Sierra Integrative Medical Center Reviews Specialty Care Services

Hi, my name is Charlie Mann and I’m the specialty care coordinator at Sierra Integrative Medical Center and I
wanted take a few minutes of your time and tell you about what special care actually means at
Sierra Integrative Medical Center. All our patients are special to us but some of our patients have more unique health care needs that may not be actually be able to be serviced
in traditional clinic type setting. Some of our patients are sensitive to light. Some of them are sensitive to noise. Some of them are
even sensitive to smells. Patients have limited mobility or
mobility issues and some patients just can’t tolerate
sitting in an I.V. chair for 4-5 hours during the day getting an I.V. For those types of patients, we have set up an
entire specialty care operation at Sierra Integrative Medical
Center. We have a separate room for these patients that has regular style hospital beds in it.
It also has able to adjust the lighting either to bright, dim red light, or very little lighting at all. We can isolate them from some
of the sounds of the hustle and bustle of a normal clinic operation as
well as being able to customize mood music for them or whatever they need to do.
Special care services at Sierra Integrative Medical Center offers a whole
gambit. We have patients you come in who don’t have support systems that come
with them and we become their de facto support
system Everything from helping them line up, grocery shopping to transportation to just being there
and just being a friend for them. A lot of times, all they need is just somebody
to hang on to and a hand to hold on to for a while. I’ve been with
Sierra Integrative Medical Center for about three years now. I’ve been in charge of specialty care since I started at Sierra Integrative Medical Center I’m very happy to say that out of all of the patient that we’ve had at SIMC who have been part of my specialty care services, every
one of them has given us a glowing review on the services that we
provide We also provide concierge services as
well as home visits for patients who are having
problems with some of their treatments at home and we have to do their therapies for them at the residence where they’re staying
while they’re here was at SIMC The concept of specialty care is that, we tailor all of our
actions to the patient’s needs We don’t try and change the patient to tailor our needs And, if you have any other questions
about the specilty care at Sierra Integrative Medical Center please feel free to call us. Our phone number is area code 775 828 5388 My name is Charlie Mann I’m the specialty
care coordinator and if you have any questions
please feel free to give me a call Have a good day!

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