Speech & Language Therapy: Helping Michael

well first concerned but Michaels talking understanding when he was about three and a half when he was at nursery he got referred to a speech and language therapist when he was four when he started school full-time school that’s when they recognized that he needed some assistance once Michael got referred for speech and language therapy we were in the dark we hadn’t a clue or an understanding of what this was to be you know we didn’t know what Michael needed yeah we just didn’t did was speech and language therapists help children and adults with a whole range of communication difficulties and they might work in a hospital in a school or in a community clinic but when working with a child with SLI such as Michael you’d probably be working within a school setting the child may need very specialist helps to develop their actual language skills skills a child might work on include understanding the meanings of words which is something they haven’t picked up by natural processes and these were specialists teaching or it could include understanding different types of sentences or even using words appropriately within sentences I learn history words and I learned about senseless sound like century and it sounds like centipede and centipede have about roughly about 100 legs at and a century we need 100 I learnt joining were like because and but and it all joining was yeah you use them in sentences like I like chocolate cake but but I don’t like celery therapy is allowed Michael to understand the meaning of question words such as who where and when and how to use these in spoken and written sentences the child might also need to learn and practice strategies to help overcome their language difficulties the child may learn to describe something if they can’t think of the actual word for it or they may learn to work out why they haven’t understood something and asked the right question to fix it when I find words difficult like like a lobster what yeah Oh like describing it’s red in it it’s like a crab and it’s long the teachers really helped me describe the word because I used to I used to think I used to say I don’t know that word I name I did have that work I did have a picture in my head by doing that Lee just write describe it but then the therapy people helped helped me one of the first strategies that Michael learned in therapy was to actively indicate when he wasn’t understanding something by raising his sand and saying I didn’t understand that could you please explain that a different way or what does that word mean sometimes people people say difficult words and I and I have to say can you can you do what does that mean and I and I say what I don’t aunty understand it’s important for a child with SLI to develop their self-awareness to understand both their difficulties and their strengths children with SLI have often had experiences where they feel like they failed over and over and they can need help to see that if not their fault and that there are things that they can do well speech and language therapy has helped Michael understand that even though he has language difficulties he has a lot of creativity and he can use his creativity to come up with ways to get his message across therapies provided Michael confidence to be able to speak up for himself where before he would stand back because he can’t communicate a really crucial part of therapy is to work closely with the adults in a child’s life so that they can help support the child – the therapist can help parents and teachers understand the child’s specific difficulties understand how to support them in different situations and also give advice on developing language skills Michaels therapist has helped me understand what Michaels areas of difficulty are and how I as a teacher can help him in the classroom especially services towards how to understanding a lot more they’ve shown us the way to help him and understand him it’s just giving us tools that’s what it has yeah the tools to use speech and language therapy has helped Michael have confidence in himself and made a significant difference to his learning and how happy he is in school speech therapy is giving Michael the skills to be able to live a normal life and achieve what he needs to in his life and communicate clearly and represent himself it’s opened his life that’s what he’s done he’s opened his life therapy have talked taught me and to talk to people and helping lessons and and make me better better what I do yeah

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