South Nassau Presents Truth in Medicine – Is Snoring a Serious Health Issue?

Racers … start your engines. John! John! John! John! Is snoring a serious health issue? Possibly, it can be a sign of sleep apnea which leads to many health problems including the risk of stroke. To find out more from the experts at South Nassau visit truth in medicine dot org.

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  1. I get the idea behind the commercial but the "wife" is unnecessarily nasty and downright violent. Was the brutal elbow to the chest of a sleeping man really necessary ? And look at her face at the end of the commercial ! It is not her "husband's" fault that he snores. He is "sick" and can supposedly get help from South Nassau Communities Hospital (that's the point of the commercial), so why is his "wife" beating him for something he has no control over ? This ad reflects poorly on SNC Hospital and should be pulled in my humble opinion. Oh, and can advertising agencies please stop with the "stupid white male oaf" image. It's getting old.

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