Signs of Anxiety Disorder: [How Do I Know if I have Anxiety]

signs of anxiety disorder how do I know if I have anxiety hi I'm Rob and I'm quite familiar with the daily mental anguish that random sporadic bouts of anxiety can cause throughout today for the longest time I had no idea I dealt with anxiety issues I just thought my thinking was normal and then everyone thought like me which is not such a bad thing until it reaches the point of interfering with my daily activities I would worry overanalyze so much that I could not make a decision or sleep at night if you're a warrior then you might already consider whether or not you have anxiety but a predisposition for constantly thinking that the world is going to end if you get a tear in your work clothes is not necessarily the only way to tell whether you have generalized anxiety disorder or not in fact there are many symptoms that most people don't even realize are signs of anxiety according to health it's absolutely normal to get worried from time to time for instance public speaking or financial and stability can make anyone anxious and that's fine for some people however anxiety is so dominant that it slowly becomes a daily part of life and you may not even notice or realize that you have it knowing what anxiety is and what it looks like can help in getting the proper treatment I always thought that you had to have a panic attack where you couldn't breathe in order to suffer from anxiety but that is so far from the truth there are different levels of anxiety the signs of mild anxiety which is everyone deals with some level anxiety in their lifetime there are normal levels of anxiety and some of these are number one getting nervous sweaty or anxious before a big live event job promotion dangerous situation this is pretty normal for most people number two you might get anxious or worried about certain things in life but can be easily down or pacifier number three you might feel irrational at times but can easily see the rational side number four you might feel afraid at times but it doesn't weigh on your mind for too long or worry you generally speaking mild anxiety is the type that most of us experience on a day-to-day basis during certain situations but anxiety at this level can also be beneficial as it can help you focus and increase your alertness on the other hand here are some signs and symptoms of moderate anxiety number one feeling nervous or anxious often just simply having the feeling of anxiousness or nervousness even if there's nothing to be nervous or anxious about number two restlessness or irritability this is basically where you can't sit for long periods of time you're pacing or you have the constant need to fidget with something or just plain fidget number three upset stomach or indigestion this is basically just feeling sick to your stomach very often especially when you know there's a stressful situation coming up like a college exam for a college student or a job interview for an adult yes I'm sorry I apologize I went off script sometimes I do that number four constantly worrying in a constant state of worry or worrying about the same thing every day you simply can't stop thinking about all those things you need to worry about number five feeling afraid from no reason at all this is simply just often feeling like something as bad is going to happen to you number six not able to fall asleep or stay asleep laying in bed at night and not being able to shut your brain off and go to sleep is not a fun thing to deal with it's not pleasant when you wake up several times each night due to worry number seven getting upset easily or feeling panicky something small might set you off you might think about it later and realize that it was irrational or out of character for you to act like number eight can't calm irrational thoughts you know or you may know until later that you are thinking rational about something but you can't seem to let it go when this happens it might cause you to act irrationally number nine finding it difficult to breathe at times this one is simple not being able to control your breathing is not a fun thing to experience number 10 having nightmares or waking up in the middle of the night in a panic number 11 arms or legs tremble or shake this is not fun I've actually had experience with my hands actually shaking one time when I was experiencing an anxiety attack I just wanted to throw that out there this is one symptom that I have had in the past number 12 struggle with fainting or dizzy spells number 13 this is an oldie but a goodie your heart beats really fast you feel like you can feel every heartbeat right through your chest and your heart feels like it's gonna jump out of your chest this one happens a lot and I'm gonna go off-script here with this one because what happens is for most people when they have an anxiety attack and they feel their heart they're gonna check their pulse and then all of a sudden they're constantly doing it I have done this as well in the past where my pulse was racing and then all of a sudden I started worrying about my pulse you know being going super quick and I think you guys get the point but this one is a real biggie for me anyway moderate anxiety is similar to mild anxiety but can become more severe and overwhelming making you feel more nervous and agitated while severe anxiety is at the highest level this is simply when you stop and you're not able to think rationally and you will experience severe panic attacks for no reason at all when you're at this level when you feel these symptoms come on you may feel afraid agitated and Confused you may also find it difficult to think clearly the difference in mild to severe anxiety is dependent on how many of these signs you experience and how often if you're experiencing one out of three of these signs some of the time you will fall under their mild anxiety case experiencing seven out of ten of these signs a good amount of the time and you would fall under their case of moderate anxiety now if you're experiencing these 10 out of 13 signs most of the time you would fall under the case of severe anxiety if you are experiencing these signs or feel like you are suffering from anxiety talk to your doctor even if you aren't sure you're not alone you can get help okay now don't run off I got something but you got to hang around to the end and I think you're really gonna enjoy it okay so let's cap this off and go with this right here it's so easy to downplay your anxiety and convince yourself that you are fine but learning to channel your anxiety and finding ways to cope can help you live a better and more positive and happier life now there are even better strategies out there that can potentially eliminate your anxiety almost instantly okay now this is what I did for you today I put together a free five-step anxiety guide ebook in this ebook you're gonna get information on how you can live your life without overwhelm stress and worry you're also gonna get five secret self-help packs it's gonna help you manage your anxiety and get your life back all you need to do is simply go to WWE secret just like you see right here on your screen once again that's WWE anxiety secret guide calm just like you see here on your screen go up to your browser window type this in it'll take you right to the place where you need to go and pick up your free guide or you can simply click the link in the description below it'll take you to the exact same place now I hope you enjoyed today's video please don't forget to subscribe like comment and share I am Brod Miller the anxiety agent signing out take care and God bless everyone thanks

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