Small and Medium Pharmaceutical Companies in the Big Pharma World

for a long time big pharmaceutical companies or as they are called Big Pharma’s dominated the pharmaceutical research currently there is a reorganization going on in this research field small Dutch companies are with increasing numbers and are playing a more and more important role the small medium enterprises are taking over the R&D research and development especially the first stages of research a recent article showed that Big Pharma’s nowadays spends more money on marketing than on research and development small companies only have little money and the biggest part of this money is spends on the research so the question is how do these enterprises compete with the Big Pharma’s this video shows some of their strategies the first one is finding a market gap or creating one this is much like the blue ocean theory many of the startup companies that do research focus on biologicals the market for biologicals is very upcoming being innovative in creating new compounds is important for these companies with every new created compound there is created a new market built open biologicals is a Dutch company that produces vaccines we went over there to take a look and they sit with their eyes all MIDI off except for Lucia to call closets and yeah there are practical the tactical side record or the wholesale a grants and likes anything else here approximately filled tele old and they could mean to say I felt for UNICEF higher goals of course all those bag this shows the second strategy that is important for small and medium companies price value is by far the most important of the three values by scaling up the price of the vaccine decreased dramatically this created a whole new markets in the less developed countries the company now produces about 60% of the total vaccines given to children in these developing countries also the performance value is important in this branch not only the core customer value and actual product counts but also the Augmented products this means being trustworthy by making no mistakes because is about human lives but also offering good service to ensure the quality of the product the abstract don’t believe it what I’m saying yeah probates Honda and why the a Toledo sinkhole but I why don’t I stop the tow line to the campus on the third and last strategy that is important for the small and medium pharmaceutical enterprises is outsourcing this outsourcing happens in different forms the small companies often find partnerships this can either be private or public if you are a smaller company it’s a good idea to work together with big partners but also with other local partners Jen map for example has a corporation with LexA Smith Kline and Johnson & Johnson for the production of their antibodies built open biologicals produces and outsources to development of the vaccines to other research institutes to find new and stimulate existing corporations these companies organize and visit congresses networking and mouth to mouth promotion is a very important marketing tactic the contact center of where the resort and that’s yes cut off vehicle I said before what I a little context of those and then say hey that can click on each other yeah just put all over America mention in this video we showed that finding or creating new markets according to the blue ocean strategy dealing with the best price and outsourcing by creating partnerships are important to small and medium pharmaceutical companies this is how they can compete with the Big Pharma’s


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