Single-Payer Universal Health Care Explained

now a lot of people have been talking about Bernie Sanders single-payer plan saying oh my god it's going to cost us so much money and political had a huge article about the trillions of dollars that it's going to cost taxpayers well the part they never tell you about is the money it saves us it's so one-sided it's comical so I want to simplify things here and break it down so you guys understand what the single-payer system actually does so right now we have about twenty trillion dollars in healthcare costs in the country that already exists and it's broken down to about fifteen trillion dollars that you pay through your insurance and 5.5 trillion dollars that you pay in co-pays that's direct payments to medical providers hospitals doctors etc so that's as things stand now the country overall spends 20 trillion dollars on health care all right now let's see what would happen under single-payer well right now we have six trillion dollars that we pay is assuring costs and profits so we pay that to the insurance company the insurance company has all of its costs bureaucratic costs employee costs and their profits and then they pay the medical providers well under single-payer we cut out that process entirely and save six trillion dollars now that's a pretty good start okay now there's something else in the current system that happens we have a three point one trillion dollars in tax subsidies to employers so that the employers can then give you insurance they a lot of us have through our businesses right well under single-payer you wouldn't have to do that because you don't have to get insurance through your employer anymore so we can get rid of that three trillion dollar subsidy that now goes to the employers so but now the government is footing the bill so what's left over eleven trillion dollars and everyone including Sanders campaign acknowledges the government under single-payer would then have to pay eleven trillion dollars okay so that's where people go up oh my god that's so much money look at all eleven the government's paying okay and then they say how are you gonna pay for you can't pay for it well that's not true and they said I never pays for it no he has a plan it's very very clear he's got it outlined he says I'm going to increase payroll tax by 6.2 percent now that affects everybody so it's true your middle class would get a tax increase and then he's going to do another income surtax for people making above $28,000 that's 2.2 percent that affects most of us so your tax are going to go up by 8.4 percent to pay for 11 trillion dollars of government spending step that's a lot that's true right and then there's a third bracket which mainly affects the rich and this is how a lot of it gets paid for as well so he raises four brackets above $250,000 so people making more than $250,000 they're going to have their taxes increased in increments all the way up to 52 percent tax rate for people making above 10 million dollars so I want you to understand that it's not that if you make 10 million dollars they retro actively make you pay 52 percent on the rest of your money no it's 52 percent on every dollar above 10 million dollars okay so all those brackets get increased by a little bit yes you do pay 8.4 percent more in taxes so this is the part that the media tells you about all the time from you goes out 11 trillion dollars to the government so that the government can provide single-payer ensure single-payer health insurance but here's the part they don't tell you about we saved 20 trillion dollars in health care costs that we had today now we don't see the whole 20 trillion dollars you save the difference that's 9 trillion dollars now some critics say no that's not fair I think we'd only save 5 trillion dollars oh really only ok so and it's over a 10-year period in a decade we would save as a country on health care costs anywhere between 5 to 9 trillion dollars you can make arguments against the system you can say hey listen I think it might be inefficient it might not be the best way to to to pay for medical expenses is it going to provide the right incentives for doctors hospitals etc and those are all fair arguments but when you hear someone saying oh he's going to increase your taxes by so much money understand that is highly deceptive because instead of paying out that twenty trillion dollars we all do right now we paid in co-pays we paid in insurance cost the employers paid all this money that goes out to health care instead of it being twenty trillion it's going to be 11 trillion you're going to save a tremendous amount of money yes you pay a little bit more in taxes but you don't have to pay anything for insurance so now if you say I owe my important employer pays for insurance I don't pay that much anyway no no no and he lowers your salary that's how it works there's a certain amount of money that your employer can afford to pay you and but he has to take out what it's going to cost them in insurance health insurance if that doesn't happen then you make that money that's just the laws of supply and demand so your salaries would go up by thousands of dollars on average they never tell you that part so understand the full picture if you still don't like the system for legitimate reasons and other reasons that's fine but don't let them lie to you single-payer does save us a ton of money trillions of dollars


  1. The only difference with single payer is that the doctor, instead of sending his/her bill to Farmers insurance or AETNA or any other insurance company, instead send their bill to the state health services agency for payment. That's it!! That's the only difference.

  2. Folks, look at your W-2, box 12, and check for an entry with the code "DD" – this is what your employer pays for your health care plan, ON TOP of your monthly/bi-weekly premiums. I for instance pay about $8000 in premiums to insure my family through my employer, and my employer pays a whopping $12000 on top of that. With universal healthcare, these number go to $0 while simultaneously raising a new payroll tax to pay for universal healthcare.

    The beauty is that the new number, what I'll pay in payroll tax, will be much LESS than the $20,000 my employer and I pay for it right now! If we go with an 8% tax, for example, I'd pay about $10000 a year. Again… INSTEAD of paying $20000!

  3. Essentially, with single payer health coverage, for every dollar of tax increases to pay for universal health care, you will save two dollars in health insurance premiums you won't have to pay anymore.

  4. Anyone who thinks this would work in the long term lacks the basic understanding of the free market. Talk to me about how Canada got sued into allowing private health care cause people where going to die if they didn’t receive immediate care in 2005? Nothings free you’re paying for it in your taxes the only catch is you don’t get to pick what you pay for and you have to help pay for everyone else so you get subpar care. Go watch Ben Shapiro explain this shit for 2 mins and then tell me what makes more sense. And for the people who can’t afford health care at all deregulate the system as it is make it a real free market and companies will compete for those customers.

  5. Tax the rich, treat the poor. Typical regressive leftie. F*ck you! Top 1% already pays about 40% of income taxes. Bottom 50% pays 3% of income taxes. This injustice has to stop!

  6. Dude show me a company that would pay you the money they now spend on health coverage because I can assure you mine won't.

  7. I really fear a single payer healthcare system will hinder medical innovations.
    I think a little market element is welcome in the medical field.
    Ideally you’d have a base level of insurance that everyone has, you pay for it yourself but if you can’t pay for it the government supports you.
    This way you still have the market’s profit insentive for innovation but we still have universal healthcare.
    This is actually how most of Europe actually does healthcare. Singlepayer is not the norm.

  8. Single-payer plan… Every single person by their own plan… That plan be customized to what they need…. That single-payer plan… Anything else is some form of communism


  10. +The Young Turks I would never support single payer for this reason. IT RAISES TAXES! Anything that raises taxes means paying more and having less money.

  11. I am from Sweden and we pay for healthcare and medicine through tax. We do also pay about 50 $ to see a doctor but no more than 260 $/year. For medicine no more than 330 $/year.

  12. I am an uninsured 32 year old male. I fall under the income gap of the ACA and have not been to any doctor in 10 years. I will NEED healthcare in my life at some point. And yet it will probably MAKE ME HOMELESS.

  13. Honest question: if the government is footing the bill, then how is the cost of the healthcare regulated? What’s stopping hospitals or private practices from charging as much as they want?

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