Smoking 1st Place Sliders @ HighTimes Med. Can. Cup San Francisco

Please vote for best booth, best product and, best
. . .’Glass, Glass!’. . . booth. (record scratch). Right now we’re live in San Francisco
at the 2011 HighTimes Medical Cannabis Cup. This is the Concourse Exhibit Center, 635
8th Street. This is exceptional today. This Glaucoma Jim in lovely lovely San Francisco.
We are in the middle of a frenzy here, a medical marijuana frenzy. There’s bud, there’s goo,
there’s oils, there’s all kinds of consumables, medicals and edibles. Freddy is up in the
booth working it, and we’re going to go around and see how much everybody loves the Slider.
I love the Slider. I live for the Slider. I’ve actually not smoked out of a spoon since
I met wonderful Jim. So far we’ve been getting a really good reception and everyone’s been
enjoying it. [I’m with] Mr. Nice Guys in Sacramento. Do you sell a lot? Constantly, can’t keep
it on the shelf. [always keep it loaded from behind] that way you can literally smoke
this thing 24 hours a day if you felt like it, without stopping. . . it’s Slider TV.
Thats phenomenal. It’s easy to pass around, it’s easy to fill, it’s easy to clean, it’s
the best piece I’ve ever used. I love the Slider! I’ll pull out a clean one so I can
show you. (incidental chatter) Slide on! It’s awesome, awesome awesome awesome, super cute,
easy to carry , ya I love it, I love the Slider, I didn’t know how to use it before and I was
like how do I use this and someone showed me, and now it changed my life. like I put
hash in it, and then I put weed, and then I put different kind of weed and then I put
a different kind of hash. Haven’t too many people seen this. It’s awesome. It’s perfect
for a one hitter. Which way is it going? I don’t know. . . but he’s the Raw papers guy
and he loves the Slider. I have three of them, legitimately. It’s great you know especially
when I go out like all day with likes hikes, out, like Norcal, perfect. You just bring
it out, you don’t have to carry around a jar and everything, you just fill it up and know
you got plenty. This is awesome. This is the most fantastic piece I’ve ever used. I love
it, I promote it to everybody, I’m like have you seen this yet? Actually, I was in San
Jose, and this guy’s like, I have one like that, he’s all ya, Slider, Home Blown, and
I was like ya!(laughing) all-right! And it’s great too because you can have, you have weed
behind it, so it takes the THC all the way through. Right. The stuff that you actually
burn just burns the THC. It’s that feed that keeps going. Sliders are the best dude.
Son, may I hit your Slider. . . Oh, ya. Father and son smoking a Slider together, how about
that? The best piece ever. Different generations. Whoa, See (pointing). I got a Jeffery right
here. . . Smoke, smoke, smoke, stop, before you get to the end load it up again that way
you’ll always have a natural filter. . . Nice. . . . and you’ll never pull ash into your mouthpiece.
(background chatter). . . because what I do. . . . . . Much better. The genius behind the slider
is so much the work and the thickness, the mouthpieces, from the gasket, everything.
Nothing’s failed. I’ve dropped them a couple times. Ah, you know, I don’t now I just think
it’s a wonderful product. Hi, better weed, enough said. It’s really convenient, I think my
favorite part is layering. . .We love the Slider. . . . . . and I like to pack it up for the
day and your good, your good for the rest of the day. You know? So that’s personally
why I like it. Sliders, we love ’em. Ya there’s not a better piece than that. . . We made a stainless
steel clip, so now it acts as a screen, a carb, a spring, so you can Layercake it with different
flavors of concentrates and extracts. . . Put in your favorite herbs, your favorite solids,
your favorite powders . . . Ya. . . Slider for Best Glass. I will absolutely. . . First Place in
Glass Product. . . Slider. (Cheering). . .congratulations. Thank you all. Thank you High Times. Layercake!
Slider, 1st Place in Best Glass Product of the 2011 Medical Cannabis Cup Awards. What
is that. A Slider. You want a Slider, we’ll get you a Slider. . . Have we got a deal for you. (gong) Happy 4:20 . . . everybody.


  1. looks like you guys have made some improvements since i last saw you a few years ago, u should of came and shot some video of me smoking out of it, nut next time. Anyway a fan brought this video to my attention so i wanted to say great vid and shoot me a message we should deff connect again. Bless MB

  2. Paid for two day tix. had to go to hosp. couldnt go. maybe next year,, I caught the first Med Cup in S.F. 2010 though, congrats on slider like a paperless joint sort of wouldnt mind havig one — Peace – S.B.

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