Skills Categories on the CNA Clinical Exam

skills categories a look at the testing care plans a presentation brought to you by for your CNA comm hi this lesson will focus on the specific skills you will be assigned to perform during the CNA exam through Prometric in Florida for the exam there are 11 pre-selected care plan sets the skills are divided into three specific categories documentation skills ADL skills and mobility skills every skill will fall into one of these three categories documentation skills will require you to document a measurement there are four documentation skills and they include pulse emptying the urinary drainage bag feeding and respirations every testing student will receive one documentation skill during the exam abl skills are basic tasks that you do for yourself every day if you're able like bathing grooming or dressing there are 10 ADL skills and they include mouth care dental care hand and nail care foot care partial bed bath peri care catheter care bedpan making an occupied bed and dressing a resident with a weak arm every testing student will receive one ADL skill during the exam mobility skills involve movement of the patient there are six mobility skills and they include range of motion of the shoulder range of motion of the elbow and wrist range of motion of the hip knee and ankle transferring from bed to wheelchair ambulating with a gait belt and changing position to support its side lying every testing student will receive one mobility skill during the exam so for the exam each testing candidate must perform one documentation skill one ADL skill and one mobility skill each testing care plan has one of each of these types of skills these are documentation skills these are ADL skills and these are mobility skills let's look at each care plan set a little closer as you can see this skill set has a documentation skill a mobility skill and an ADL skill and so does this one this is the most common order for skills on a skill set but they won't always be in that order it doesn't matter which skill comes first on your care plan because you are simply going to follow the care plan during the exam you are required to perform the skills in the order listed on the care plan you are not allowed to change the order of the skills during the exam the computer will select one of these skill sets the evaluator will read the care plan out loud then give it to you to review you can look at the care plan as often as you want at any time during the skill you're not required to memorize all of these skill sets these skill sets are provided so that you can practice for the exam using the actual testing care plans if you wish but for the exam remember that you must perform the skills listed on the care plan in the order they are listed so that's the best way to practice to the following slides will show you all 11 skill sets these skill sets can be used when practicing your skills for the state exam these skill sets are set up exactly like the care plans from the state exam feel free to print them off or write them on index cards then select one set to perform when practicing these three skill sets are written in the following order documentation skill mobility skill and then ADL skill perform these skills in that order these three skill sets are also written in the same order documentation mobility and ADL perform these skills in that order these two skillsets are written in a different order documentation skill then an ADL skill followed by a mobility skill perform these skills in that order these two skillsets start with an ADL skill and then have a documentation skill and finally a mobility skill perform these skills in that order the last skill set starts with a mobility skill followed by an ADL skill with a documentation skill last perform this skill set in that order you should now have an understanding of the types of skills you will be assigned to perform during the clinical portion of the exam and how the skill sets work during the tests we hope you found this information helpful as you prepare for your clinical test we wish you luck on your CNA State Exam


  1. I had rom wrist and elbow
    respirations and partial bed bath. What a day. I was so stressed. First to arrive. Last to go. So happy I passed. Thank you Ms. Patty. ā¤ā¤

  2. 'm watching all your videos like crazy I'm taking my state test on Sunday I'm worry because English is my second language and I'm pregnant pray for me please šŸ™šŸ™

  3. Take the state test on Friday. Been glued to your videos for the last two months. I don't test well and hoping these are enough review from my class to help me pass.

  4. Thank you so much for these videos. I watched these videos for 5 days straight and passed my CNA exam. If you are in NYS these videos are perfect for helping you pass through Prometric. THANK YOU!

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