SKIN CARE | Cosmeceutical VS. Pharmaceutical (Basics 101)

hello coming at you from the dermatology
and skin cancer center in Leawood to tell you the difference between a
cosmeceutical and a pharmaceutical grade skincare product cosmeceuticals are not
regulated by the fda so you can buy these products at any drugstore you can
also find them at most really nice department stores and pretty much
anywhere that isn’t a doctor’s office a pharmaceutical grade product is quite a
bit different it has to be passed through the FDA that is considered a
drug because the active ingredient is quite a bit stronger these are the
products for you want to splurge this is where you’re going to find your strong
anti-aging serums in the form of proteins retinols
and vitamin C’s as well as other antioxidants that help support your
cells on a cellular level so that’s the main difference I hope this helps you
tell me what you want to know next and go get your warrior badge at rep badges


  1. SKIN CARE | Cosmeceutical VS. Pharmaceutical (Basics 101)
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