Specialties for Physician Assistants

> Here come the different specialties now
that we can take… we can look at as far as pas are concerned because it is
broken up into a few things internal medicines sub specialties here. Emergency
medicine… Now if we looked here it’s funny but the greatest is other other
and 28.6%. What would be in the other category? > That can include things like
geriatrics you can actually do a radiology psychiatry even so there’s a
lot of different other subspecialties these are gonna be your main topics that
pas will tend to get into but there’s a growing percentage with all of the other
industries as well. > It is a growing industry — hmm– Very much so.
Benefits and struggles. Let’s face it everything that we have it. First what
are the benefits of being a PA. > I love what I do I wake up every morning
and I know I’m gonna go in and see a great day of patients I with what I do
it’s the pretty happy side of medicine we’ll just be honest there, so I don’t
have any stress you know the typical stressors that you would have in other
sub specia — Oh! I want your job — So it’s definitely a nice easy job and I can’t
complain, so I don’t really have that many struggles. > What… what you hear and
when you talk to other PA what are some of the struggles that they might go
through. Would it be just perhaps dealing in the office setting… and you said
sometimes you go to an office setting in you’re very happy let’s be honest…
There are some offices you go to — of course — it is very difficult the type of
medicine that is being studied there and is being treated makes it very difficult
for the patient’s themselves. > It’s very true and I think that when you’re
choosing which career path you want to go into as a PA it’s important to do
that that’s the beauty of the PA program is that you actually get to go on
rotations to many different specialties to really decide ok this I enjoyed and
this not so much. So for me my two favorites it was
interestingly it was a toss-up between plastic surgery and emergency medicine, I
know they’re completely different but I loved the excitement and the adrenaline
that I got from both of those.

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