Sinaw Sinaw Plant: Benefits & Uses (Pepper Elder)

The health benefits of sinaw sinaw and its
uses. 1. Sinaw Sinaw is an annual plant which grows
in damp locations all over Asia and America. It is used as a natural medicine in many parts
of the world. 2. This green plant is also known as Pepper Elder,
Shining Bush Plant, Peperomia Pellucida and man to man. 3. The leaves of the plant can steeped in hot
water to make a herbal tea. Drinking this regularly can relieve gout and
arthritis pain. 4. You can also eat the leaves raw in salads
or delicious stir fries. The roots can also be boiled and strained
to extract their medicine. 5. The leaves contain natural healing compounds
which reduce inflammation in the body. Drinking a tea made from this plant relieves
headaches and sinus pain. 6. In Bolivia the flowers and leaves are used
as part of a dressing to treat cuts and wounds. They help to speed up the healing process
and prevent infection. 7. In north-eastern Brazil the plant is used
to lower cholesterol for older people who are concerned about heart problems. 8. Many people also use this plant to reduce
coughing when suffering with an infection. This is used heavily in Guyana the Amazon. 9. In the Philippines Sinaw Sinaw is used to
treat proteinuria as it can flush the kidneys by making you urinate more often. 10. They also use this to reduce high uric acid
levels for those who have gout or kidney stones. 11. The leaves can be mashed into a paste and
applied to acne pimples, boils and other skin disorders. This will reduce the pain and heal the affected
area. 12. We recommend thoroughly washing the leaves
before use and gently frying them with a little virgin olive oil. They go well with fish and can be eaten all
through the season. 13. If you suffer with anxiety, hypertension,
hyperactive syndrome, or impotence you can drink Sinaw Sinaw Tea (Pepper Elder Tea) 3
times per day to relieve the problem. 14. To make the tea more powerful harvest the
entire plant, including the roots. Clean in fresh water and use a brush to remove
any dirt. Place these in a pan and boil for 10 minutes
so that all of the medicinal compounds go into the water. Strain the mixture and you are left with a
powerful healing tea. 15. In China this is also used to make a herbal
bath. Simply add the plants to your hot bathwater
whilst soaking to help calm the nervous system. This will help you to enjoy a relaxing night’s
sleep. To learn more about healthy foods, please
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