Signs and Symptoms of Stroke

Signs and symptoms of a stroke include numbness
and weakness on one side of your body, loss of the ability to speak, potential loss of
vision. If you see these signs of stroke, please make sure you immediately go to the
closest emergency department for evaluation. Over the last several years and certainly
as recently as this past year, new data has shown that with timely endovascular surgical
intervention, that patients’ outcome with stroke is vastly improved compared to those who do
not seek treatment. What does that mean to all of us here? That if you have signs and
symptoms of stroke, that you immediately get yourself to an ER. And that with OSU’s 29
spoke telemedicine program, those institutions that are linked with us have the capacity
that after initial stroke assessment and treatment, we can bring you here to The Ohio State University
Wexner Medical Center for possible thrombectomy and other surgical treatments that can maximize
your outcome in stroke. The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center has built a phenomenal
comprehensive stroke center that involves stroke neurologists, neurocritical care and
three dual trained vascular neurosurgeons to provide patients with all the stroke intervention,
be it surgical and medical therapy along with a comprehensive rehabilitation program with
our physical medicine and rehabilitation colleagues at Dodd. Nowhere else in this state can you
get such comprehensive therapy for your stroke.

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