Sinir Otunun Faydaları Sinirli Ot Çayı Nasıl Yapılır? Sinir Otu Neye İyi Gelir?

Ibrahim Saracoglu Says about the Benefits of Plantain Herb; Plantain herb cleanses blood and stomach. Plantain herb is antipyretic. Skin itches good for. It can be used in dental treatment and gingivitis. If the fresh leaves of the plantain herb wrapped in the goiter, the gout is shrunk. It has cramping effect. In the treatment of boils, poultice of edible grass is effective. Nerve grass is good for liver and bladder diseases. It does not bind inflammation when the injured leaf is placed in the injuries. The active ingredients contained in it eliminate itching, blood clotting and injury. by preventing healing of the wound. Plantain herb coughs pertussis breathing organ like lung asthma and pulmonary tuberculosis It is used in diseases. The plantain herb heals against urinary tract infections and kidney stones. The fresh leaves of the plantain herb can be used against bee stings. Crushed leaves of the plantain herb, protecting the wounds from dirt and preventing the transmission of germs secretes a liquid, antipyretic, anti-cramping, antibacterial, blood maker, a very wide range of use of this leaf essence has. Other Benefits of Plantain Herb In the following content, allontoin is found. Allantoin material can provide renewal of cells in the skin and healing of wounds and burns. It is very effective in problems such as hardness, swelling, acne, warts and hemorrhoids in the skin. It is interesting that allontoin is present in a plant. Because this substance is a substance found in the snails. It is the active ingredient of snail creams. Anxious weed contains a substance called apigenin. This substance is a substance that can reduce restlessness and reduce sleep problems. It is abundant in plants such as chamomile. Plantain has a reducing effect on smoking. Mosquito is effective against stings of bees and similar insects. It is known that Indians carry this plant against snake bites. Now let’s go to the fields of use of edgy grass tea and edible grass How To Make Plantain Herb Tea? Boil a teaspoon of dried plantain herb leaves in a glass of water and infuse for 10 minutes. Drink three glasses a day. Warm cold, cold, gastrointestinal, respiratory and urinary tract It shows pain relief feature in the inflammation of mucous membranes. How To Make Fresh Leaf Plantain Herb? It was said that the nervous herb was treated on the wounds of the inflamed wounds and treated these wounds. Narrow or broadleaf leafy herb leaves are collected and washed beautifully. The leaves are then crushed with a roll or similar device until they are turned into mush. Ultimately, the leaf porridge is ready. How to Use Plantain Herb for Goitre? Some plantain herb with some salt rubbed nicely with the hand and then wrapped in the throat, goiter is said to have shrunk. Losses and Warnings of Plantain Herb Not using low blood pressure patients Plant is recommended because it reduces the high blood pressure of hypertension patients of the plant feature. In addition, people with diabetes should use the doctor’s control. There is no known external damage. No herbal tea should be drunk for more than 14 days. Some substances may become harmful due to overdose. An unexpected symptom, even when using a potent medicinal plant When it occurs, it is necessary to consult a doctor. SUBSCRIBE, LIKE VIDEO AND COMMENT


  1. YORUMU YAZAN İSMAİL ÇIRAK:: Sinirli ot çayı kan şekerini düşürdüğü gibi, şekere bağlı hemoğlobin a bir C değerinide düşürüyor.
    SAYIN İBRAHİM SARAÇOĞLU nun tavsiyesidir. Ben denedim faydasıda var. Tansiyonu çok düşürüyor.

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