Sinus care tips to help you breathe easier

so allergy avoidance is key for patients with allergies it’s the real first step in treating allergies because if you can avoid the allergies you can avoid the symptoms dust mites are the things people talk about the most dust mites can be avoided in the bedroom at least by putting on mattress covers and pillowcase covers you can avoid pollens fairly easily the key is to close your windows at home mold is one you can avoid to some degree you have to look around the house for areas where mold may collect if you’ve ever had any water damage in the house any wet carpets are wet floors or wet basement you want to make sure you get that treated animal Dan there’s our bit tougher cat dander in particular cats are very allergenic we have a joke among ENT doctors that when an ENT doctor tells you get rid of your cat they don’t get rid of the cat to get rid of their ENT doctor if a patient’s on antihistamines and steroids praise still and have a lot of thick mucus or drainage or blockage we oftentimes add salt water rinses to do their medication regimen salt water irrigations are two step process mix the salt and water together in the bottle put the bottle up to the nose breathe through the mouth and slowly squeeze the bottle so those salt water goes in one nostril and out the other so antihistamines are helpful for this an easy itchy scratchy running symptoms but they don’t help so much with the inflammation in the swelling but if you really want to treat the inflammation steroid sprays are better when you get allergies these turbinates will swell up turbit in here this is the same turban here will swell up and cause nasal obstruction and that’s what steroid sprays are working on it’s important that you aim this braids properly to get them far into the nasal cavity keep the bottle straight up and down bend forward so that your chin is down to your chest and then spray into the nasal cavity you

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