1. Love "SIster Circle" because the hosts are always so beautiful, so POSITVE, supportive, and complimentary toward the female guests. They portray the epitome of…women CAN get along! We can respect, adore and lift up each other WITHOUT jealousy and envy. Keep up the good work ladies!

  2. Selena is So Beautiful to Me and Dr. Contessa is sweet but can put you in your place if Needed [ my reflection ] lol

  3. Dr. Contessa looks sooooooo good here! The hair, that yellow outfit….I love it! I have always been a fan of her, she's my kind of gal!

  4. Shout Out To The Real Men Who Are Attached To Women Of Worth, Class And Self Respect, To The Men That Pray And Attend Church As A Necessity For Strong Relationship, Not As A Chore. For The Men Who Know That A Women's True Beauty Doesn't Lie Alone In Her Physical Appearance But Her Heart, Her Loyalty, And Commitment To One Man. For Men Catching Dreams, And Not Just Chasing Dreams. For The Men That Don't Feel The Need To Chase Girls Because He Knows A Good Women When He Has Her.
    Jesus Is Lord.

  5. Selena? Sis!! Your African print dress. 🔥🔥🔥
    I've just noticed Trina looks a LOT like her mother. Blessings beautiful ladies.

  6. Dr. Contessa gives Tacky Toya a run for her “money”…absolutely love her! Takes no nonsense.

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