Singer Halsey’s Life with Endometriosis


  1. Girls, women, fuck western medicine, go to Chinese doctors! Five years ago I was diagnose endometriosis 2 stage after the surgery, I had endo cyst removed, I drank hormones but cyst came back again only half year later. Our doctors only suggested surgery again and more hormones, they dont give a shit and have no idea why endometriosis happen and they dont even care too much. Unlike Chinese medicine doctors, they do understand how endometriosis and infertility happens, they do observe your body. In my case I had too much dampness in my body, liver was not so well and I had bad blood circulation so Chinese doctor prescribed special mix of herbs to drink everyday 3-4 months and do acupuncture. Strictly no coffee, diary products, no cold drinks/foods, more dark red vegetables to increase blood quality and it helped alot! It reduced cyst, pain, I had no pain at all during period because blood was light and flow was easy = no cramps. I went to few other doctors and according to them i dont even have endometriosis anymore. Im not sure Chinese medicine cured it but it can help alot! Important thing is avoind pesticides, becouse chemicals in it disbalance hormone levels in your body and cysts happen

  2. If you suspect or have Endometriosis, find an Excision specialist. I had stage 4, along with Adenomyosis( often a co-morbid condition). I had surgery 2 yrs ago and I'm now pain free. Ablation, Lupron, and hysterectomies are not long term treatments for this disease.

  3. My mums friend has endometriosis. She had one child and then miscarriages 12 times. Her safe spot is when she reaches 12 weeks and is three days away from the point, so Halsey will suffer greatly getting pregnant but it’s not the end so I hope that if she does want children she knows it’s not the end.

  4. I was diagnosed with endometriosis at 21. One year later I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. If I could get rid of just one it would be interstitial cystitis. My endo is painful but I am managing it well. My bladder is basically allergic to urine so I can't have carbonated drinks or juice. The preservatives in food make it worse. If I have a glass of wine, I am done. The pain and symptoms will last days. It sucks to have a chronic condition.

  5. Wow I feel bad for Halsey. One she walked in half the audience clapped and did a fake excited scream. Than the Doctors looked at her all judgey eyed. Wow why invite someone to the show and make her feel uncomfortable. I like the show but wow this was in my eyes cringey. Who agrees? I am glad she got diagnosed. Halsey is natural talent.

  6. Oh bless her heart! I was misdiagnosed with ibs for several years, until finally, the right dr. Suspected endometriosis and did surgery. It was so bad I had to have a full hysterectomy. Endometriosis pain is no joke and kept me out of work constantly. It was so hard to hold down a job due the excruciating pain and almost lost my life in 2005 from it.

  7. I really don’t like Halsey’s personality at times but I really appreciate her doing this so people with endometriosis have someone to look up too.

  8. I have chronic pains in my legs and once it got so bad that my stomach, diaphragm and my lower body from waist down hurt so much I couldn’t walk and I could barely breathe because moving my stomach up and down hurt so I spent some weeks in hospital and I went to see a therapist and then a doctor, and that doctor is, to this day, the soul reason I will graduate from medical school and become a doctor or nurse because, he really had the audacity to say to me after I got out of hospital for the level of pain (I’m talking ambulance and putting me in a medically-induced coma and other pain killers) I was in, he said “it’s all of the stress and the anxiety in your head” I swear I was ready to push his medical degree down his oesophagus..

  9. Dr s love to say it’s all in your head.
    When you hear ,this run!
    Also stay away from ciproflixcin. All antibiotics that are in the class of floruquinolones. I might have just saved your life by posting this.

  10. Endometriosis is a silent, very painful disease. I've suffered my entire life with debilitating pain. There is no cure, other than a complete hysterectomy. As long as you have ovaries the endometriosis will continue to grow. My endometriosis literally strangled my intestines.

  11. I was diagnosed with endo at the age of 35.. I was having a lot of pain. It got so bad that it attacked my large bowel, and I had a colosotomy for 6 months, and then had a full hysterectomy.

  12. My aunt has endometriosis and we managed to finally find a way for her to have another child and she had a healthy baby boy, he’s turning 5 soon

  13. I was diagnosed as well I refused surgery and birth control and have switched to a raw plant based diet and as a result my pains are less to none my periods are shorter and lighter and I am due for another healing detox so I will repeat all my health checks to see where I am….

  14. I have endometriosis. Sometimes I have so much blood and pain. When I take ibuprofen, I vomited it out. It bothers me at work and at school. Sometimes I have to leave work and classes. I didn't know how to tell my co workers and teachers.

  15. Omg, I didn’t know she was suffering from endometriosis & I have the same condition & I feel her on another level

  16. I never thought Endo was THAT painful until mine developed recently that I was in THE worse pain of my life. Endo is no joke

  17. I remember that I also struggled with a lot of these pains, but also in my bladder. I was peeing blood and even though I knew it wasn't my uterus, still it took the doctors a year to finally diagnose me right cause they thought it indeed was all 'in my head'. Just like halsey said, it was a relieve that I knew I wasn't making this up. But still. I wasn't taken serious for a very long time, until one very nice female doctor found out I had bladder cancer.
    I feel like nowadays the doctors are just so easy with diagnosing, I wish it were different. Poor her, poor us.
    – I got a surgery immediately after doctors realised they had to get this tumor out, also because of my age. Bladder tumors are rare for people with age 20. I'm gonna get a checkup 25 october to see if it has grown back. And then every year a check-up for 5 years.

  18. I’m crying rn because this is something I relate to on a different level…
    I love you sm Halsey❤️❤️❤️

  19. I have this illness along with 2 other ovary illnesses. Do i get an interview ? LOL This is ridiculous!!! Millions of women struggle with it. If men had it, more people would be aware.

  20. It feels great to see someone like Halsey speak out about it. I've been dealing with endo sines I was 11. I'd be having extreme pain to the point where I'd faint, throw up or get a really bad upset stomach. But I also have anxiety so everyone would just say "oh it's just a bad stomach pain" or "oh you're just anxious" and since I was so young they didn't want to look into it straight away. Fast forward till I was 14-15 and I went back to my doctors where my pain had gotten increasingly worse, I was pretty much have a period that could go for months at a time and they pretty much went yep. You have it. And gave me some stuff to help. But I related to this so much especially when she said they said she was just anxious because yeah of course you are. You are in so much pain to the point where you can't even cry or move. I sometimes can't to to school for a week or two when it gets bad. So yeah you become a little scared of it cause it hurts like hell. I have never experienced a worse pain. And that's saying something especially because let's just say my stomach pain tolerance has become pretty high from dealing with it for so long. But I'm so sorry that Halsey had to go through that but also thank you for speaking out about it because it's more common then you think xx

  21. this made me bawl my eyes out, the cincert where she had a miscarriage you wouldn't even have known. she's so strong

  22. Sorry what the fuck don’t perform when you’re pregnant and don’t get pregnant with endometriosis that was so irresponsible of her

  23. I didn’t know she had endometriosis 😔 makes me love her even fcking more, she’s a strong one ❤️

  24. the symptoms scare me bc i have all the symptoms and i am making a doctor appointment bc everything she said, i went through, fainting, nausea, heavy blood, long periods, excessive pain. pray for me ya'll bc all i wanna be in life is a mother. This sucks but fingers crossed.

  25. She is the sweetest soul and I feel so bad that she had to go through so much pain… I am really glad to hear that she's feeling better. We love you so much Halsey!

  26. Same thing with Adenomyosis, doctors just dismiss it because they know there is nothing they can do. But dismissing to a patient is so disappointing and it makes us woman feel as if we are actually crazy. So it makes us anxious too causing more problems. Doctors if any of you read all these comments. Dont dismiss womans pain ever!

  27. Ohhh man.
    I crying, because i'm feel she. We have same diagnoses, symptoms and pain. Stay strong Halsey and girls they struggle with this shit.

  28. This is no joke ☹️ I have this and my period lasted 4 months it was the worst I've ever experienced non stop pain, it was heavy and going back and fourth to so many Dr appointments and they couldn't find what was causing this, until they ran so many tests they finally realized what it was. It was the most depressing moment in my life.

  29. Aw poor Halsey. 😭 She’s so sweet, cannot imagine what she went through. And what a horrible experience with the doctors, how rude and incompetent of them to tell her it’s all in her head.

  30. Im miss diagnosed with just about everything you can think of there's not a doubt my mind I have endometriosis right now I'm doing really good Im about to share to much but i have the bithcontrol in my arm and have bot blead in 2 years and my pain is minimal every month one day though I will find a doctor to believe me and actually give me a diagnose and treat me seriously

  31. Yep! This was the most debilitating illness ever. I gained so much weight because I was in so much pain. Saw numerous doctors told me nothing wrong after ctscans, ultrasounds inside and out and MRIs! They all said they couldn’t find a single thing wrong with me. I told them I knew it was endometriosis! Finally I lost my mind with a doctor and he suggested exploratory surgery. Lo and behold, the doctor told me what I always suspected. He even apologized. He removed a lot during that procedure but a few months later I was scheduled for a full hysterectomy since the chance for it to come back is even higher with reproductive organs. That was 10 years ago. Best decision ever!

  32. I got Endometriosis After having an Emergency C-section with my ONLY child… Whatever they did when they cut me open I'm now suffering from it 11yrs later…. Although the 10yr copper coil has helped ease the pain alot.

  33. A miscarriage on stage!! poor girl! That’s got to be so tough and hard to deal with! Shows you how strong this girl is!

  34. i dont have a physicall illness but i have bipolar disorder, the thing is when i told my first psychiatrist she just said that i was being dramatic and hypchondriac and now when my current psychiatric told me that i have it i didnt wanted to belive it, cause the way that first dr told me i wasnt made me bury the thought for years but now knowing about halsey`s experience i realize that i do have it and its time to accept it and try to get the right treatment to get better finally

  35. I had no clue she had endometriosis. I didn't even know this was a thing until now. This must've been when she was touring for Badlands. I had heard rumors about the miscarriage and passed them off because they sounded completely false, people had said she had gotten an abortion and hadn't done proper research, and when I had done research of my own, I had realized that she did in fact have a miscarriage. I had no clue that it had anything to do with this. It's upsetting to see what she had to go through, and in front of some of her fans, but I'm glad she got some help and she is helping spread awareness on it.

  36. I’m SO THANKFUL that she & other famous women are speaking up & out about this awful disease. I went TWENTY FIVE years undiagnosed & I am still suffering at 41 years old. I pray the next generation of girls & women will not suffer as badly as I have.


  37. Poor thing!!! I had No idea what she had gone through. She’s in my prayers as well as all those going through this!!

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