Someone Was About To Sue Me… Melissa Etheridge – The Medicine Show

shaking was the last song I wrote on this album we were almost done tracking we had brought Max and Max hard who plays the keyboards he was working on keyboards I was dealing with my own personal financial issues about the cannabis industry there was a moment when there was someone who was about to sue me and it was unfairly it ultimately did not happen but for that day it was a threat that was very real and I was very sad and I was feeling very very out of sorts so I actually went upstairs and I was like ah what do I do oh I do what I always do I'm gonna write a song whatever happens I'm gonna get a song out this damn it and I realized as I said okay how can I make this to where it will not only benefit myself every time I sing it but my fans and I said okay right now this time is crazy we wake up sometimes and we we are scared we are scared in our government we are scared in in our differences and there's a lot of fear going on it feels like I can't get away every door I take leads me back into the maze every this is I'm shaking I don't know what to do you know all my dreams has started breaking it's all help me you know I'm sorry but I can't stop shaking I'm sorry I sir and so that song came really quickly it I wrote it next day was the last day that the band came in we worked on and I said um I have another song you want to do this and they're like okay and we just went right in and slammed it slammed the song and it's got that live feel and it's just that it and it healed me and two days later the problem went away I don't have any issues I'm all good and I got a great song


  1. Talk about Shakira. I just saw you and Shakira from olden days singing together the inevitable and come to my window song. that's when I loved your voice too and followed you here

  2. Love how she always gets a song no matter what happens and she cares about her fans so deeply 💞 so determined to reach the people on the realest level #TheMedicineShow

  3. I am so in love with this album.. As I listen to it over and over I can't help but know in my guts the songs were inspired by a higher level of consciousness. Its like earlyvdays Melissa but with a deeper understandin, more meaningful and with no rage. It has become one of my top 10 albums of all time.

  4. Love the whole album but Shaking and I Know You are my absolute favorite!!! I week till we meet you in Virginia Beach

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