Snake Bites: Precautions and Treatment | Emergency Physician – Dr. Khaja Shafiuddin

what if a snake bites what is the first
step everybody should do what are the consequences of it what is the treatment
for that to discuss Dr. Khaja Shafiuddin with us hello Doctor
hello Doctor could you say what everybody should do firstly I just
wanted to tell you that not all snake mites are poisonous is it yes because
many people have a phobia that each and every snake bite is a poison Yes Doctor
but that is not the case many snake bites are non poisonous a few of them
are poisonous however it depends upon the region it depends upon the place
where that individual is residing and the habitat in which he is residing so
irrespective of whether a snake bite is poisonous or a non poisonous
irrespective of this consider each and every bite is poisonous to get the
medical help as soon as possible doctor how do somebody identify that they are
bitten by any snake snake bites yes it almost mimics with other yes any bug
bite or anything it could be yes but the peculiarities of snake bite is like most
of the snake bites happens over the lower limbs over the legs rather than on
hands it is unlikely or rare to see that a snake has bitten over hands okay the
second thing is you would find clear distinct piercing marks okay the fangs
of the snake these two marks will be lying adjacent to one another by looking
at the Fang marks you can be able to tell on top of that you will also be
able to identify the clinical array of symptoms ranging from different systems
say about it can be a local examination when you see one that there is a snake
bite you would appreciate the fang marks the piercing marks you
would appreciate the redness over the skin you would also appreciate that
there is a swelling around the region where the snake has bitten on top of
this there will be symptoms which effects which mimics that the heart has
got affected there will be symptoms which mimics that the brain has got
affected but what are the symptoms after bitten by any snake yes exactly I am
coming to your point if the heart has got affected then it shows symptoms like
shortness of breath there will be difficulty in breathing
there will be profuse sweating okay there will be palpitations the patient
feels that something wrong is going to happen with him okay that’s what the
anxiety levels will be high and when we check the pulse it’s somebody checked
the pulse the pulse will not be in a regular fashion okay
not all symptoms will be there but a few of them can represent in a few of the
cases these are the symptoms related to cardiology okay what we call as
cardiotoxins symptoms there will be symptoms related to neurology the
symptoms which are related to brain patient might have the tingling
sensation over the local area the patient might have the drooping of
eyelids okay the eyelids which are open now
intact there will be a drooping of eyelids one does look when you look at
the patient the patient will present to you in a way that is sleeping but he is
not okay the way we sleep when we close our eyelids
it mimics the same but it is not a patient because this upper eyelid has
got paralyzed because of which these eyelids gets closed okay so that symptom
will present on top of that you will appreciate slowly as the poison
increases as the time passes and the poison spreads over the body and then he
starts having paralysis of the mouth lips tongue slowly descends down comes
down and then there will be a paralysis of the lungs okay and the muscles
supporting it so there will be a respiratory arrest them the patient
might line up in Paris so all these symptoms can be presented in a patient
who is bitten by a snake doctor is there any pain after any snake bite yes
whenever there is a snake bite pain is certain to happen because there is a
breach of skin the fang marks when it bites the fang marks leaves the skin
with a piercing mark I mean yes it pierces the skin yeah so the pain is
definite to happen however there are few certain species which causes severe pain
like poisonous Viper snakes it causes severe pain doctor what are the poisons
that snake eject see there are several types of poisons that snakes eejits into
the human body okay it effects particular system sometimes a
combination of six systems it can be two or three different systems okay when I’m
using the word systems it refers to either a neuro system which affects the
brain spinal cord and the nerves okay when I’m referring to circulatory system
it refers to the heart yes doctor and it can be a black toxin
it can be a local Sara toxin so to categorize in that way it will be a
neurotoxin it will be a cardio toxin tomato toxin
as well cytotoxic cardiotoxins are those Venom’s which affects the heart and it’s
functioning okay it will alter the heartbeat rhythm normally the heart
beats in laptop fashion in a rhythm ik synchronized fashion but when there is a
snakebite there is an abnormal beating of heart which can be reflected in
abnormal pulse okay there will be a sudden onset of shortness of breath
giddiness they will be you know patient feel anxious because of the ongoing
symptoms and if it is a neurological neurotoxin then the patient will have
symptoms like having paralysis of the body it will start slowly and then it
reaches to a peak that patient might line up into respiratory arrest okay
Hemet or toxin which will affect the blood and its components what happens in
this poisoning is the blood gets thinned out the blood will not get clocked on a
basis human tendency whenever there is a cut the blood oozes out and will stop
right because of the clotting mechanism the oozing of blood gets stopped by
itself okay but when there is a snakebite the blood flow will not be
stopped it will continue to bleed because of those Venom’s okay it will
thin out the blood and it will inhibit the clotting mechanism of the blood okay
that is the tomato toxic poisoning there is one more poisoning last poisoning
there is one more poisoning cytotoxic poisoning in this the snake venoms will
destroy the local surface area of the cells and will cause
cellulitis there will be a swelling in the area where it damages the local
cells so doctor means the witch system is going to be affect it depends on the
snake’s venom correct it depends upon the snake venom fee of the snakes emits
only neuro toxic poisons few of the snakes emits cardiotoxic poisons
few of the snakes emit both a combination of both the poisons few of
the snakes emit you know the blood related tomato toxic poison and few of
them just leave the local surface the cytotoxic poisons dr. who is the
severity of the poison severity of poison depends upon the amount of venom
injected by that particular variety of snake okay
each species has got its own poisoning glands yes it can be neuro cardio saito
or tomato toxin whatever is the variety of toxins it is rejecting it depends
upon the amount and the quantity of poison
it is ejects into the human body okay depending upon that the severity and the
complications in the patient will be seen yes it could be less it could be
more doctor how do you identify it when the patient comes to you identification
again depends upon system wise examination doctor what is the first
date first name by whenever a snake bites wash the wound immediately with
running water okay I’m with soap solution mm-hmm
and then make it dry immobilize the limb do not use excessively that particularly
which is being affected and then if possible try to put a trade
bandage over the room we should not there if it is open wound
then try to keep a dry clean gauze over it okay if we don’t have a dry clean
gauze with us then at least wrap the wound with a great bandage to minimize
the circulation in that particularly okay and then immediately shift the
patient to hospital so that further care can be taken care in this there are
certain things which are strongly not recommended to be done we have in our
Indian mythology we often must have seen in many movies
like whenever a snakebite happens they try to take off the venom yes yes by
biting the wound and trying to figure out the suck out do is suck out the
venom from the wound which is not advisable is that doctor yes it is not
advisable to suck out the venom from the wound it is not advisable that you cut
open the wound with scissors for a knife it is not advisable that you tie a hard
tourniquet above the wound few people have a habit of tying a tourniquet is a
kerchief dying over the wound both sides just over above the wound okay so many
people take a handkerchief and then the tie over the limb yes they feel that the
poison will not move up yes to the heart and spreads in the body that is a wrong
thing which should not be done and that particular victim should be allowed to a
crushed preferably try to keep the affected limb lower to the level of
heart okay so as to decrease the speed of spreading of poison it is advisable
to keep the affected limb level which is lower to the level of
heart yeah doctor is there any time limit for the
snakebite you mean for this after sneak by the
patients is shifted to hospital yes doctor okay it depends upon again
the amount of poison that is being injected into the human body normally
say about if it is a neurotoxin which affects the brain the symptoms of it
starts within 15 minutes okay and sometimes it can get extended up to 10
hours it might take 10 hours for the symptoms to start as well okay to show
it to show the effects okay so the best practice is do the first-aid what we
have discussed and then shift the patient immediately to an emergency
center of medical health care doctor is eating or drinking after a snakebite is
it safe not really it is advisable that patient
should not be given anything to eat or drink after a snakebite at least for
certain period of time the reason behind is like the patient say about now the
poison has injected into the body and slowly it starts showing its symptoms
yes if in case patient lines up into shortness of breath if in case the
patient lines up into drowsiness then whatever the things which he has taken
and that might turn out to be harmful to him okay because that becomes an
obstacle for us in performing you know high registrations services like
intubation and all there are threats that the food which the patient has
taken it might get back into the lungs okay so to prevent that it is advisable
not to eat or drink anything after a snake bite until told by the doctor
doctor what is the first step you perform when patient comes to you if the
patient now is being brought emergency we immediately take the
patient on a hide as a station bed area and then we ensure that the patient
remains mbm and then we send his blood samples for investigations to see if
there are any clinically you know if there is any deranged blood coagulation
profile we send samples for that and then we give all the anti-venom such
that this poly anti-venom will act against all types of poisons whether it
is cardio toxic or neurotoxic this will take care of those poisoning all kind of
poisons all kinds of poisonings and then patient will be allowed to rest and
he’ll be put under observation if the symptoms are subsiding well and good if
the symptoms are not subsiding then again atropine dose has to be given same
medicine I’m supportive care and observation doctor is there any
take-home message for us yeah so my take-home message for the viewers would
be do not panic when a snake bites take the patient immediately to a medical
healthcare whenever there is a snake bite wash the wound immediately with
soap and water immobilize the limb and then get him to the hospital if possible
put a crate bandage and please do not delay the treatment for application of
some home remedies like application of some powders some leaves crushed and all
if you are doing it there is no harm but it should not delay the medical care
attention which you have to bring it to your patient as soon as possible I hope
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  2. Could you let us know the list of hospitals or centres in Delhi NCR or even India if possible where venomous reptile bites are treated without false advertising! Plz reply or send a link having such information!!!

  3. Friends this doctor is half informed ..
    Firstly snakes bite anywhere on t body ..and not only t legs as he says .. a tree dwelling snake will strike on t head of t below standing person and a krait usually bites people when asleep on t floor and that could be t hand , back, neck or leg etc
    Cobra in India bites only affect the central nervous system except African cobras.
    While vipers have haemotoxic venom which destroys t blood vessels causing internal bleeding and the bites are agonizingly painful.
    Polyvalent serum is wastage of venom as targeted anti venom treatment can be given for eg if u know u r bitten by a cobra then u can only administer the cobra antivenin and no need to mix and waste other snake venom which could b otherwise useful t another patient bitten by different species.
    Secondly the composition of the venom differs in Cobras of different regions for eg the antivenin prepared for Cobra bites in Assam will not work against bites in Karnataka as the environmental factors and eating habits differ.
    lastly the time span for snake bite fatalities depend on many factors and not only the amount of dosage as he says .
    The overall health of the patient, the site of bite if bitten on t skin or in t artery as t venom travels faster if bitten on a vein or artery
    and also if the patient is allergic to the antivenin which will put him in an anaphylactic shock.
    My msg is pls don’t mess with a snake.

  4. अगर हिंदी में वीडियो बना देते तो आम नागरिक भी आपकी बात को समझ जाता अब कुछ चुनिंदा लोगों ने समझ लिया बाकी सब लोग कुछ नहीं समझ पाए क्या फायदा हुआ वीडियो बनाने का

  5. Dr .say in hindi because some people don't know English language ur information is very important but language problem so please…

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  7. Why didn't you told dosage and quantity, frequency of dosages? How much ml or in any other units?

    It could help new doctors and may be can't treat patient buy they must have such knowledges updates.. Warning money is not everything sharing knowledge is big achievement as we can learn from scientists..

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