Small First Aid Kit – Lidl Kalff Sensiplast – First look and unboxing

Hi there, this is NekitaNet and on the bench
today is a little version of a earlier first aid kit we’ve reviewed on the channel. So, let’s take a quick look and let’s get
started! So, the first thing is to unwrap it right
out of the -well- packaging. And of coarse which will take a little bit
of effort -apparently-. Since it is well wrapped. So keep it in this wonderful little plastic
until you need it and you know it’s a bit better protected then just this bag. So, it’s a Sensiplast first aid kit. 38 Pieces
by Kalff -I would say-. And it’s intended for hiking, bicycling and
camping. It has a nice little sticker which states
it’s good until the 9th month of 2021, or at least the ‘best by date’ for some of the
contents. And it opens like this; Which I think is very
handy. Right, and… Yes. We are seeing ones again one of these little
wrapped things as we’ve seen in a previous video of the bigger version of this kit. So, I’ve take the entire contents out of the
small little bag. And one little note: It has Velcro straps
and you can attach it to a bag or your belt or something alike. And carry it with you. That’s of course the intent of these smaller
sets that are not intended to be kept in a car. But, it’s a very small set I have to say. There are a couple of gloves here. Bobby pins I would call them. A very small little -well- scissor -a pair
of scissors-. Some hydro gel plasters. Is that all? Yes. A couple of these plasters, the normal ones. Right. I do have to say it’s nice that they are transparent
on the back so you can see what you’re looking to get out of the package of course. A bit of a larger plaster with a central -well-
wound area I would say. One of these -well- I would say gauze’s that
wraps around stuff. So you roll it out. Another gauze, or at least two of the 10×10
cm size. Some -right- cleaning cloths. most likely with some type of disinfectant. Two other [rolls of] gauze’s. A bit of tape and some instructions. And to be quite frank of course it’s a very
small bag. Right, this is the size of my hand. But I do think they’re skimping out a little
bit. Because… Well… For a couple of cuts…. Yes, but more then a skin cut I wouldn’t be
comfortable treating with this set. And I would rather carry in my bag the car
version of this -well- first aid kit. You can buy this purely for the packaging
and add stuff you’re interested in carrying. Which is applicable to your situation of course. And need to carry with you. And then it’s a nice basic thing. However I’m once again more comfortable with
carrying the bigger kit. Although it is bigger. Just as it is. Right, so here’s a little -ah well- view of
what’s inside. We’ve gone over that. And apparently there’s some multi colored
kids band-aids in here as well. And some long strips and specialty… I think they’re all in here. Right. It is what it is. So, this is NekitaNet saying I hope you found
this video interesting. Thanks for watching and see you in the next
video. Bye bye.

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