Simplifi – EVA Medical Cart for Nurses

Simplifi presents EVA. Medical carts assist nurses with their daily routine. Current medical carts require constant recharging, which takes away valuable time from patient care. EVA can operate for 40 continuous hours before it needs to be charged. Hospitals across the nation rely on medical carts to help streamline their daily routines, and while most medical carts are battery powered, studies have shown that they remain plugged in, tethered to the wall, thus restricting the employee’s work area. Alternatively, if a health care worker does utilize the portability of their medical cart, they only get 7 hours of power, despite having a 12 hour shift. This means they are constantly worried about plugging the cart back in or running out of power mid-shift. This is referred to as “low battery anxiety.” EVA offers 40 hours of continuous runtime, which means it can last for multiple shifts on one charge. It also means the medical cart doesn’t need to be moved back to a charge port as often, thus removing “low battery anxiety.” Keep the cart where it’s needed the most. Stop worrying about charging your cart, and use that valuable time to care for your patients.

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