1. Superb…i was try to found this information last 1.5 year but I can’t get enough….but now i have…
    Thank you so much

  2. So after pediatrics we cannot take Dm cardiology /oncology/gastro only pediatric cardiology , nephrology,neurology ….Am I right sir??

  3. Sir I have failed in 2nd pu science due some health issues πŸ˜”…..can I get mbbs/bams, seat after writing 2nd pu ….and after writing meet exam …..can I get seat?…..plz reply

  4. Brother I have many question about FRCS from London……agar may India se Cardiac surgeon degree complete kar ke Lonodn me FRCS parne jayu to bo FRCS course kinta year ka hoga? Aur privet me FRCS karne k liye kitna Money lagta hain? Please tell me soon.

  5. Wow that is so inspiring. I am studying in 12th right now and I'm very astonished see what all I can do after MBBS and DNB again wow……!!!
    Who ever kept this video is I thank you wholeheartedly…..πŸ™πŸ‘

  6. Sir…is gynaecology all about surgery? ??
    Can't be…I simple medicines suggesting gynaecologist? Is this possible?

  7. Sir I want to continue with the research area after MBBS…plz give me data on sequential pattern for it….

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