Signs, Symptoms & Treatment of Meniere's Disease

and welcome back well if you've ever experienced vertigo dizziness or ringing in your ears you know that you do anything for to quickly stop Meniere's disease is an inner ear ailment caused by these exact symptoms and requires medical pharmacist Debby Luke Curto joins us now from Lakeview pharmacy to talk about causes treatments and how compounding pharmacies can be of help to stop an attack of Meniere's disease welcome thanks for being here just you know I a lot of people have ringing in their ears we'll start with that this is a disease for example that I've never heard of so I think the point for people is if you have ringing in the ears and some of these typical symptoms don't just write them off and think oh I have to live with it you might get a diagnosis that which can lead to successful treatment correct correct and you do want to see a doctor to get the diagnosis all of these symptoms can be many different things but they are associated with Meniere's disease so there are things like ringing in the ears the probably the one that's the most debilitating is vertigo or that sense of dizziness or spinning when you have Meniere's disease that can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 36 hours oh so it can be a very difficult thing and then the ringing in the ears is another one or a buzzing that's called tinnitus another is hearing loss and usually with Meniere's disease that's the lower form of the sounds not the higher forms and it usually is always always only in one ear but many times it can be in both ears as well and when I attack it hits usually then the hearing loss can actually be a little bit worse and then it can come back a little bit too so so all these symptoms the vertigo the hearing loss the how do you say it tonight tinnitus tinnitus and you know pressure that's another one feeling this pressure in your ear these are all part of many years disease what is Meniere's disease is it a it's a how would you describe it it's actually an inner ear element due to an accumulation of fluid and so that that it's the fluid that's causing the problems within the ear can the fluid just be removed in some cases they can there are some procedures usually though we always start the place we start first is diet a low sodium diet is usually recommended afine restriction is recommended and in some cases alcohol reduction is usually a place to start then they'll move on to medications and there are some things over-the-counter there's a supplement called lipo flavonoid which is very effective against ringing in the ears and then during the vertigo or the dizziness spells meclizine is another over-the counter and when Dramamine a lot of people know bonny yoga very similar to that so those are some things over-the-counter but then there's also prescription medications and one of the the first place to probably start there would be a diuretic or a medication that pulls fluid off the body hydrochlorothiazide which is a very popular one they use it for blood pressure that's used a lot of times but then there's also beta hiss teen which isn't actually available here in the United States but it's very commonly used in Canada and Europe and since we're a compounding pharmacy we can actually make up beta hiss teen for use in patients if they would need that it sounds like that would be part of an allergy type medication it does kind of sound like that a little bit yep it does and it does kind of the mechanism of action isn't solely understood but it does help with the reduction of fluid in the ear to alleviate those symptoms and I wanted for people who aren't familiar with compounding pharmacies the medication that you can get that's not available here obviously that's a potential benefit for patients who have Meniere's disease but what is it specifically about a compounding pharmacist that will help people who have this particular disorder well a compounding pharmacy actually formulates and makes the medication in their compounding lab it's a very old practice but something that is kind of coming back into vogue again alade it and so we can and we usually really work very closely with the doctor and the patient and thus us so there's three of us that are working together and we tailor make the medication specifically for that one unique patient everything I know a lot of people that only use compounding pharmacies you know because they know a lot of the bindings and the fillers and things like that are absent when you use a compounding pharmacy that there's it's a much purer form of the medication that you need in some cases it what you were talking about there's a many different reasons people would come to a compound again I see typically it's always because the manufactured occasions just aren't working or not available so there again if you're allergic to some different fillers that are used primarily and manufactured that's we can come in and help come up with a formulation that doesn't have the things that would be difficult for that patient to use we can also come up with dosage forms pediatric and veterinary where the manufactured products are only in certain dosage forms but that's not appropriate for say a ten pound dog when it's actually being made for a you know an adult don't do that for your pets as well thank you so much for the information important to get diagnosed if you suspect that you might have many years disease you can call Lakeview pharmacy find out more about compounding pharmacies at two six two six three two zero five two zero or go to Lakeview pharmacy com why does that mean meet yeah thank you so much you hate it


  1. no cause known. no cure….just treatment…..treatment means drugs. more drugs thst cause other issues. I have severe menieres disease……all one can do is learn to live with it…..accept…..all I can add is… whole day leaves me feeling the same as standing in a canoe on water all day. I even have vertigo as i sleep. no one understands…..only the person suffering from menieres disease….ear nose n throat specialists go to school to learn about menieres…..bit even the doc has no idea what I have.

  2. Meniers can be caused by exposure to loud noise.Soldiers whom have been caught in an Ied attack are getting Meniers after a couple years after the attack . Go to Mayo clinic website. All the best info

  3. Every dr has written me off, I get vertigo, buzzing in my right ear, hearing loss in my right ear, wind and water affect my ears and no one knows what I suffer from.

  4. I unfortunately been diagnosed with this disease going on two years. I'm telling you it isn't fun. I mean you try to live your life like normal people do. But sometimes dizziness will come unexpectedly. You feel sick in the stomach because you feel like everything is moving almost at a fast rate. Your ears will ring serval times throughout the day. This disease makes you sometimes feel symptoms of being unconscious. You definitely want to get help, and treatments for this disease. It is uncurable, but with medicines you can manage the attacks or episodes.

  5. The John of Ohio supplement regimen for 3 years now has eliminated all my Ménière’s symptoms and has greatly reduced my tinnitus. His regimen has literally given me my life back. Look it up online.

  6. There is no known cause or cure for Meniere's.

    Diet, Meclazine, and Dramamine have done nothing for me over 9 years.

    HCTZ has helped level off my symptoms.

  7. Every time i watch or read something on mimers diease i get pist because they only talk about the semtoms and not all the other stuff we got deal with. What about all the inbetween stuff .

  8. You need to cleanse the Lymphatic system. This will heal you and not mask the problem. Check our Dr.Morse on youtube

  9. After my mom developed vertigo as well as suffered a fall and concussion, the recommended medication from the physician only made her exhausted and also sick. The dizziness vertigo treatment “Yοyο kamvuku” (Google it) was the treatment that took away her dizziness for good.

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  11. Because the insurance companies are in love with the drug companies, compound drugs are almost never covered. If you want to pay $300 a month for one prescription you are welcome to it. Its drug manufacturers and insurance companies that are picking our pockets clean and destroying this country.


  12. theagman1983My wife has been suffering from menieres for over 3 years now and has had little relief from all the standard things like supplements and low salt diets, but now after visiting an upper cervical treatment from a chiropractor. She went from having three attacks a week to less then one every month to now it's been 9 weeks between her attacks and when her neck falls out again the attacks start almost instantly.I hope if your suffering from menieres or migraines that you would take the time to look into upper cervical care it has been a huge relief for my wife and several friends of ours too.1 minute ago•

  13. Dramamine FTW and in Canada with their antimedication faggotry (excuse the term) it's no longer available because they treat people like little children that can't manage and handle medications.

  14. finally some sort of awareness on tv….this is an invisible illness that changes lives for the worse. its very hard on a persons phisical and mental health as well.

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