in it but basically in a particular Hospital I forgot the name of the hospital and this is 85 year old man that could barely move because he's so ill they were tying him down to his circulation to his arm because they were tying his hands to the bed and they were doing that – they were doing that to the other patients there was just there just this second head out there I swear to god they're sick in the head but this is a private hospital no we're not talking about in our public hospital shouldn't happen no shouldn't happen in any Austin I could not eat that well what's in your mouth what were you – non octopus I can't do that mg at the white one I found this issue I find the tall bra yeah so anyways my grandad ended up dying not in the hospital he died in the bed he did want to die in Cardiff he kept on saying over and over again with literally over and over again where's my passport where's my passport give me my passport I want to go home how does that fall you racists who actually will be watching this because he was doing I want to go home who's impacted on a lot of elderly people you know they're like all want to go home I want to go home and they mean Pakistan or let's say Egypt yeah because he was like I want to go home to Cardiff look at that like and you want to say you know um so we're not two bricks and things like that just milk while my granddad was here since he was like very young and he actually funny thing is you know you probably think oh he has some guy who like Derka Derka ya know my granddad speaks spoke German he lived in Germany for about I don't know 20 years moved to the UK and everything very very well spoken Bernhard guy more than my dad as you all know from the video wait yeah very small individual very smart guy I think it all started from there and then since that then we moved house which was maybe the first trigger was having baby number two maybe your granddad then we moved house which is so stressful and then then we had internet drama oh and then there was all that drama which which affected there was all that internet internet drama that the dour lots died which affected basically both our families and they affected Earth's life in extent they have no idea and actually I don't even want them to know because I want them to think that it was all fine so they keep the end of seasons for it yeah but basically that internet drama after some bad bad like because it's that thing that you explained before you know you just throw one assumption out there you just put in a feed basically I'm doubt or an assumption or something about just you know I mean yeah and then you just get the people to talk and do the damage which is basically what they did and they were warned time and time again but they just carried on and made it worse yeah so all that happened three people saying she's no longer Muslim you know but yeah first of all they came hard to me but then they started coming at you as like some weird tactic like they thought I'd agree with them oh because they're not after me now there are some husband oh let's not talk about this I don't want to give them any time but I don't care people of people organizations have stopped working with those guys because of the whole drama that they caused with us we never talked about it actually we did – what we did actually film a video but we ended up not putting it up because we just thought we didn't actually go into detail and to what extent of damage that was caused damage by Jersey to our to our family members yeah but no but also the hypocrisy from the dowel guys like we literally had receipts in this podcast episode but we never ended up putting out but we just don't forget it can't be bothered do you know scholars for dollars in it I talked to one of my friends recently he said scholars for dollars that's what it is there's no and I said to him what do you mean scholars for dollars and and he said well you do all that people people who do that type of thing and make money for me make money from it they have so much pride and it's funny because apparently I'm the one who has so much pride oh yeah it's so much pride so arrogant I'm not at all I'm just like yeah whatever I just go do your own thing off leave me alone so funny because all of these scholars of the internet internet tower guys they want to bang on about religion blah blah blah and they want to call people out because of for the sake of the you Thelma it's not it's not you are failing first of all because of the pride that this work is giving you subconsciously or consciously the amount of proud pride that you guys have from this is gonna ruin you doesn't matter man do what you want but there's a reason why actual scholars and actual you know all the shifts they learn it there's a reason why they don't they don't go out people or call out people there's a reason for that because it's wrong you can come out come at me with all your quotes and whatever is you want to say you want to use a few big words that you picked up in the dictionary just sound like you don't we talking about you don't and there you're wrong well I feel like doing a whole video on this see every time we talk about it we feel like clearing up all the misconceptions and cleared up the timeline of stuff cuz the timeline of stuff is like and I would say I hunt 1 million percent we're not stupid we know our faults we know where we effed up I know we we're Deena effed up she knows where she met f double I know where I act up as well and she knows where where I act up as well but a million percent we're not in the wrong you weren't until it's like we sat there we investigated everything timeline we screenshot how much it amount of hypocrisy and lawyers like em and assumptions and and and and knowingly as well knowingly and literal slander literal slander because the way I was looking for it's just insane this is insane like I'm the type of person that doesn't I don't want to internet drama I don't I just do that by the way I hate internet drama like I in fact this is probably the only internet drama I've ever been involved like I found the Dow a lot because they just won't leave me alone until recently till they gave up on that because they weren't getting anything out with us yeah no you won't get anything else I know I sound like a cane since I was young if – if guys have a problem they just sorted out they have a phone and that's it that's that's that's the way I lived my childhood but I'm saying like nobody's got time for this internet drama or Adam Sala making a bloody video God Anna Scott like have a problem if you have a problem do you know how I would like to saw it out and that's the only way I know how to saw it out I don't want to argue and have a debate shut up only problem with the Internet is everyone wants to give their two pence and the problem with the Internet is well if you're a youtuber if you go irrelevant suddenly you need to talk about someone who again just like you know I mean relevancy is a disease relevancy is disease we've learned that I've been so stressed man in YouTube life and Instagram like them trying to stay relevant one of the reasons that I considered keeping my scarf on full-time was so that I could stay relevant and then I was just like yo I'm not gonna wear my scarf so I can stay relevant just because hey Jay bees are popping in media right now so that was one trick no currently it was Dragon for weeks do you know why it stressed me out it stressed me out because I know because it was affecting the people I love that's why yeah yeah that's why it stressed me out I was like these yes literally I was saying that over and over again these my god I just do you know what it's like I don't wanna get to a stage where I'm so pissed off when I want to hurt someone do you know that video that I put up when I was reading all the terrible comments I got so a lot of people are assuming that that surge of horrific comments I got was after I took off my scarf it wasn't it wasn't because I took up my scarf on the internet back in November time I think around october/november potentially can't be remember but the internet drama started in the new year when I took off my scarf on the Internet I did get some controversy and some hate but I was actually surprised I thought I would get way more but actually I was surprised because it was manageable and I didn't feel I didn't feel awful from it and I just thought wow actually the support is just as equal or more know if you look if not more but when the Dawa drama started all of a sudden that is when I got those disgusting comments by the way all those common that's why I made that video if you look at the days I know and they annoys me because people think all this because she took a scarf off it's not it's not it's because because of the drama of the drama and the slander that they created and and the fitna that they caused that's what is that is literally words are that's why I did the video and I did it around the time the drama was happening to put them all to shame basically we didn't hear a bloody squeak from them after that video did we and I didn't even stuff lousy anyway what we haven't the desert love oh she's just saying she got burger for clout because in the next series weapon she's wearing gold hoops like idiots man when I say they took all my jewelry what I mean is they took all of the important jewelry pensive gold the Diamonds like that's the jewelry they took the costume Julie jewelry they were smart enough to leave like and but by the way they took most of it like I've got nowhere near as much costume jewelry as I had before which is annoying I wanted to give Chloe I would have said yeah they took my Mac they took all the camera shake by the way they didn't touch any tech they left everything they took the jewelry that's yeah and by the way the house wasn't even trashed it was just a bit it's very meticulously yeah yeah opened everything open done and I mean be subconsciously that was stressful but the time I was like ham delay I wasn't in the house and ham delay they just took the jewelry because it could have been worse that's all I think a lot of people like all the difficult they're not even that they're not even that upset by it I don't get upset we're not absolutely it's jewelry yeah I don't because it's replaceable just replaceable I know maybe not my wedding ring is not it is replaceable because I get another diamond ring but it's not replaceable in the sense that it's specific but again it's you listen you know do you know honestly like the jewelry just sits it's just that's the John I just it's like the expensive the Dena doesn't wait yeah I was kind of collecting the gold but most the jewelry that they talk is the expensive stuff that Dina doesn't wear often it just kind of sits there oh we we actually would have been more we would have be more upset if they took the TV because we actually use it yeah we would have been upset because we actually use it we actually use the stuff and we would lose the iPhone on the bed and yeah there was an iPhone like but the stuff that we actually use if they took that we would have just be like Oh what is this now we got to get new I mean monetary wise they took more because jewelry is expensive but really stuff we're not even bothered about well I don't know they took my Fenton ruby and diamond necklace and I was thinking I didn't take the ring but the ring hadn't arrived the ring never arrived yes I've got the ring because that came after was that which is good for now oh god they took the wedding ring I don't think I have a even got chance to wear it and show you guys property blows anyway and then what happened after that nothing and then there's just been a lot of work stuff good a lot of travel another exact date when it kicked in and the exact day we went to Bristol Zoo by the way can I just say I know you keep saying is that date but it was before do you think so 100% right that's why I really kicked it probably because that's why it's something boom no it didn't that night when you do accept Austin which is about week before there's a few days before it wasn't a week yeah oh and then no and then before that I hated another trigger when we had to call the ambulance for mica that was another trigger when before you and also member will call that mica when you had that oh yeah think it's gonna take us a while to get our Mojo's back so I'll be honest with you so sue doesn't have his mojo right now after all whatsoever because of this anxiety situation that he's still super struggling with like now not like right now maybe but let's say in an hour or something you might have no no I'm just saying you know and to be honest with you I haven't had my mojo proper mojo for ages since the internet drama because I just feel like I had this disconnect that was put on me from me and my audience and I just suddenly felt uncomfortable with sharing but slowly I'm getting back into it slowly I'm kind of feeling okay with doing that again so we wanna know that we want to get involved but we feel like we disconnected from not disconnected from a Muslim audience but we feel like we stopped showing our Muslim side as much that's what we feel like which we did we did stop showing our Muslim side as much because we just couldn't handle the amount of expectation maybe or judgment the thing is you carry on your sleeve Dona being Muslim everybody's like what are you doing Oh a lot of people like for example the Dow a lot might well they just don't want us to speak about religion at all but you can't wait like if you're a Muslim and you're living it it's part of your life it's very difficult to just stop showing you're Muslim like yeah because as Muslims it's a way of life in everything we do and absolutely everything even if we do something you know like every single thing we do every single part of the day you're thinking oh yeah that's enough you know it's a way of life yeah a lot of people in general on the internet they see Muslims and they expect them to showcase their content a certain way because we're representing Muslims and all this stuff but so then you tell us you either don't speak about religion ever or do it this way this way and it's just whatever way you guys think or whoever is this doing the telling off Thanks but like we should be able to we should be able to showcase how we live our religion we should be able to without getting this judgment from other Muslims is because everybody practices things differently and you can't really you can't expect somebody to just hide that just because it's not fitting with your view for their religion you can't because it's part of our IQ and we have every right to speak about it literally if I just drop the word in Charlo masha'allah handle a casually in my conversation like Oh what you can't withhold honor you must live like you know I mean like we should be able to showcase like it's just annoying that you have to have a judgement from the mainstream but then also from your look which is the Muslims Muslims coming in all shapes and forms yeah and not feel like there's this issue that we have in the UK where Muslims are really going in at each other because they did can't just on they can't understand that there are different kinds of Muslims you know I mean and they really go hard whereas I don't know with more Muslims I meet worldwide I'm approaching them thinking they're gonna have an issue with me because I do this but they don't they're just so normal about differences I think Brits have the mass let's have some hangups man and they they have some issues we literally have some issues yeah we do in our Muslim community is literally yeah it's mad cuz I you're going to like even America and they're not like that one's laid-back everyone's like everyone's looking at each other like brothers and sisters like just you know we're all doing that thing you know what I mean well over here oh all this crazy book yeah it's actually crazy the more people I talk to about it the more we all kind of come to the conclusion that I say UK think it is a UK thing well maybe is the European missing thing I don't know I remember even me I'd be when I did that um what I did that documentary about the Muslim and Miss World the pageant the beauty pageant in Indonesia and I was like in so much shock on the train when they all started doing karaoke when we went Indonesia and everyone just sings and does karaoke my growing up to me that was like no way that is totally not allowed and so I just expressed that view when they would do it but then now that I'm older and you can appreciate things are different and culture like this is somebody's culture and there's nothing wrong with it well there I had that I had that view I was like oh my god this is so on Islamic stuff yeah it's just like and it's just such an ignorant touching people it honestly is so ignorant it was so ignorant of me obviously we all are still ignorant in parts of life that we have it with to discover but let me tell you something traveling I'm gonna go have tea empty since since SIDS anxiety he went have spent all his money full of it on all these fancy teas and he's been having a different tea every night to help she's really good for you he's got different teas he'll be different things so like for you if it's not my curse you've got for that if he's got anxiety he's got a teeth of that if so if he needs to go to sleep he's got a tea for that I know like tomorrow show them your tea collection all right whatever I know like guys below t just go oh guys comment below spill the tea if you want said to do his tea collection it's stupid basically there's basically we got no space for our mugs the one T two with this great for calming the nerves to the best castie SID Oh Dena do you know what do it tomorrow you know one et this crazy in the night chamomile tea knockout this one had a cup of commonality and she's a sweet but on the sofa like this with the TMI realizes you know you can lift your good for your teeth because it everyone continue going through my damn passionate I'm not passionate about teeth I'm actually you definitely


  1. That’s what happens when you put your marriage on display for the world to judge. May Allah protect us all, ameen! Evil eye is real! Being known isn’t worth all the headaches smh

  2. Alsalam Alikum , may God bless your family 🙂
    i am jummanah from Saudi Arabia who is not a good subscriber apparently bc it is the first time i hear this drama looool
    i dont know Dawa people and i cant judge them wether they are good or bad .
    but calling people out for their sins is NEVER Acceptable in Islam . Good God if you cant even say that people who are not muslim will go to hell , So what you even think about judging a fellow muslim !!! i cant rap my head around it . TBH i am not the biggest fan of yours but i felt so bad for you , you shouldn't be treated that way , NO ONE SHOULD !!!!
    isn't enough that the world now is ripping ISLAM , so we fight to make it worse ?
    believe that God knows our intention and sees EVERYTHING and what GOES around COMES around .
    راح أكتب بالعربي أتمنى تفهمين ما أقول
    أدعي الله أن يفرج عنكم كربتكم وأن يسعدكم ويهديكم وجميع المسلمين 🙂

    أحبكم في الله

  3. I’m so sorry you guys had to go through all of that I just want to say that I have so much respect of how you guys handle it! I really appreciate that you guys shear this video ❤️
    #spillthetea ! 🤣

  4. I really agree with you guys and I think it’s an European muslim thing ! I feel like the community is so hypocrital, I feel like they’re more interested in how others practice their faith ang giving their input instead of being interested in bettering their own relationship with god like fucking give people a break live your life how you want it and don’t try to impose your way of thinking on others

  5. LOL at sid 'people are idiots man'. They really are. I cannot stand those dawah people, the hypocrisy is real. You're both strong and good people. Love you guys

  6. Wow this was one of my favorite video! It's so interesting that I naturally did the same thing Sid did to cope with anxiety. #TeaHeals Sid and Dina if you guys could use these videos to talk about your stressors or talk about the Muslim community. I feel like you guys have every right to talk about your experiences and I think I just became a serious fan. May you and your family gain peace and prosperity in this life and jannah in the next.

  7. I have also been having problems with anxiety since I had my last baby. I panic when I have to go out around crowds. I find that athkar and reading more Quran strengthening my iman has help loads.

  8. I have watched your videos for years. You guys are a beautiful couple and family, and I appreciate everything that you've meant to the Muslim community. Thank you. Ramadan mubarak!

  9. Is anyone feeling like Dina's ruining it because of the scraping of the fork on the plate. It's like I wna hear the story but she's distracting me

  10. At the end of the day religion is a personal journey and to be honest there is enough racist people in the world without people deciding to judge and spread hate all over the internet. I was raised Catholic and everyone has their own interpretation of the bible, their own ways of following religion. People need to find their own path stop getting involved it doesn't matter how much you think you know; driving people to that level of anxiety is wrong. Period.

  11. Salamu alaikum. Ramadan Mubarak. I wanted to thank you both for sharing such a personal aspect of your life with us. I have anxiety as well so I know the struggle. I wish my husband would be brave enough to face himself. He has anger issues and he's totally in denial about how bad it is just because he doesn't express it in the same form every time. Being vulnerable doesn't make you weak. Inshaallah may Allah bless the rest of your Ramadan.

  12. May Allah relieve sid and all.of us from grief, worry and anxiety. May Allah place ease and comfort in our hearts and make us among those who are stead fast. Ameen.

  13. Sorry you went through that, i'm really shocked at how low some people can get over a pointless issue. I really appreciated this vlog though. Real and honest x

  14. I pray Allah gives you health and sakina sid, as far the internet drama, you’re right, religion is a personal thing… no one has a right to judge… there should be a balance… I’m living in the UAE at the moment and I was saying just that the other day to someone… we’re too quick to point fingers and judge each other… thinking we’re all perfect muslims instead of having the tolerance that our religion teaches us!

  15. honestly, I've subscribed to Dina and Sid for sooo long now and im glad to see them be carefree; working and uploading their work on their own terms. These small sit-down talks actually inspire me, mentally. I hope waheguru blesses you both 💛

  16. I have never heard of the dawah brothers but if this how they treat people then it’s disgusting and I’ve never seen anything Adam saleh has done and i don’t think I ever will after this, you guys are doing amazing alhumdulillah I’m glad you didn’t address the dawah brothers, they don’t deserve any air time or even for you to worry about them, it makes me sad that people are so vicious and harmful, I think you guys need a social media break, everyone practices differently and allah knows our intentions and our inner thoughts so no one can judge us except allah, as long as we all believe in allah and follow our 5 pillars that should be enough, uk Muslims are harsh and judgemental, also everyone uses the excuse of ‘giving advice’ to be hurtful and harmful but let’s all be united and kind for the sake and love of allah, keep doing you Sid and Dina, sending hugs ❤️

  17. I feel so sorry you two had to face all of that crap.
    I feel so sorry for people who feel the need to destroy lives, just because they can’t fix themselfs. Do not worry about anything, those people should be so ashamed.

    I am so proud of you and Sid for opening up. I wish you both take your time to heal, accept yourselfs as you are and how you feel and what you want. You have the right to be who you are, and be loved for being who you are. No one can take away your imaan, especially not people like that. Be yourselfs, enjoy your masha’ Allah lovely family. Sending you lots and lots of love ❤️

    You are importent, you do matter ( with and without a scarf), you are relevant ❤️

  18. Thanks so so much for opening my eyes bout a lot of things…
    I know that you don’t look after our sympathy but I’m so sad to see all you’ve been through
    May Allah protect your family

  19. its kind of weird that i always like ur hand and hand gesture .u remember u made a video about how to get thin hand type video back then?

  20. Go to a psychiatrist and try to figure out what triggered it or maybe it’s because you are grieving or depression

  21. Really only wish you both and your families good health and happiness. Sid, we all thinking of you and praying for you. Look after yourselves and put your mental and emotional health first. We your “audience” adore you guys and support you through it all! Thank you for being courageous to share 💛

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