Signs of fatty Liver disease – Most common warning symptoms of fatty liver

before you view our video please take a moment to subscribe our channel by clicking the subscribe button then tapping the bell icon to never miss any update symptoms of fatty liver fatty liver or hepatic steatosis is a term that describes the build-up of fat in the liver it's normal to have some fat in your liver but too much can become a health problem fatty liver is a reversible condition that can often be resolved with lifestyle modifications it doesn't usually cause permanent damage unless it progresses some people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease NAF 'old will develop non-alcoholic stevia titus nash this can develop into cirrhosis or scarring and dysfunction of the liver you might have fatty liver disease and not realize it there are often no symptoms at first as time goes on often years or even decades you can get problems like fatigue when anything inside the body malfunctions in any way the brain will make attempts at fixing it by allowing that organ more food and energy this causes a bigger portion of oxygen and other important chemicals in your blood to flow to that exact region it eventually subtracted a significant chunk from all the other body parts researchers also speculate that such kind of deficiency causes fatigue and depression in body pain and discomfort this is also a symptom that won't show up until cirrhosis appears fluid may start to gather in the abdomen if the water gets infected you experience abdominal pain high cholesterol high blood fat levels either triglycerides or LDL bad cholesterol can signal that there's too much fat in your liver the cholesterol that we measure in the blood is predominantly a product of what is coming out of the liver the liver makes cholesterol on its own and circulates it into your bloodstream but when we eat foods high in saturated and trans fats it releases more fat and raises cholesterol levels jaundice a condition that shows itself in yellowing of the skin and in the whites of the eyes as a common sign of liver disease these yellow deposits are caused by excess levels of bilirubin in the blood which cannot be excreted from the body due to diminished liver function obesity some individuals may experience a sensation of abdominal fullness and firmness due to the enlarged mass the fatty liver causes in some cases of fatty enlarged liver the resulting abdominal mass can be felt by a doctor on physical examination darker urine probably one of the best ways of knowing something is wrong with your liver is to look out for urinary liquid with a darker hue the fact that it's darker and usually much stronger regarding smell means that the bacterium which is usually taken care of by the liver is now passed on into your urine as your body's last attempt at purification muscle-wasting people with advanced liver disease will often develop muscle wasting or another associated condition called Jupiter ins contracture in which the tendons in the hands rink the fingers curl and muscle tremors are uncontrolled shaking sent in this wasting away of the muscles comes from the livers diminished ability to metabolize proteins and can also make the patient more susceptible to fractures and bone breaks fluid retention and engorged abdomen a condition called a sites which occurs due to fluid retention in the abdomen and liver will occur with the onset of severe liver disease this is why ankles wrists hands feet and the belly are prone to inexplicable bloating thanks for watching



  2. My friend's grand father was suffering from liver disease from last 3 years. He moved to ayurveda and took medicine from planet ayurveda. Now he is feeling good.

  3. I’ve been having intense gas and stomach movement I did a ultra sound and my doctor said I had this problem . I think it’s worse

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  5. I have fatty Liver history and experienced severe pain and have Been yellowish color in my akin and Eyes.
    One week before surgery, someone told ME to take Braggs apple cider vinegar morning with Empty stomach , Yakult , dark chocolate , honey Dew fruits, and plenty OF Water. With in a week my yellowish discoloration disappeared and the pain is gone. No more surgery.
    You must try this. Thanks

  6. I have fatty Liver history and experienced severe pain and have Been yellowish color in my akin and Eyes.
    One week before surgery, someone told ME to take Braggs apple cider vinegar morning with Empty stomach , Yakult , dark chocolate , honey Dew fruits, and plenty OF Water. With in a week my yellowish discoloration disappeared and the pain is gone. No more surgery.
    You must try this. Thanks

  7. I've bad cirrhosis foe 25yrs, have never had any symptoms, today l got my blood, ( vitamins, mineral, complete blood count
    test) doctor said everything looked very good cholesterol
    levels good everything was all good, l had also Hepatitis C, it was gone also, God really loves me 25yrs is along time to wait on God to help, but l never had an offer from any dr, to treat me, even after they got a pill for hep.c.
    Change your whole life, not just your diet, The Lord can work miracles, only if you ask and repent, l love my God,& his Son,!!!

  8. I've just been told I have NAFL after complaining about severe pain in the liver region. Started on milk thistle for the time being

  9. You don't want this to happen to you. If it does. You can't eat.! To burn the fat that our liver stores in it. You must eat No Nuts. No Potato. No Carbs of ANY… even beans have Crabs. Only Baked Squash No oil. Season with DASH. No Fat Salad Dress. Your Salad can only have Fresh Greens & Cherry tomato & Avocado' Roasted Garlic' none of usual Salad items.! Greens… Not from Can. Sodium! you must burn fat from Liver by Starving it. & You will slowly! Can't waiver..!
    Sip.Lemon water & Lemon Tea. No Sugar. Black Coffee. I eat cucumber' No Fruit''' our liver stores fat from any source. It can take months to burn enough out for it to function again.! Our Heart pushes our blood through our Liver 4 times per day. If we stop it up. We get Fatigue after eating & our blood becomes Thick from nutrients from our Meal. Depending on what we eat. & How Much..!!! sudden Death can even happen in sever cases when blood vessels must move Blood around Liver due to Blocked Liver. & Vessels Burst. !

  10. My Triglycerides were 495 & not enough room for all of my Symptoms. & Took Blood every visit. International Medicine Dr..! I now have Diffusely Steototic Liver means
    Liver not Red Brown but Yellow & Full of Grease. & Focal Sparing. Means Mass of Fat in my Fatty Liver!!! & You think she knew I had Fatty Liver. I never heard of it before…!!! 14 meds..! I Quit 10 Meds. Now I lost 30 lbs in 5 wks. 48 lbs. Now. If I only Knew ? Research EVERYTHING…! Yourself…. and I do Not Drink at all. & No diseases that cause This.

  11. Im an alcoholic!!!! I do a bottle of JACK daily ….SMOKE TWO packs a day ….why VA medics DON'T find anything wrong with me!!!!…. FUCK….I need a DRINK🍹🍸🍻🍺🍷✌

  12. thank jhav burning sensation on right hand side below libs and felling organisms moving around mai body

  13. If you want to improve your liver function drink Liv 52 along with milk thistle and you will see a great Improvement in your liver you would see a great Improvement don't waste no time by Liv 52

  14. Cholesterol in food does not raise blood cholesterol, also cholesterol levels are not a good indicator of health

  15. I have a fatty liver too.. I'm only young 20 years old. Is this normal becurse dr. Said fatty liver is common in adult

  16. Normally no. They put you under. They put the needled in between your right ribs. They did puncture my lung one time.. that hurt when I woke up. It was a burn and no air feeling. But it is very easy and you should have no fear.. the IV maybe the worse part.

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