SO MUCH YES: Protestors get a taste of their own medicine at American University

good evening everyone my name is Kate and I'm the chairwoman of young Americans for freedom or Yap here at AU first and foremost I want to thank you all for coming tonight for those of you who are unfamiliar with Jeff we are a conservative activist organization dedicated to uniting students over the ideas of limited government free enterprise individual liberty traditional values and a strong national defense at a school as political as ours it is crucial to diversify the conversation that while strengthening conservatives confidence is what we hope to do with youth as principled conservatives we focus on the why we break down each issue and discuss their implications after being named chapter of the month in September by our national headquarters we are very confident and excited for our future success here at eight you if you have any interest in joining our organization we encourage you to reach out to us over social media or to find me or one of the board members afterwards to learn how to get connected with that this event was generously sponsored by anonymous donors and on their behalf I share the following message this lecture is a part of young America's foundations exclusive 10 campus tour the dinesh d'souza tour fake history debunked the generous anonymous sponsors of this lecture tour asks that we share the following statement explaining why it is important that you hear from dinesh d'souza tonight here's their statement students deserve to receive an education based on unbiased facts not revisionist history sadly too few students today benefit from a robust understanding of the ideas and events that shape our world because too few schools offer perspectives that challenge the leftist worldview that is not education it is indoctrination and it is not just unfair to students it's dangerous we are alarmed that today's young people are taught to believe that freedom the great protector against tyranny should be forfeited in pursuit of the progressive agenda we are sponsoring this 10 campus lecture tour to give you the opportunity to consider that ideas may not be ideas that may not be taught and may not even be tolerated on your campus you will be hearing from dinesh d'souza one of today's most intelligent articulate Regus scholars we are pleased to partner with the Nash and young America's Foundation to reach thousands of young people to inspire you to pursue knowledge challenge leftist misinformation and advance freedom and prosperity for all made tonight's lecture inspire you to never stop learning and on that note I'd like to invite our vice chairman Wyatt to introduce tonight's speaker thank you everyone I'm wired to Burbridge vago I am the chapter vice-chair I want to thank everyone for coming out tonight here mr. de souza I speak born in India mr. Dinesh D'Souza came to the US as an exchange student and he graduated from Dartmouth College in 1983 since then D'Souza has been a prominent career as a writer scholar and at public intellectual he has also come as a renowned filmmaker with top grossing documentaries in 2016 such as Hilary's America Obama's America and most recently a very good film in my opinion is death of a death of a nation a former policy now analyst from the Reagan White House this user also served as John and a fellow of the American Enterprise Institute and from the Robert and Karen Kuzma fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University he served as the president of King's College in New York City from 2010 to 2012 the Shuja has been named that one of America's most influential conservative thinkers by the New York time magazine World Affairs Council lists him as one of the nation's 500 leading authors on international issues and Newt and Newsweek cited him as one of the country's most prominent asian-americans in the fall of 2014 de Sousa found himself hauled into federal court for improperly donating money to a friend who was running for the Senate the shoes of pleaded guilty apologized for his offense and was sentenced to eight months and a state-run environment center near his home in San Diego de Souza long his exposure and the hardened criminal upper case provided an eye-opening education to American realities this user has since gotten a pardoned by President Donald Trump and de Souza is one of favorite one of his decisions Werner's favorite venues for debates and speeches has been college campuses just like this during the past 25 years he has appeared on hundreds of colleges and universities he has spoken with hundreds and thousands of students and these live settings without further ado I'd like to welcome mr. Dinesh D'Souza [Applause] thank you very much delighted to be here on a kind of fateful day in American politics the United States in 2018 it's probably more fractured more divided than at any time since 1860 when Abraham Lincoln an outsider a Republican won a close election and one may say all hell broke loose I've been trying to make sense of the results of yesterday I think we'd have to say that there was no blue wave and there was no red wave what we got was a certain kind of political draw but that's not a meeting in the middle but rather that the Democrats had one good thing happened and the Republicans have had one good thing happened which has now topped off by a second good thing for the Democrats the good thing is to capture the house and that's important not because the Democrats can do anything with it but it does give them a sort of place to launch projectiles and it gives them a chance to launch investigations of course they can pass legislation but it's gonna go nowhere it is also a way to check Trump and I suspect that there is a feeling in America among some people including some Republicans the Trump is a man who could use a little bit of checking now on the Republican side there is also good news and that is that Republicans have a kind of secure majority in the Senate which the Republicans didn't have before so the Republicans have actually traded control before they really had the house but they didn't have the Senate and they were dependent on a very precarious one or two votes particularly for court appointments and that's why the Cavanaugh thing was just so close but now Republicans have a clean majority in the Senate and that means that Ruth Bader Ginsburg better take her vitamins because otherwise we could quickly go from five four to six three and it is not inconceivable that you could also have seven two so if you ask most Republicans would you trade the house for a reasonable shot at six three or seven two and the court I suspect most would make that bargain very quickly today something very interesting happened and that is that Jeff Sessions aka Rip Van Winkle has been put out on the sidewalk and the reports are that rod Rosenstein his sidekick the initiator of the Moller investigation might soon follow this is really important because Trump's great weakness in the past two years has been that the guy does not control his own Justice Department this is because of trumps greatest mistake of his presidency which was not to fire Comey and Rosenstein on day one he could have done it easily no one would have questioned it it would have saved them a whole lot of problems one of the downsides of being an outsider is that you come in and you sort of try to figure things out and by the time you figured them out all kinds of things have taken off including the appointment of a special prosecutor but now Trump has actually the chance to name his own guy and what that means is that if the Democrats initiate investigations the Justice Department can initiate counter investigations and this is all the way of saying that American politics has entered a sort of fractious troubling phase there's a breakdown of civility I think we know that there's certainly a rising level of emotional intensity we know that I just saw on social media video of a protester screaming about my presence here tonight he white guy and he goes you don't know what it means to be a person of color and I thought well if there's one thing I do know it's that and if there's one thing you don't it's that but nevertheless this notion of me being educated by whites on what it is like to be an immigrant not a new experience but nevertheless intriguing I want to speak tonight about the sort of deep undertow of this debate it's a kind of culture war some would call it a cold civil war it's obviously not a hot civil war you don't have grand armies moving across plains but it's a cold civil war in that there is a clear secession of the American mind and what I mean by that is that you have two groups of Americans who see the same things the same facts let's say the Cavanaugh hearings but they see them completely differently and intellectually this is a problem how is it possible for intelligent people to see the same facts and interpret them so differently well clearly the bringing different assumptions different lens you might say to the camera and the premise is embedded in the debate that are completely rejected by the other side believe all victims or even take something like he said she said now for those of us who are supporters of Cavanaugh this was not a case of he said she said why because he said she said only applies in a situation where both parties are completely unknown and you have no basis for actually assigning credibility to either one if a cop goes into a domestic violence complaint he said she said you don't know anything about the two parties and so you have to give them equal credibility or equal lack of credibility but with kind of an odd start like that and with Kavanagh it's Morris like something like this someone come Dominic uses Albert Einstein of faking his equations well that's not he said she said Albert Einstein is a public figure innumerable scientists have testified to the to his credibility and intellectual probity and in the case of Cavanaugh you have innumerable people who have worked with them over decades testifying to his personal decency and rectitude and then you have a complete nobody who pops out of nowhere scrubs or social media so that's not he said she said you have two figures of completely unequal public credibility and so anyone who starts to debate what he said see she said is distorting the lens of the debate distorting the lens of the argument well now I use the Cavanaugh example merely to make a point which is that there is a divide and the divide is over facts over news over what some people call fake news I'm going to talk tonight not so much about fake news but I'm going to talk about fake scholarship and I'm going to talk about fake history and fake scholarship and fake history are the key the key to the narrative that the political left has generated in America and all our public accusations are based upon this deeper narrative if the narrative is false a lot of what we hear in the public domain collapses so take something really simple Trump is a fascist we hear this all the time we hear our we've been hearing it since Trump's election if you turn on Rachel Maddow Christmas drum Lucifer just they know it but this notion this accusation the Trump is a fascist is parasitic on a deeper claim and the deeper claim is fascism is a phenomenon of the right it's a right-wing thing think about it if fascism were left-wing then it would make no sense to call Trump a fascist and yet the notion that fascism is right-wing is not something recent it it wasn't concocted with Trump it's in fact 75 years old this notion that fascism is on the right started after World War two it's in our textbooks it's on the History Channel it's in Wikipedia it's all over the place and yet this notion that fascism is on the right is rarely challenged it's rarely challenged and in fact it is so dangerous to challenge it we see it right now that when you begin to do it the it disturbs people it unnerves them why because their worldview is at stake if I could demonstrate tonight that fascism was on the Left the real fascists would have to shut up the real fascists would have to suddenly say wait a minute we have been masquerading as anti-fascist we excuse all kinds of barbaric conduct threatening people intimidating them shouting at them beating them up on the grounds that those guys are the fascists and we are the anti-fascists but if the truth is the opposite if the truth is the opposite then the whole political landscape has to be redrawn and the real thugs become unmasked for who they are so I'm going to take that risk tonight of pushing down and examining a couple of key episodes of American history just to ask two questions who are the real racists and who are the real fascists yes buckle your seat belts buckle your seat belts I'm going to start with the issue of I'm gonna start with the issue of racism racism which became embedded in America because of the long-standing practice of slavery slavery was you might say the institutionalized context for racism in the United States and yet this racism interestingly enough is always blamed by the left on the American founders they started it they're the culprits and the proof of this if you want to pick right off progressive literature from Howard Zinn or any of these other shady characters who masquerade as historians it's the three-fifths clause hey it says right there in the Constitution african-americans are worth three-fifths of a human being now if this were true we would have to admit that the American Founding was seriously flawed but it so happens that it is demonstrably not true and it is easy to verify by simply looking at the context for the actual debate which was a debate between the north and the south and it was a debate not over slavery directly but over political representation over the assignment of congressmen for example and in this debate very interestingly the North wanted blacks to count for zero and the South wanted blacks to count for one why because the South wanted more representation to strengthen the power of slavery and the North wanted to count blacks to zero not because they were racist but because they wanted to weaken the power of the south and the three-fifths compromise was a middle ground between the North and the South in the sense the two sides agreeing to find a point at which they could both move ahead and one can debate if this was a good compromise or not but what one cannot debate is that this said absolutely nothing about the intrinsic value of black life or about the intrinsic value of blacks as human beings the issue was the North was using the compromise to break the back of slavery in the south and weaken slave represent the power of southern representation this this is an historical fact I want to vault forward a little bit and now come to Abraham Lincoln and I come to Lincoln because Lincoln was the great student of the American Founding and Lincoln is very important because today the left has tried to appropriate Lincoln Lincoln was a liberal Lincoln was a progressive if Lincoln had lived today he would be you know a member of an tyfa really now history is a matter of trying to get into the spirit and the mind of people who lived at the time the interesting thing about Abraham Lincoln is not once in his life or his writings did he ever call himself a liberal not once did he ever call himself a progressive in fact the whole concept of progressivism developed later it's a phenomena in the late 19th century and the early 20th century after Lincoln the one thing that Lincoln did call himself repeatedly was you guessed it a conservative and what Lincoln said is I am conserving the principles of the American Founding now when Lincoln described slavery he described it this way you work I eat and this is a very profound understanding of slavery it's not even racial the basic idea is one guy gets to work and the other guy steals the fruit of his labor and disposes of it as he deems fit so this is slavery it's essentially confiscation and theft and Lincoln says very interestingly this is the cradle not of the south but of the Democratic Party in the north and the south this is what Democrats believe this is who they are at their core and then Lincoln defines who the Republicans are by contrast he goes Republicans believe quote the hand that makes the corn has the right to put the corn into its own mouth the principle here is very simple people should get to keep the fruit of their own labor it's the anti-slavery principle we own ourselves we have a right to keep what we earn and here's Lincoln's definition of social justice you keep what you make and I'll keep what I make the street sweeper has no more right to take the earnings of the brain surgeon than the brain surgeon has the right to take the earnings of the street sweeper this is Lincoln's doctrine and I mentioned this because today it's not uncommon for me on campus to encounter Professor world to nurse you absolutely know that the two-party switch sides well did they really switch sides let's examine isn't it isn't it true today that the core principle of Trump and of the Republican Party is that the hand that makes the corn should eat the corn and is it not a fact well we're happy I'm happy to discuss it I think it is and the core principle of the Democratic Party today is also just the one that Lincoln defined you work and I eat one guy gets to work and another group of scoundrels confiscates what he earns or she earns and disposes of it as they see fit what's very interesting about this is that despite party change the parties have changed there are also deep veins of continuity and this date vein of continuity shows that the fundamental core principle of the party's April market Pro upward mobility free society which Lincoln championed that's what we conservatives in America fighting for now now Lincoln named what he called the four horsemen he didn't say of the apocalypse but he meant of slavery the four bad guys of slavery and it's very important to pay attention to this because what Lincoln is showing is that these four guys are not southerners in fact only one of the four is a southerner Lincoln names Roger tawny the author of the Dred Scott decision from Maryland Lincoln Council is a southerner and then we have Franklin Pierce the former president from New Hampshire northern Democrat and James Buchanan the sitting president from Pennsylvania northern Democrat and Stephen Douglas of Illinois northern Democrat now the reason this is really important is that right now there are massive statues of Douglas of Pierce of Buchanan all standing in their hometowns untouched by ante for black lives matter black lives matter and antia and the south knocking down statutes knock down robert e lee knock down the Confederate statue this Confederate Guard soldier was a bad guy first of all this Confederate soldier the nameless Confederate soldier which is the majority of the statues was typically a dirt poor farmer or laborer he didn't own a single slave and when asked why he was fighting in the Civil War his simple answer was because the Yankees are down here you want to make that guy the bad guy of American history if you do it's fake history you're a fake why because that's not the bad guy the bad guy were the conspirators in the north who worked with the plantation owners in the south to sustain slavery and Lincoln had their number but progressives have to hide the complicity of the northern Democrats because what they're doing is taking the crimes of the Democratic Party and foisting them on the south they're basically trying to hold the South accountable for what they did and Lincoln was on to them then and I have to say I'm kind of on to them now I now want to fast-forward from Lincoln and a couple of words I've said about slavery to fascism I want to come to the 20th century moving us along the Swift course of history and I want to address a question that Trump's sort of kicked up when he said he was a nationalist and of course there was somebody on CNN saying how can you use the word nationalist it's like Hitler and Hitler in fact was a nationalist but so was my countryman Gandhi and so was a Mandela in South Africa and so was Winston Churchill and so was de Gaulle and so was Abraham Lincoln and all the anti colonial leaders were nationalists so clearly there is more than one type of nationalism what is the type of nationalism that defined Hitler and by extension Mussolini and by extension all the fascist movements and in France in Germany in Italy in England and so on and the answer is there's only one thing that identified that type of nationalism and that was its marriage with socialism the essence of fascism is the marriage of nationalism and socialism and the reason that the Left can never admit this is that the moment they do their whole big lie blows up and National Socialism is vividly exposed as a phenomenon of the left now I'm not just alleging this in some vague sense I actually in my book look at the founding fathers of fascism in numerous countries I'm going to take the simple example of France there was a powerful fascist movement in France when the Germans invaded France these people became the intellectual soul of the Vichy regime and these guys the founders of French fascism were all men of the left there is no exception to this rule jean le monde who was involved with the drive this case the so-called grandfather of French socialism one of the founders of French fascism Marcel da prominent socialists became the leader of the fascist movement in France Jacques Daurio was the head of the French Communist Party and he became a leading fascist Mussolini in Italy his chief advisor was the founder of Italian fascism a friend of Lenin and when Mussolini started the fascist movement in Italy he got a telegram of congratulations from Lenin who recognized him as a fellow revolutionary of the left now while I was National Socialism so leftist what was it trying to accomplish the basic idea of fascism was government control over the private economy and government control over the lives of citizens that's the meaning of fascism that's what it is that's what the Nazis were all about the National Socialist Party in my movie in my movie in my movie well well we have some dr. Ford and policías here let me ask you this question let me ask you guys this question well okay if you'll stop chatting I'll address your point here's something interesting where is dr. Ford you know this is really interesting when I noticed that when when when when when Rory hold on don't shout at me you'll have a chance to ask questions when Roy Moore was attacked by all these women he pre oppressed me he did this he did that and suddenly when he's defeated they all melt into air this is called much all that is solid melts into air suddenly the media hold on don't shout at me don't shout at me I'll be huh I know you came voluntarily did I ask you to come no don't shout at me I'm defending fascism Noah I'm exposing you as a fascist and because because [Applause] do you rely up I'll tell you how you ask me a question hold on are you familiar are you familiar with the black shirts in Italy or the brown shirts in Germany do you realize that they would go to campuses rooms and would stand in the back of the room and when somebody tried to make an intelligent presentation and answer questions they would shout them down yell at them try to intimidate them and count as success if they could get the event canceled and the speaker threatened but see the problem is sometimes you get speakers like me who are not scared of people like you we recognize your frauds I recognize I recognize that ultimately you are afraid of ideas you're not willing to engage with me yes you're afraid of ideas you're not afraid of fascists you think I pose a threat to you I'm an immigrant I came to America with nothing what threat to I posed to you I propose dangerous while you kill people who have I killed capitalism do you realize do you realize that Hitler's deadly opponent was capitalism if have you read the Nazi 25-point platform let me give you a few themes from it state control of the banks do you support that no state control of healthcare use of what that state control of education do you support that No all right what I'm trying to get at is the fascist ideology is one that is distinctly under left what aren't you personally supported in fairness in fairness there's going to be plenty of time to engage you but let me just say this no movement that calls itself a national socialist movement is going to be on the right and the idea that the fascists are right-wing because they support racial superiority wait a minute the guy who showed the Ku Klux McKellen movie in the White House was Woodrow Wilson a progressive Democrat so progressivism was merely to racism at the hip so don't pretend it was a right-wing phenomenon it wasn't now now let me let me continue because it is segways right into where I was before and that is I was talking about a seat in my movie a very a scene that I think if you didn't know my work you would find kind of bewildering and that is you have a group of Nazis the top Nazis in 1935 who are making the Nuremberg Laws which make Jews into second-class citizens they involved segregation of Jews into ghettos outlawing intermarriage between Jews and other Germans and confiscation of Jewish property and these guys making the Nuremberg Laws interestingly you'll see them in the movie they have in their hands the Democratic laws of the Jim Crow South they have the American laws made by the Democrats and they are crossing out the word black and writing in the word Jew I'm not saying that the Nazis had similar laws to the Democrats I'm saying they got it from the Democrats they will indirectly influenced by the Democratic laws and they used them as a model now you might ask Dinesh the opposition retreats out of ideas no problem they can't argue this stuff it's because they don't know anything but they have a lot of heat and the combination of anger and ignorance can only result in outbursts of irritation or fleeing the room and the intellect is suppressed by this kind of unfortunate process and it's the job of education to kind of prevent it but unfortunately it's become kind of widespread all right so now you might say wait a minute Dinesh you're showing a scene of Nazis learning from Democrats and I have never heard this in my life and I consider myself an educated person and I've never read a book about it and it's not in any textbook in high school or in college and I can see that's true so I asked the question how is this possible where am I getting it the answer is I'm getting it from a whole body of historical scholarship including the Yale legal historian James Whitman and its recent book Hitler's American model in which Whitman has the transcripts of the meeting and he lays it out chapter and verse and he's familiar with my work and he has never criticized me in public for this here's the interesting thing with Whitman he's a progressive he's on the left he doesn't want to put the blame on the left even though he knows it belongs there and so he hides this by switching Democrat through American notice Hitler's American model Hitler got it from America but these were democratic laws think about this this is the fact that is left out of James Whitman's book every segregation law in the American South from the 1880s to the 1950s was passed by a Democratic legislature signed by a Democratic governor enforced by Democratic officials and there is no exception to this rule once you plug in that fact you realize that Hitler's American model should be retitled Hitler's democratic model now I mention all this by the way because this is not just history the reason we're talking about history is because if we look objectively today I think we would have to admit that the fascist streak that we see in American politics and I admit it's there but it's predominantly on the Left who are the people suppressing speech they come from the left who are the people who use the weapons of the state against their political opponents there on the left I'll give you an example from my own infamous case and somebody mentioned it earlier I give a go before the Justice Department this is the team ultimately headed by Obama of course but Eric Holder and in New York City Preet Bharara this fellow Indian guy of mine a fellow of a very recognizable Indian type if you watched the movie Slumdog Millionaire he's he's he is one of the ringleaders in that movie a waterboy someone is willing to carry do work for the bad guys and so they set me down they go Dinesh did you exceed the campaign finance laws and I go well I actually did I was trying to help a friend of mine a Dartmouth friend of mine I've known for 25 years I didn't mean to do it but I did it and so I'll take whatever penalty other people get for doing the same thing and the US government says to me no that's not our ID at all we're gonna get you for bank fraud and I go bank fraud they go yeah cuz you you took your money out of the bank and then I go Wow and then they go we're gonna get you for mail fraud I go mail fraud they go yeah cuz you put your check in the mail and it then occurred to me that what was going on was that the US government was using this accordion of federal statutes to read ascribe my offense in six different ways attach a charge to each one and use laws that were designed to get rid of Al Capone and the Mafia and Isis laws of surveillance laws of intimidation if you can't get Capone on murder let's get him on this technicality they were using this against US citizens to go after their political opponents and if that's not fascism I don't know what is and I saw it firsthand now a very good question to ask is where is the racism today where is the racism today if the parties did not switch sides as they manifestly did not the proof of this by the way is you simply I mean this is the beauty of living today we all have a phone and the left let's just take the Princeton historian Kevin Cruz the racist Dixiecrats all became Republicans because of Richard Nixon's tricky strategy tricky dick and all that all right for a proof we make a list of all the racist Dixiecrats and there they are about 200 of them these are the people who joined the Dixiecrat party or they voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and now we ask how many became Republicans let's count and the correct answer is two one in the house Albert Watson one in the Senate Strom Thurmond and all the other racist dixiecrats lived and died and a lionized to this day in the Democratic Party and there are buildings right here in Washington DC named after them so this notion that the racist dick sea grass became Republicans is an empirical falsehood and a flat lie now where is the racism today the people said to me are you actually saying the Democratic Party is the same as it was in 1830 no I'm not saying that but I am saying that the progressive left has faked the evidence of racism and tried to pin the racist tail on the Republican elephant by claiming that the neo-nazis and the Ku Klux Klan and the white nationalists are all Trump supporters well what is the proof for this remarkable statement has anyone actually done a survey a poll account provided any empirical data whatsoever to situate the show I'm happy to listen to everyone answer me this I like that kind of slaughterhouse aspect of the Q&A so save save it for them but what I'm getting at here is that there is no such empirical evidence in existence the only proof for white supremacists being Trump stirrers is the images of charlottesville of nationalists wearing Trump hats and since I smelled a rat I've actually done an investigation of the leading white nationalist – mmm and – a woman and if you read my book you will see that every single one of them has a deep history in the left Jason Kessler the organizer of both Charlottesville rallies longtime Obama activist Occupy Wall Street guy that's a fact and it's a fact known to the media at the time but suppressed number two the editor of the neo-nazi website Andrew Anglin is a leftist and environmentalist hates white people is open about it that's a fact and ended in the movie if you watch my movie I bring in Richard Spencer the poster boy of white supremacy and what ensues is an eye-opening interview in which I ask him simple questions that make it blindingly obvious than he is on the far left who's his favorite president they're all Democrats what does he think of rayon he hates him what if you think of national healthcare great idea does he think our rights come from God no where'd they come from they come from the state and on and on it goes and so you're viewing this and it suddenly dawns on you that you have been subjected to the fakest of fake news a massive public relations con that presents the white nationalist as right-wing went to a man and out of their own mouths they are all left-wing now if they're not the racists what usually when someone says the racism is over there and they're trying to hide something what they really mean is don't look over here one of the things I want to suggest I'll leave you with this and open the door to questions is that the Democratic Party has always been the party of the plantation the plantation defines the Democratic Party it always has by the way the plantation does not define the founding there were plantations at the time of the founding but not so many it was Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin that produced the mass that was in 1793 by the way that produced the massive expansion of the cotton plantations the cotton industry began to spread in the American South in the nineteenth century and a political party the Democratic Party arose defend advocate and protect the plantation in the north and the south now where is the plantation today if you read the historian Kenneth stampp in his book the peculiar institution he says that the plantation the old slave plantation was characterized by five features there lapa dated housing slave quarters broken families his slavery was nowhere legal in any slave state for the slaves third no advancement no one gets ahead for there's a high degree of violence to hold the place together because slavery of course is based on force and fifth a pervasive atmosphere of nihilism and despair and what I suggest that is that today we find those exact same five features in the black ghettos in the Latino Barrios on the Native American reservations we find them not just in Oakland and Detroit and st. Louis we find them in the Latino Barrios of South Texas and LA we find them in the Pine Ridge Reservation which I visited in South Dakota and as you walk around and you look around you see all the essential features of the old slave plantation and there they are and it's one-party rule and the Democrats have controlled these places for decades and they never seem to change no matter how much money is spent on them there's dependency their servitude there's nihilism and that's those are all features that were there historically before and it's the same party that's doing it so I leave you with the thought that a lot of what we call history is in fact progressive history we should not be so naive as young scholars to think that history doesn't come from a bias from a point of view I have a point of view I'm an immigrant and when I come to America I bring an immigrant point of view in fact to be honest with you a lot of progressive history strikes me as uninteresting because those are not to me the important questions to ask at all I'm not interested in finding out whether or not people are oppressed in American society I see that all over the world what I'm interested in is how does a society take board people and make them rich how does a society begin is one the poorest countries in the world as America was in 1800 and become by 1900 the richest society in the world who made that happen who thought of that idea that's not in the history books no one even discusses it fake history and so I want to leave you with the idea that we need to have a debate about history figure out if I'm right or if what you see on the History Channel is right yeah if you type in fascism in Wikipedia it's gonna say that fascism is on the right why because the idiots are all bad have been reading the same history books that I'm criticizing so that's what they're getting it you can't take that as confirmation of the truth because they're just lifting it from the same source ultimately it's about debate but debate can only occur in an atmosphere of freedom my only objection to the students who were yelling and screaming a moment ago is they don't like the atmosphere of intellectual exchange it's threatening to them they ultimately feel that they have a certain moral right to Trump dissidents who don't agree with them but who are perfectly willing to hear them out as they are not willing to hear me out and I want to leave you with the thought that you should be very intolerant of that kind of intolerance don't be suckers for it just says you shouldn't be suckers for received wisdom if you doubt anything I said today check it out look it up for yourself at the end of the day it seems to me America as a country Lincoln called it the last best hope on earth and there's got to be something very uniquely powerful about it and powerfully good about it because it remains today the same magnet for immigrants that it was in Lincoln's day whether we want that we can debate it legal ORS of legal limit of item line of it is lots of people want to come here and this is in fact the clue that tipped me off to the idea that the multicultural mantra that all cultures are equal and no culture is better or worse superior or inferior to any other which I heard a Dartmouth a generation ago right away I knew it was a lot because I thought to myself if all cultures are equal everybody would stay home why would you get up and leave your family and your friends and the whole world that you know we're not talking about refugees we're talking about people who voluntarily move from one culture to another the only reason to do that is because you have decisively voted with your feet in the most powerful way possible that this new society is better than the one you came from and that's why you're willing to bet your life which is all that you have on that decision that is ultimately the whiff of freedom the whiff of freedom backed up with knowledge that's what it ultimately does to make us here in the university context Americans and I urge you to follow that path even though it requires a certain element of bravery to do that thank you very much we are now into the questions and by some indications I have a lot to answer for and I'm ready to do it ladies and gentlemen if you have a question could you please start lining up towards the back of the room testing hello as we're lining up folks just to go over some of the quick rules here it is make sure your question is a question one question per person and in the interest of time follow-up questions will be at the discretion of mr. D'Souza all right thanks for coming this university it's kind of like oil and water happen you come to the University here because it's very liberal to say it to put it mildly so to have you here you kind of throw out some fairly incendiary facts or or claims the year before the Civil War not a single Republican owned a slave the big switch is a lie Nixon strategies a hoax we hear a lot about fake news and you're talking about fake history but I only hear you talking about it why don't I hear others I don't see conservatives out in the street with their children's history books burning them in a pile I don't see students here at this university taking their history books and complaining about the falsehoods in it so why is that and would you be willing to come to this university and debate our top scholars on these topics the answer is absolutely yes not only do I welcome that opportunity but I will debate up to six opponents at the same time I my my leading public critic on this the Princeton historian Kevin Cruz who says things like there was not that there was a a big switch and then when I pull when I point out to him that there wasn't he says what about Jesse Helms what about Trent Lott what about John tower and I say well let's not debate apples and oranges those men are not Dixiecrats just to find a southern Democrat who became a Republican isn't going to make your case you have to find racist Dixiecrats and show me that those guys which who are countable if you if you google races secrets a whole number of names will come up on your phone we're talking about those guys and so I told Kevin Cruz why don't I come to your home campus Princeton University let's have a debate in front of your own students you have all the advantages of being on your home ground it's you're gonna have the home team advantage his response I won't do it he refuses he says it's not the proper format to resolve these issues think of it debate is not a proper format to resolve an important difference of agreement and I take that to really mean that what he's saying is look here at Princeton we have enough leftists in the history department that we've got our students completely brainwashed your type is not going to be welcome here because the only thing you can do is make converts and that's going to be incendiary for us so we're not gonna let that happen so the bottom line this is a scary time we're living now to answer your bigger question why only me I will say I think this is partly because I'm an outsider to the country in other words when when you come as an immigrant there are things in America that are that are natural to the natives because they seem normal they're American but the immigrant comes in and goes wow that's strange so when I someone told me LBJ used to be a racist in his old Texas days and then miraculously he saw the light he became an enlightened progressive he signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and this is a metaphor for the whole Democratic Party and I thought interesting usually when people have a tremendous moral conversion going from this end to this end they give us an a powerful account of it where's LBJ's account of how he saw the light it doesn't exist then I pick up Robert Caro's biography of LBJ I start reading through it and I realize that LBJ was using the n-word regularly after he signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 boom and right away I go that makes no sense this guy did not convert his support of the Civil Rights Act was tactical tactical and then I say all right let me find some biographies of LBJ so I can learn more surely there have been some critical biographies that try to whistle and answer the question of how somebody who supposedly is this racially enlightened person could be regularly using the n-word after the Civil Rights Act not in the 30s but in the mid-60s turns out all the biographies of F of LBJ I can find are written by leftist Robert Dalek I think Doris Kearns Goodwin wrote one there are others looked at board wrote one and so there is no critical biography of LBJ my wife went to Texas state which is LBJ's alma mater lionize as LBJ LBJ library lb the LBJ Street LBJ 3 and so on fake history fake history so bottom line of it is I find myself having to do a lot of this work at the ground level I found out the stuff on fascism look I'm an educated guy I went to Dartmouth I worked in the Reagan White House I was a think-tank scholar for 20 years all the stuff that's in my movie about fascism I had no idea about but I read the historian John Higgins this book called Mussolini and fascism a very obscure book you have a hard time finding it it's not in any Barnes & Noble I'll tell you that and it talks about how FDR loved Mussolini and Mussolini admired FDR and the Nazi newspapers were praising the New Deal and I'm like why not just why don't I know this why doesn't every intelligent person in the United States know this and then hit me because the progressives who dominate academia have left it out they're not lying they just decided it will be very embarrassing to our side for these facts to come out let's leave about and no one will be the wiser dinesh comes along so that's my story okay okay hi um it seems as though you're trying to point fingers at the Democratic Party as an individual that has grown up in an outright area I am no stranger to listening to other opinions so I appreciate you coming out and saying your opinion I just think that you're pointing a lot of fingers at us currently and I feel as though as a nation the Republican and the Democratic Party should be working together not pointing fingers rather but coinciding and working together to create bills and better plans for our country and I think this is the way that we can fix America how do you feel about that I agree a hundred percent I'm a product of the Reagan years if you remember Reagan and the Democrats legislative tax bills together they did Social Security commissions together they did a tax reform in 1986 together there was a lot of bipartisan support for the intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty with Gorbachev and the Russians not that there wasn't disagreement but there was the ability to work together and the media reflected that debate CNN for example had a famous show crossfire and they would have Pat Buchanan on the right and Michael Kinsley on the left that's the America I came of age in and I long for it now the reason but we don't live in that America think of it with CNN today dare to have a show in which they had let's just say for example me against Rachel Maddow I mean a debate admittedly that would be more like one hand clapping but nevertheless they wouldn't there and they won't they when they cancel crossfire they decided to go full left they'll have a panel of eight people they're all anti Trump they don't allow debate so how do you expect to have compromise when the mainstream media has arrayed its guns against Trump and they see their job as trying to take him out the if you want to know why I seem passionate now and not quite the same guy I was in 1985 it's this I always thought American politics was a fair-minded debate between reasonable people who disagree and I wrote and conducted myself that way but then when I went through what I did with the Obama administration when I stood in a courtroom and her bailiff United States of America vs. Dinesh D'Souza when I began to deal with these people I realized we have seen a gangster ization of the US government I will tell you based upon the deepest bone in my being that if the Obama administration could have locked me up for 20 years for giving a $20,000 political contribution they would have done it they would have been delighted to do it because they did not see me as a critic but as a deadly enemy that they needed to take out that was the way they looked at it and so I'm saying you're very naive if you don't realize that this is going on in America this is today we don't live in an America where if the government comes after you they're not gonna send two gentlemen with a file to talk to you they're gonna send police cars helicopters overhead automatic weapons and until it happens to you you won't believe it but when you do happen it does happen to you you do become politically somewhat radicalized because you realize this is going on in our America and we do need before we can have compromise we need to stop it so that's my answer I'm sure so you talked about CNN as a mainstream media source which it is many liberals use CNN and Metty moderates also use CNN I also find myself not seeing a lot of Republicans you CNN but they do use Fox News and I think that you can lump that into mainstream media so how do you how do you just attack CNN right now instead of focusing on how Fox News is full of republican values Republican traits Bill O'Reilly was a sex offender his show was taken off air like how do you feel about that because that's definitely a issue that you're not addressing right now you know all of this has a context so let's look at Fox News you're very example the reason we got Fox News is that prominent conservatives were never featured on ABC CBS NBC CNN NPR the whole ensemble of public outlets would not allow this point of view to go out so Roger Ailes who founded Fox News said listen if will write that mainstream media is served half the country and not the other half there should be room for a conservative cable channel that addresses a different set of values so here's one sake Fox News was created as an answer to a problem just like Trump Trump didn't create this division it created him Republicans for years said we've appointed one boy scout after another Bob Dole you know Mitt Romney you know John McCain and these guys get beaten to a pulp they get beaten to a pulp no matter how good guys they are so you know what well finally going to appoint a guy who actually has huge guts pays no attention to the other side a little bit of a guy kind of like you guys who's going to respond to you the way you respond to him a little bit of a mob boss if I have to put it frankly but a mob boss is needed to deal with other mob bosses of the Eric Holder stripe that's how we got trouble Trump is the response to the problem not the creator of the problem okay let's keep moving I just want to give other people a chance and I'll try to go a lot faster all right I just had a quick question um earlier tonight you talked about how the KKK they they were Democrats how would you respond to David Duke openly supporting Donald Trump I would respond in this way it's very interesting that in the entire ensemble of the KKK Universal Universe and by the way started in the 1860s I bet you if I probe you you can't name a single other leader of the clan can you probably not here's why because if we made a list of all the KKK leaders from 1866 to now all the grand Wizards and grand legals of the Klan and listed them all and wrote their party affiliation right next to it do you realize that 95 percent of them would be Democrats I'll talk about the one now I can't write because it's very important for you this is this is what I call fake history you clinging to the one guy and you try to use the exception to create a new rule even though the generalization applies on the other side you get to hide that fact by pointing this one guy if you can pin David Duke on Trump you get to excuse all the Democratic lynchings and murders and hangings that were democratic barbecue parties while people are hanging from trees you get to cover all that up and take all that vicious history and pin it on Trump even though he has nothing to do with it he grew up in New York City for God's sake and in Queens and you get to blame that guy for all this stuff that people like the Clintons were part of Clinton's Clinton's a mentor was Orval Faubus the Arkansas governor who stood in the Arkansas schoolís and blocked black children from getting in you hear the media talking about that no because they cover up for people like Clinton and Obama and they try to flip the blame onto trump so this is this is the transaction I'm trying to blow the whistle on I'm not talking about back then I'm talking about now I'm talking about now also all of the white nationalists all of the white nationalists they mean can you name three I'm not a history major I'm not trying to do that I'm trying to ask you right now it's like why do they support Donald Trump they don't I'm telling you as a fact that the vast majority of white nationalists today do not support Donald Trump I defy you to prove that assertion I can pop some videos you've watched videos exactly because the charlottesville deal the charlottesville deal was put on by an Obama guy Jason Kessler say look you got a pardon is it a conspiracy then it's not a conspiracy it is a staged event is a constraint the Cavanagh of it wasn't a conspiracy it was a staged event to destroy an innocent man Charlottesville is Chevette you someone put it on didn't they I mean are you making it sound like it's the conspiracy that was per se look know when people work together to a common goal it's not a conspiracy they're just working in the same direction so let me give an example I'll give you an example that that explains exactly what we're talking about Saul Alinsky who was the mentor of both Obama and Hillary was approached in the 60s by a group of leftists who said to him there's a Republican speaker coming to town we are going to go with stickers and posters that say that the speaker is a Klansmen and Alinsky said don't do that that's stupid Alinsky said go to Bed Bath and Beyond buy some white sheets and plug some holes into it you guys all dress up in Klan outfits come to the Republican speaker's event and while he's speaking you jump up and down and cheer wildly what Alinsky was basically saying is let's stage it let's pretend like here are these Klansmen and they all support the Republican and here's the killer Alinsky goes the media will be there and they will play along they will treat this as legitimate news they will use it to smear the right and we would get away with it because they're on our side a fake news event brilliant in a certain way I have to admit but linskey was a total thug and a liar he admitted he got his ideas from the Mafia and Alinsky says he goes listen he goes Alinsky knows that the Klan was started essentially by a delegate of the Democratic Party it was revived by a Democratic President Woodrow Wilson he knew all that his point was how do we escape the blame for it and pin it on the other guys that was what was going on that was going on in the Cavanaugh hearings think about this woman announced as I made it up right what was she doing she was confirming Susan Ford now she admits on her with you Cavanaugh I made the whole thing up but think of it this way she was hoping to be a civil rights heroine she was hoping that even people who suspected that she was lying wouldn't care they wouldn't check her out they wouldn't look for her high school yearbook they wouldn't interview her friends and they didn't they didn't it took the investigators of the Judiciary Committee to find out after the fact that the woman admits she's lying that's what I call a staged event what else do you call it I wasn't taught I don't know I can't you ask me honestly he's just like I really think okay let's meet let's use our common sense here you really think that a group of white nationalists who know and Klansmen know that if they have a rally today in the Klan if you have a rally with 100 people there will be seven hundred protesters you think that they seriously thought they could have a conference called unite the right unite the right they're going to have everybody from the National Review to the Weekly Standard the Heritage Foundation the Hoover Institution they're gonna unite the right by having a white supremacist rally you really think that's what they thought I mean if you did that you were born yesterday I'm not gonna argue on this sir I'm just I just want to hear your opinion okay okay well that's it I've just given it to you alright let's go the next one so good evening thank you for being here I'm actually visiting from Utah and we're excited that we're finally sending Romney to Washington still waiting to hear back about that love race but we'll hope that she wins as well so my question for you really quick is essentially how do we harness the energy in the conservative movement that is really kind of knocking down this idea on the left the identity politics of if you're a minority or a part of groups X Y Z that you're automatically a blue vote because I mean for example I just saw I think the first time they've ever done this they had the like the young black leader conference with President Trump I believe Turning Point USA organized that and just a lot of other evidence that there's a growing movement and the conservative side of things so how do we harness that energy and how do we get that out in the mainstream when a lot of the mainstream like you're saying it won't cover it first of all the way that the Democrats sustain this loyalty high degrees of loyalty from minority communities is they flat-out lie to them about their own history this may seem like an audacious thing to do but they do it for example it is widely believed for for example among young African Americans that blacks who used to be Republicans in the old days became Democrats because the Democrats were the party of civil rights this is widely believed by blacks and a lot of whites and it's talk as true it is factually untrue and my proof of this is very simple all you have to do is look at the 1930s in 1932 FDR got 1/3 of the black vote and Herbert Hoover the Republican got 2/3 of the black vote four years later in 1936 FDR got 75% of the black vote and the Republican candidate got less than 25 the switch did not occur in the sixties that had nothing to do with civil rights it had everything to do with the Great Depression and the economic hardships of it and the economic benefits of the New Deal now it's not quite as romantic to tell people that story and the left wants to manipulate the lie to its political benefit and show that the Republicans are the party of haters so to do that you have to lie to people and say listen it didn't happen in the 30s when even though it demonstrable empirically factually did it actually happened later when blacks saw the Democrats became their friends so what I'm getting at this is lie upon lie I mean if even one third of what I've told you this evening is true a lot of the stuff that you knew to be true is false and I understand in a certain way why people get discombobulated and walk out because it's actually not that easy to re-examine a lot of your assumptions it's an ok to re-examine this or that the tip of the iceberg but if somebody tells you that something that is a core belief of yours things like your parents are not your parents you know that's gonna take not just an intellectual but an emotional transformation for you to be able to get your head around that one that's the kind of stuff I'm putting out and I am only trying to sow some seeds and get you to check things out yourself next question I as a conservative and that alumni of the Leadership Institute of Morton black law I'm sure you know you worked with him in the Reagan administration I had to force myself to watch a movie and I wanted to get your comments on some of the aspects of the movie that I eventually walked out of first I wanted you to clarify the context of the discussing portrayal of Malcolm X that's in your film and then furthermore the blackface caricature of Frederick Douglas in the film when you're talking about Frederick Douglass there's a blackface actor I wanted you to touch on that certainly I'm very sorry you walk out of the film because the truth of the matter is there was no blackface there was no blackface actor that scene in the Frederick Douglass of Frederick Douglass in the movie is actually taken from my America movie which I made two years earlier we filmed Frederick Douglass it's a black actor he's clustered in the credits he's taken credit for the movies come to our premieres so just because of the lighting someone got the crackpot idea that we were using a white actor playing blackface they put out in social media fake news forget about it it's not true okay and then you said something about Malcolm X now what's interesting is that when I interviewed the white nationalist Richard Spencer he brought up Malcolm X he goes if black people can affirm their identity and do what they want and and and be proud of who they are why can't white people be proud of who they are and why don't we have white identity politics and so I asked him I said if you met Malcolm X do you think you guys would get along he goes oh yeah I would get along great because he supported separation of the races I support separation what I'm getting at is my point for using Malcolm X was simply to illustrate the point that this white nationalist was claiming to be doing nothing different than what the black nationalists do this is a legitimate depiction in a movie and movies are not the same as books in a movie if someone talks about Malcolm X I show Malcolm X because I want people to get the movies are a visual medium and there's nothing wrong in doing this and the audience is a perfectly intelligent position to see if what Richard Spencer is saying is true or false I put it out there I let people think about it I have nothing to be ashamed off on that score next question this next question will be our last question folks in the shower to rights many protesters were wearing Magga hurt hats and t-shirts but yet you say they're part of the DES laughter Democratic Party and just by a quick Google search of the show food riots it was called the unite the right rally can you please explain that yes I'll explain it the unite the right rally was but the organizers who put it up the people who the people who staged the rally were doing the ultimate of fake news and let me tell you why they were doing it why would somebody take a guy let's let's explore Richard Spencer since I've gotten to know him somewhat what's he up to what's he trying to do the truth of it is he is a white nationalist he is also a statist he believes he's even said publicly I like socialism but he's a National Socialist no surprise he's an assert he has a certain affinity but neo-nazism national socialism he's on the left he knows that but he also knows that as a white guy he is unwelcome at the multicultural picnic because in today's left every ethnic identity is affirmed except whites he knows that he is the villain of the progressive narrative today and so he thinks to himself I'm irrelevant I I have no place on the right because the right doesn't believe in identity politics they don't affirm white nationalism yes they affirm nationalism but it's it's American nationalism so what do I do how do I become a really important person and then he gets a diabolical idea what if I play along with the left's idea of Who I am what if I play the part of a Trump supporting white nationalist I will become one of the most famous people in America I will become so radioactive that when I go to Florida to speak I meaning Richard Spencer the governor will declare a state of emergency as if I were some sort of a hurricane and in fact that proved to be true Richard Spencer went from a nobody to being a nationally prominent figure by essentially giving the the leftist media what they wanted they wanted a script where they could ping white nationalism on the right that's why it's so important for him to waste Trump hat he doesn't agree with Trump if you listen to my interview with him it's obvious he disagrees with Trump on everything and he admits it but he plays the script because it vaults him it's not the first time this is why I mentioned a couple times the Cavanaugh hearings because people well who would someone make it up I can think of 1 million reasons why if one were to look at the GoFundMe page it's very profitable I submit to you a thought experiment if Susan Ford had let's just say set a year later like this other woman did I made the whole thing up I bet you there would be people on the Left who would say congratulations brilliant tactical strike on a really bad guy who might overturn Roe vs. Wade you are a civil rights heroine and you deserve an award and this shows the level of deceitfulness to which our politics has actually reached it's a politics that's that results in smears false accusations a couple a couple of weeks ago I guess now is speaking at Liberty University I was talking about LBJ and I said that LBJ used the n-word except I used it because I was quoting LBJ and I said I'm not getting this from some dubious source I'm getting this from Robert Carroll and Doris Kearns Goodwin and I cited my sources and boom the next day on a on a leftist Christian website D'Souza uses the n-word that was quoting LBJ it was blindingly obvious from look what they were doing this because they thought it's so incendiary that if the mere accusation will cause other people to jump on it and will destroyed the Nash's career because he used the n-word the problem was that when they had clipped the video even the shortened video that they showed made it obvious that I was quoting LBJ and so their own views were like didn't you see the video he's quoting somebody else and if that makes it makes him the user of the n-word then you use the n-word cuz you just quoted him so this kind of lowball tactics is now the America that we live in and it's because it's it's coming to academic discourse and it's very terrifying because no real discussion can occur without it I'm gonna give you the last question since you seem so determined than your new it was the last question but you're sticking your neck out so you get to ask the last question and I'll wrap up go ahead hello mr. de souza my name is Miranda Rispoli Sotomayor I'm a proud latina and the proud family member comes from a family of immigrants and I'm an even prouder Democrat and my question here today is based off of a comment that you said earlier you said that the merits of the three phase compromise is up for debate so who are you or who is anyone to debate the merit of one's humanity how also how can you deny the legacy the Dreyfus compromise has had and the slavery has had on the extent of racism in the United States look right here in the first row I think she got up there's my wife Debbie she's from Venezuela a mom is mexican-american and married to a Latina she's a first generation immigrant I'm a first generation immigrant so we're all coming to America and trying to make sense of all this now quite honestly I think it's I think you would have to admit that I have done nothing in this talk today to either minimize or downplay far from downplaying racism I've stressed it I'm simply pointing the finger of blame where it belongs and you're trying to hide it see the difference is because you are a Democrat you are willing to overlook the crimes of the Democratic Party but let me tell you this the Democratic Party is in fact in fact the party of slavery and segregation and Jim Crow and the Ku Klux Klan and lynching and all the horrors of American history including complicity with fascism the internment of the Japanese Americans in World War two the the the reigniting clan in the in the in the late teens and 20s all of this was done by Democrats and they were opposed all along the way by Republicans so the problem is that today if you are a Democrat you're committed Democrat you like the welfare state you like Obamacare you're a progressive historian you are in the awkward position of having to confess to a whole series of crimes that your team did crimes by the way that the Democratic Party has never admitted never apologized for never paid one penny of restitution for so this is a very ugly position to be in and the only way to do it is to lie through your teeth hide that the actions of the Democratic Party blame everybody else America did the white man did it the southerners did it everybody except the guys who actually did it so my point is this you look after this talk and see if the specific allegations I've been making someone mentioned one and I'm going to close with this one I said because I was speaking on a campus and not close with this and and I was pointing out the Democratic Party's complicity in slavery something that's by the way routinely denied but once I make my case a professor stands up and I realize I kind of had him so he goes into what I would call defense mode and he goes to no show your talk is extremely simplistic he goes you are pointing the finger of blame at the Democrats and you are ignoring the fact that there was plenty of blame to go around so this is a fallback position everyone's to blame and I realize that when this happens in a debate it's really important to crystallize the argument and settle it and so I said to him and I'm saying to you now that in 1860 which was the year before the Civil War I said no Republican owned a slave now I did not say no Republican leader owned a slave I said no Republican in the United States owned a slave and what's so crushing about this if true is that it destroys the argument it puts the blame of slavery entirely on one side it shows that the four millions in America in 1860 where every single one of them owned by a Democrat and the beauty of this statement is that it requires only a single counter example to refute me all you have to do is give me the name of one Republican who owned a slave I would have to take it back but to this date years later no single valid counter example has ever surfaced a few months ago a guy from the University of Michigan wrote P goes to no cigar to a god sure ulysses s grant inherited a slave on his wife's side and I replied and I said well this would seem to be kind of a Touche and the facts as you state them are true but at the time that this happened I have to point out ulysses s grant was a Democrat he became a Republican later and so again if what I'm saying is true a lot of the nonsense that you have been spoon-fed is false listen listen you can have you can talk to my wife later she'll be happy to talk to you in Spanish but let's speak English because that's the language I understand you're not gonna beat me by throwing Spanish with me I'm replying Hindustani how's that what how's that for you you ways of language Trump's I'm willing to listen go ahead I'm listening go for it I'm ready [Applause] we made this biker so you probably you are very similar with the different before her transition sending so my island for tickets have public readings there's so many convenient in the United State they read in fact to the items we probably sink however you can look at these fact there's over a hundred thousand photo readings for the past twenty twenty years they are leaving the island by the hundred thousands every you know yet our population still close to four million people recently as we breathe as fast if not faster than Mexico sorry now my question to you is an interesting circuit how is the serpent is will never do a lecture like this in our island because as a former Luther I came to this country thinking that whites and Republicans from the south wear braces and have something against right which calloc brings you a victim mentality so if you make the math and you just like you saw in the last election the population especially like Orlando you're so we just gotta make that into good yeah and some of your famous literally means liberal judge so why it's all right the answer I mean those and seafood wraps that bread and I mean it's great like we're afraid I'm not afraid but I'm saying I used to but I'm saying that my heard welcome anybody wants to go to basic for week and you'll notice that you know everybody people hate Trump Republicans I mean same talking so why is it about not Republican about circling they don't even chat with these population where do so much about Mexican right next door me no problem in both of Democrats agree everything they work all right very good question and by the way guys he's speaking here tomorrow night which is surprising in all the your drug makers even in the Hillary's America dimension Jackson as a Democrat however you've bought the banks and even Trump put his portrait back in the White House for a reason because despite in the back I mean I believe our host a solution of order so that would be my second question well I actually have written about the Federal Reserve I'll be honest with you the a movie and I'm making movies that I'm not making them for Netflix I'm making them for the theater movies by and large have to engage emotionally compelling themes the history of the Federal Reserve very interesting subject very difficult to depict in a movie so I I write books that lay out arguments but my movies are narratives their story and I admit that in a story a lot gets left out and in fact think for example I'd love to put sources in my movie footnotes and I can't do that it's it's a movie people go to they take their family they're gonna you know Saturday night now I'll look for an occasion to come to Puerto Rico in my own world which is dub' my wife grew up in the barrios of South Texas and it is a tragedy that the Republican Party of Texas because they dominate the rest of the state they never go down there it's it's blue its battle country and it's terrible because those are conservative people down there and they want upward mobility and if you offer them a ladder to contrast with the Democrats rope they go for it but no one goes down there to make the case so in any event Rafael Cruz and Debby and I were going down to the Barrios of South Texas later this month to make a presentation to a thousand people they've never had anything like it we're in a small way trying to start that but if you're asking does it need to occur in a big scale yeah I think the Trump needs to go to the inner cities I think he needs to go to the Barrios I think he I think if he can show that he that he can make America work for those people and it's not just believed in the Constitution the rah rah rah the star-spangled banner don't take a knee it's not that you have to actually see the ladders of opportunity that's an alternative for the dependency of the Democratic Party and if you do then you're gonna you have a real choice you go do I want to live my life in which I stand in line for cheese and I go and have a social worker come and check that my family is okay or do i mom and I an independent self-respecting dignified person who wants to live my own life and be the architect of my own destiny that's the America I came here for and my politics is based on that so that's the America I fight to defend thank you very much I really appreciate [Applause]


  1. Now that I think about it more, I disagree with D'Souza. I don't think it's right to categorize Hitler or the Nazis as nationalists. They didn't love their nation. They siphoned resources from the war effort to kill the Jews, and they pulled even more as the war went worse for them. They preferred to exterminate the Jews than protect their country from invasion. They didn't have pride in the German nation's accomplishments; they put a specific German race above their culture and sought to destroy their own countrymen who didn't fit into that stereotype. They started a war to take over Europe rather than focus on their own improvement. They didn't care about the nation or the people in it; the nation was just a tool for imposing their will on others.

  2. just like black poverty, white anger/racism is created by democrat policies so they can claim they are "fighting" these problems.

  3. ironic that white people should apologize for slavery and racism but the democrats, well, not so much. i've got an idea, reparations from the democratic party so all the bleeding hearts and wealthy liberals can atone for what their beloved party has done.

  4. Chairwoman. Chairwoman! Chairwoman?? We need to get back to 'man' meaning our species as a whole. And it needs to start with conservatives. Oh look! There's a spideress, ooooohh!

  5. You're a great American and scholar. Mistreated in the US by that bunch of th*gs in the Obama administration, and I will forever be grateful that you were pardoned.

  6. Denesh ,
    You left out something about the Democrats . The Democrat leadership of 1945 is the first and so far only world political leader to actually use Nuclear bombs against an enemy. And the two targets were civilian cities ! Hiroshima and Nagasaki . Not even military targets ! Which was considered okay because they were Japanese people and not Caucasian people. Never would Nuclear bombs have been dropped on a German city .

  7. According to the Wikipedia Bed Bath and Beyond wasn't founded until 1971 and the actual name Bed Bath and Beyond didn't appear until 1985. Alinsky died in 1972. Sorry Denish your wrong about Alinsky he couldn't tell someone to go to Bath Bed and Beyond in the 1960's.

  8. The majority Republican appointed Supreme court gave its approval to separate but equal Democratic Party laws with Plessy v. Ferguson in 1896.

  9. If the "Leadership" of the Republicans in the House had followed Trump's lead, they would have retained the House.

  10. If you open your mind and start thinking for yourself, you will realize we were misinformed for quite a long time. It becomes evident that before the internet it was easy for Educators to LIE! That is why they have been vigorously suppressing Free Speech at most Colleges in the US. We all have access to these Facts and they are at our fingertips. If the Lefts Policies are so Great why are our Cities so Diminished? They should be thriving after 50 and 60 Years. The Left Just Wants POWER. And they want it for Themselves. They are just LIARS!

  11. Dinesh blows it right open, watching from England, Great presentation, where did American universities go so wrong, the OWNED MSM also has a big part to play in conning and dumming down free speech , ideas and debate

  12. Why is the chubby fatso in the bright yellow shirt a "proud Latino" and a "proud Democrat" and NOT a PROUD AMERICAN?
    Because this fatty has never ASSIMILATED. She's a brainwashed hater who looks like she's going to have massive health problems in her future and incur millions in heal care expenses that WE AMERICANS are going to have to pay for. I see diabetes, stomach stapling surgery, and a CAT forklift in her future. LOSER! This "proud Latino" should not even be in America. She's prob an ANCHOR BABY which means an erroneous citizen. Democrats are purposefully importing peasants and criminals because they know it will destroy America. These sloths HATE America and we invite them in and shower them with free healthcare, free school, free food, free housing and they sit around all day getting FATTER and FATTER and FATTER and FATTER. DEPORT! DEPORT! DEPORT!

  13. Q&A: Who's this Theo Huckstable UNCLE TOM Democrat wearing the "Yacht Club" jacket. This spoiled rotten, pampered, WIMP is defending the Party of SLAVERY and the Klan. He's a Grant Hill black guy and he DEFENDS the Democrats! Look at how BRAINWASHED this fatso is. Black Democrats are no diff than Jews joining the NAZIS. The ultimate SUCKERS. I love Grant Hill blacks who grow up in opulence and PRETEND to be street hood ghetto thugs.

  14. Q&A section: why do these IDIOT college students challenge Dinesh D'Souza the expert? these kids are brainwashed fools, their parents should be ASHAMED – they have failed their kids and allowed them to become dumb leftists. I wish I could respond to these kids. I would rip them all a new one. That's what they need. They've been told since birth that they are so SPECIAL. No they're not. They're dumb, indoctrinated fools and they need to be called out and TOLD that they are INDOCTRINATED MORONS.
    Mitt Romney is an American traitor. He lied to the people. He's an Establishment RINO no diff than John McCain who armed ISIS along with Obama, Hillary, Marco Rubio, and Lyndsey Graham. The people in Utah are so gullible and stupid. Id rather have down syndrome people vote instead of these idiot Mormons. They're much smarter and more moral than the fools who vote in Utah.

    COMMUNIST: 45 COMMUNIST GOALS "On Jan. 10, 1963,
    Congressman Albert S  Herlong  Jr. of Florida read a list of 45 Communist
    goals into the Congressional Record. The list was derived
    from researcher Cleon Skousen’s book “The Naked Communist.” These principles
    are well worth revisiting today in order to gain insights into the thinking and
    strategies of much of our so-called liberal elite. "This is an
    assault on the American way of life that has been in play for decades. Vote these
    bastards out of office before it's too late. The entire list can be read
    online, PDF.

  16. If your into politics AND history, those green haired " progressives" are sinister and dangerous. They have already destroyed major American cities because of their policies. The crime numbers increase since 1960 are their doing. The reason I call democrats evil is because they don't care. If America forced these progressives to sleep in the bed they made and forced them to live in the destroyed communities the culture war would have been over years ago. But I understand America needs at least a two party system, so fill them democrat void ( god willing) with something that if elected will elect someone other that a ex gang member communist.

  17. At this point in time I like going right to the Q&A section at the end of the Lecture. The kids are clearly eager to ask those questions involving race and Trump's immigrant platforms. Ignorance seems to be taught to these students by a leftist teacher's administration and they have the students trained as if brainwashed. No wonder a diploma is becoming so controversial.

  18. This seems apt here

  19. If all cultures are equal, then the culture of the antebellum South is equal to the culture of a modern university campus.

  20. This was jaw-droppingly impressive. Every time I hear him…he impresses me more. Bravely fighting within the reality that its easier to fool people than to make them realize they have been fooled.

  21. A white woman trying to silence an Indian man by accusing him of spreading white supremacy. Telling someone he should not say what he wants to say is trying to set yourself above him both morally and in power – supreme, if you will.

  22. I have to disagree that America is divided. If you're talking about a 70/30 divide, then yes. But I consider that far from divided but united for the conservative party.

  23. The only way to defeat a Thug Party the Demorat Party, is elect a Thug Republican like Donald Trump: Go Trump !!! Like Dnesh said, we got our Boy Scouts to run: Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney but the Democrat Media tore them to shreds.

  24. D'Souza said it best, "this is hard to absorb." It is therfore, it is important that the young minds of the future start the process of being educated about the truth of this nations history. It is true most Republicans are citizens in their older years. This is because they have had to live through the lies and corruption before realizing the truth. The elderly who have lived through the 1930's depression, the 1960's are dying off. It's true the education system have been surpressed. Once we lose sight of history, we are doomed to repeat it. Millennials have been targeted to surpression for a reason. People like D'Souza (coming from another country) is able to see more clearer than Americans because they leave countries that surpress its people. It is sad that immigrants like him are willing to take the time to research where this nation was to find out what is true. Our born citizens come out of an education of surpression. D'Souza cares about keeping this nation he valiantly dreamed to be a part of free and fights to keep Freedom and Prosparity in America. We need more immigrants like him as a reminder of the importance to obtain truth. We are in a silent cold war that is trying to remove Americans Liberty. Thank you Dinesh for your patriatism.

  25. If only dsouza knew that Walt Disney gave Hitler 1.4 trillion and made Nazi sympathetic cartoons(Hitler took the money and then banned all Disney movies as supporting capitalism

  26. Dinesh I'm desperate to speak with you. Your point about bring an outsider and the value it brings to OUR beloved country has reminded me to stay open to immigrants based on merit, values, and willingness to become as true an American as you or I or anyone else with our glorious heritage. Thank you for this reminder

  27. Tribal mentality….. yell shout chant repeat but don't bring any facts or rational discussion to the table…. just emotion…. I swear lefties are like cavemen. But worse, cause lefties have a more underdeveloped brain.

  28. Democrats are the real main reason why the isis came into the existence they are the one who provided the weapon to them.

  29. Alt right area, what exactly is that and where is is situated?
    This idiot called the people in the area she grew up racist sub human shits but she don't like when people points their finger at democrats? The lack of self awareness is scary.

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