Siddha Home Remedies Medicinal Uses of Thulasi Herb Tulsi

Thulasi is a kayakalpa herb. It grows to a height of 75 cm to a meter with
small hairy leaves and hairy stem It has white flowers and small black seeds. Siddha and Ayurveda systems make use of Thulasi to treat fevers, vomiting, dysentery, malaria,
bronchitis etc. Unani medical system uses Thulasi to purify
blood treat heart conditions and cool the body. Tulsi is used in treating ailments of chest
including cough, cold, bronchitis fevers like malaria, pneumonia, influenza heart conditions cholera, dysentery migraine, asthma smokers cough, inflammation of lungs blood pressure abdominal distention liver diseases hemorrhoids anal itch skin diseases leprosy head lice menstrual disorders poisonous bites nail infections etc Thulasi for children Tulis or holy basil is known to clear chest
congestion in infants. For this infants are fed milk mixed with juice
of tulsi leaves This also helps cure indigestion and loose
watery stools in kids Four tulsi leaves and four vilva leaves along
with four peppercorns taken first thing in the morning on empty stomach This is thoroughly chewed and swallowed down This helps ease labored breathing in asthmatic patients Tooth cavity and diseases of gums can be taken care of with the help of Thulasi. Press powdered Thulasi leaves, powdered cloves and pinch of camphor On affected tooth. The same preparation can be used as a tooth powder This takes care of inflamed gums and removes bad breath

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