Sonic Plush Adventures – The Video Game Addiction

come on come on yeah winner takes all hey how's it going tails morning yeah yes okay guess I'll leave you two alone why are you getting angry sonic was a place cat [Applause] [Applause] good morning guys hey are you still playing have you not stopped since yesterday Sonic is gonna got just tell what again Sonic wants to fight now they don't realize whole day is past hey I think you got to take a break you know where sanity yeah yeah [Applause] okay stunt and this video game third-person naming insanity Sonic's getting scared let's go Sonic he's getting upset because the game turned off well I'm really kind of sleepy I'm going to bed yeah I'll go take a shower I think I smell from all the nervous sweating from when we were playing the game ok I'll see you later then ok our piece inside see our store


  1. I have a new idea. How about Nerf War? Tails hit Sonic in the eyes. Saying that Tails is better than Sonic.

    Sonic challenged Tails to see Who's better.

    But then…they accidently hit Knuckles in the eye. Got angry at them.

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