1. I'm not such of a fan of policy being mixed in with "science". These people often come across as daft because they fail to understand human nature. That is, they fail to understand nature. You push one thing, another thing will pull in to fill its place. Teach love and you teach hate. Teach equality and you teach apathy, in turn the mentally ill gain a foothold to take advantage of the mass.

  2. Big Medical could be 1/10 the costs (likely more),,, doctors,,, hospitals,,, and stop Big Pharma from selling side effects that require more meds with more side effects……. (many will kill you) 200,000 deaths per year (just the ones they admit to) countless others….   End the killing of population control by Big Medical (they believe they are above the law, and so far,,, it seems to be so) Social justice,,, yeah right……                                      O,,,

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