Some Ayurvedic medicine worse than lead paint exposure


  1. Looks like we have to verify our sources of triphala etc. .. after chernobyl blew up turkey sent all the contaminated tea crops to Russia as a gift for their generous contribution of radioactive isotopes…. when will people stop disguising NukearB0Ms as nuclear plants & killing youth for the sake of a trivial amount of power.

  2. @organicsuperman It'd be wonderful if you could post it to this specific video on nutritionfacts. org. This way more people benefit from the response, and I can actually provide you with links (which I can't do on Youtube). Thanks!

  3. Wonder who introduced chemical fertilizers ? America .. of course. Now that is what a lobby can do. We have seen it all …guns lobby,tobacco lobby ,alcohol lobby, blood diamonds , now here is pharmaceutical lobby at its work.

  4. I have been having Triphala since childhood but there is no lead/heavy metal poisoning. Stop spreading lies !

  5. Has anyone figured out why lead and other contaminants are so prevalent in ayruvedic medicines? What about spices and other foods imported from India?

  6. In another video, you talked about amla being the healthiest berry.

    Can you please do a video on acquiring safe sources of amla or triphala?

    Or an affordable way to do heavy metal testing?

  7. I started ashwagandha about 2 weeks ago as a way of treating anxiety, I thought it helped a little but nothing drastic to make it worth using, I just don't trust India anymore, India's production methods are worse than China's now and thats saying something

  8. Sorry doctor, but this example you mentioned actually concerns about ´´triphala guggul´´, which is a completely different compound from triphala (amalaki + haritaki+bibhitaki), since other ingredients may indeed be present as guggul, pippali, etc. (see ) . I hope you give Triphala another chance to show how amazing it is and get back to talking about it in other videos. Regarding contamination, it really is a pity and we should look for safe suppliers and continue research.

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