Smoking Marijuana vs Using a Cannabis Vaporizer

[Music] there are many ways people inhale marijuana most people smoke it either no bowl pipe joint or bong this is concerning since in many ways smoke is smoke and using a bong doesn’t help in terms of the tar exposure where there’s fire there’s smoke and where there’s smoke there’s inflammatory irritants in fact the regular smoking of cannabis is associated with the kind of airway inflammation you see in the lungs of cigarette smokers which can result in prolonged respiratory symptoms such as chronic coughing excess sputum production wheezing and shortness of breath as well as an increased incidence of bronchitis and other respiratory infection in many ways smoke is smoke whether it’s from burning plants in a forest fire or burning plants in a joint or cigarette there are harmful byproducts of combustion any combustion like carbon monoxide in fact you get five times more carbon monoxide per puff in cannabis than tobacco since pot smokers inhale more deeply and then hold the smoke in now you can avoid that completely by eating cannabis instead but the slow erratic drug absorption doesn’t give the same kind of immediate high inhaling cannabis vapor however could potentially offer the best of both worlds giving the same kind of high in terms of subjective ratings compared to smoking it but with significantly less carbon monoxide exposure so similar effects with fewer toxic byproducts though not necessarily all toxic byproducts both cannabis smoke and just vapor can definitely contain high concentrations of ammonia and sometimes vapor can be even worse so yeah vapor has less tar but may have more ammonia this was with a direct Heat vaporizer the so called blue meanie using a hot air paper eyes are like the volcano brand results in ammonia levels in your bloodstream more comparable to smoking it but the only reason we care about contaminants is we’re trying to cut down on the inflammation does cannabis vapor produce fewer respiratory symptoms and then smoke according to this study and the first of its kind yes now vaporizing doesn’t help with dependence issues or impaired driving or brain damage among heavy adolescent users but may improve cannabis drug safety by minimizing lung troubles they conclude that regular users of joints blunts pipes and water pipes might decrease respiratory symptoms by switching to a vaporizer but this was just based on a snapshot in time internet survey asking people about their symptoms you don’t know for sure until you put it to the test and a study funded by a pro legalization group they recognized that respiratory symptoms are stumbling block in their efforts so suggest inhaling cannabis vapor rather than smoke might minimize respiratory complaints so they had twenty frequent cannabis smokers with respiratory symptoms switch over to using a vaporizer instead for a month and those that didn’t happen to fall ill with respiratory illness during that period experienced a significant improvement in their Russia Tory symptoms but wait a second eight out of twenty forty percent got a respiratory illness within a single month that doesn’t sound good and indeed it’s something they noted additionally the self-reported improvements may have been tinged with bias as smokers might think such results might be good for the cause this may backfire those there are calls in the medical literature to just legalize smokeless forms or at least set it up so that smoked marijuana is more heavily taxed or something [Music] you


  1. Still wondering what this has to do with nutrition. Guess it's just pandering to the audience. Looking through the comment section this channel does seem to have a huge amount of stoners as viewers.

  2. I had a vaporizer, but threw it out with everything else I had when I stoped smoking pot. That was a round twenty years ago. I’m smoking again and have been for some years. I remember I didn’t get the same high when I used it. I must like all that shit stuff I get from using a pipe.

  3. I’d like some research on the social, emotional and cognitive impacts of cannabis use. I’ve seen an awful lot of self centered and unmotivated behaviors by regular users. I know it’s not scientific and such a study would be hard to do. Still…. that’s what I’ve seen and it isn’t subtle. I have a friend who is a social worker and has mentioned a lot of cannabis using clients having problems. I’ve seen 8th graders coming stoned to school unable to interact normally or learn. This side of the drug is never mentioned yet it seems so obvious.

  4. Dabbing vs smoking that’s the only video that matters…Everyone with a brain knows smoking is bad, just how bad when compared to dabbing though?
    Oh and please no cherry hot nails, that’s only for dumb asses and YouTubers like customgrow etc…

  5. I love nutrition facts and Dr. Greger but can someone explain to the homie what a conclusion is? These videos end so terribly…

  6. At 1:35 he says "significantly less carbon monoxide exposure", but doesn't the graph show basically NO carbon monoxide exposure? Also, I don't think they should be able to make smoking cannabis illegal unless they make smoking tobacco illegal. Look at all the harm tobacco causes, not to mention health care expense. As a matter of fact, out of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis, cannabis should be the only one legal, imo. Look at all the devastation alcohol causes; drunk driving deaths, deaths in general related to alcohol, domestic violence, violence in general, rape, etc. etc.

  7. Is there any science behind the “grounding” idea? (Walking barefoot on grass, sand, etc.) It’s described as being beneficial for health because of the electrons that the earth gives off. Thanks

  8. OK, Dr Greger is my go-to choice always for nutrition info and I get it about smoke and lung irritation, but as a long time smoker for chronic back pain I can tell you it's way better for you than any pill in the world. I'm a 10 year vegan who smokes about an ounce a month. Cannabis actually helps me avoid inflammation in my joints by relaxing me enough to be able to do yoga and thereby help keep my scoliosis at a bay. Would love to see a video about the benefits of weed and it's ability to prevent cancer. Also, the spiritual and creative aspects of cannabis cannot be overlooked.

  9. If you must smoke chose high quality MJ. You need less, it tastes better, the effect is better and you spend all your money so you can't smoke everyday.

  10. Several of the legal Canadian weed companies are working on newfangled scientific methods to increase the onset (and offset) of ingestible cannabis. There will, soon be all kinds of fast acting beverages, oral sprays, breath strips and yes, even suppositories!

  11. my brother and i have been smokers all our life, and now at 66yrs and 68yrs old,i have c,o,p,d he does not, i smoke dope with tobacco over the yrs ,he never used tobacco ,

  12. For everyone in the comments touting the benefits of vaporizing vs. smoking, did you just like not watch the video? And for everyone saying eating is the healthiest, the video on edibles will be 3 marijuana videos later. I don't think the question is fully answered there either, but you must put it to the test considering that edible thc stays in the body longer and is eliminated much slower.

  13. Would be helpful to address the fact that cannabis often contains high levels of heavy metals due to the structure of the plant absorbing and holding onto such.

  14. You mentioned direct consumption as in eating it would be a better choice over smoking and vaping, if I wanted to capitalize on this method say when I get stoned I get the munchies, would having edibles (direct consumption) to get high (so I can get the munchies) be beneficial to eat a lot of healthy (vegetarian (I'm lying)) food?

  15. Fuck regulations, it's a fucking plant that no one is supposed to own. We should all be able to grow marijuana and use it however we like. People should learn how to take responsibility instead of running to the government for all their problems.

  16. Hello Greger! Please make a video on astaxanthin (red algae one). I can't find any trusted research video on this. I use 12mg of vegan Astaxanthin before go to sleep, this is he better time to take this? Thanks in advance! 🙂 By the way, I'm vegan too. 😉

  17. I know this has nothing to do with marijuana. I wanted to ask what are your thoughts about drinking baking soda and apple cider vinegar? I would appreciate if you answer.

  18. more arguments debates just say weed is bad nicotine is worst than weed

    i have a vape pen in moderation

    weed is good and safe than any drugs

  19. AGAIN bullshit STUDY/VIDEO BECAUSE there is one MEGA important thing which you absolute dont mention….. DEGREES using on the vaporizer and vaporizing…. dont understand WHY you DO videos like this when you are obviously total amateurs in this topic…… :/

  20. Can you discuss the effects of "dabs", ie oil vaporizing? I imagine oil in the lungs has it's own complications

  21. Edibles still seem to be where it's at. 😀 Sure, they might take longer to take effect, and they aren't fabulously predictable, but that's getting so much better.

  22. I vape pot on occasion to deal with back pain. Like once or twice a year. I used to use opiads , which sure seemed much worse to me!

  23. You can get vaporizers that have super refined gas that eliminate toxins. A large iced water bong probably works quite well, taking a break and allowing time to heal if your throat or lungs get sore.

  24. What the hell was the 40% Respitory Illness within the month. Are they implying thats from literally vaping over smoking or what?

  25. as comparison= igniting cannabis plant with fire creates 4000 plus newly formed aromatic hydrocarbons- 4k plus. vaping has shown to create two when the dry plant is vaped @ over 400 degrees F…… even with smoking it and all that noxious smoke the phytocannabinoids in the slip stream provide protective effects. as to effects from cannabis= smoking actually vaporizes the phyto-actives and heat releases them into the pulled heated air… the Lit cinder creates a stable thermal mass that radiates heat that decarboxylates nearby phyto-cannabinoiods and releases them from the plant matter and forms them into an aerosol gas that is super charged

  26. I think you're doing a great job, I'm a diet student and I'd like to know how you're doing a video. Have you would a video showing how you do your research and the procedures to do good research?

  27. It does in fact lower Test levels in men also. if you dont believe me go get tested your levels will be below 320 if you are over 25 years old.

  28. You don't hold cannabis smoke in. That doesn't get you higher, just makes you light headed from lack of oxygen. I've been a smoker for 9 years now and my lungs have never gave me trouble.

  29. It’s hard for me to believe that THC is the sole cause of the reduced hippo campus size, with so many pesticides fungicides and molds all on this plant and the lack of standardization in growing in processing such I have a funny feeling it’s not the THC affecting the brain similar to lead but all the other factors involved with the plants constituents. And the vaporising is known to Contain formaldehyde Which Dr. McGregor himself has said causes leukemia

  30. Maybe the study is implying that those 8 didn't improve their 2 existing respiratory issues (which was a pre-requisite to the study), just didn't improve by using a vaporizer. Need more information on the candidates as well.

  31. Of course! Here i am browsing safari for this topic and wdy know? My boy nutrition facts covered this. Now, whats really interesting are what’s the difference between vaped hash oil (vape pens w glycerine) and vaped dry herb?

  32. vaping is obviously a safer method. You can vape at very low temps. If you care about the negative health effects vape at the lowest possible temp you can or don't use it at all.

  33. Do not eat weed
    It's really strong
    Do not
    Believe me
    Do not smoke cause it will kill you
    So what to do cause I'm depressed?
    Plus there is no CBD in our weed
    So as it stands I'm screwed .
    Can anyone help?

  34. The blue meanie is an old ass piece of shit vape from what i gather on reading old posts about it, apparently users think it was combusting material during use. I'd like to see the ammonia levels when a mighty or volcano is used instead of this ''blue meanie''

  35. I'm thinking to switch to vaping because I started caughing and have throat irritation. My aunt also died of lung cancer in her 40s because of smoking so it worries me a lot.

  36. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s going by the books. A regular weed smoker needs to make this video instead

  37. Its been 6 years since i switched from smoking to vaping. Now my teeth is white and stronger. My lungs is pink and i experienced a boost of energy. It saved my teeth and most importantly my life.

  38. I love vaporizers. It feels so clean and efficient. My cannabis seems to go a lot farther, and the true taste of the flower comes out. My daily driver is the grasshopper vape, though I do enjoy tabletop vapes.

  39. You sound like you have difficulty to speak, like you're hesitating but clearly reading a text. Are you acting? For dramatic effect? Is it a persona for the channel? Genuinely curious.

  40. Don't hold your hits. Exhale some and inhale some oxygen and repeat few tines untill it's completely exhaled. Lack of oxygen is not good from holding your hits

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