Speech Therapy – “S” Sounds – YakBack Sounds #12

Yak Back Pack 123456. Let’s see what we find. we found some steak steak steak steak what other “s” things can we find. steak let’s get this one out of there let’s see what else there is let’s open this one let’s see what’s
inside it’s a star star star star star say it with me star let’s open this one
punch through what’s in here it’s a stick stick stick say it with me stick stick. three left let’s open this one open get a little
help it’s a scuba diver scuba say it with
me scuba diver scuba. two left. open
this one. punch. it’s a saw a saw say it with me saw saw saw last one that’s open lets punch through it punch it as a
snake say it with me snake snake snake snake today we found a steak stick snake a scuba diver a star and
a saw a saw a snake a stick a snake a scuba diver a star. bye-bye
Yak Back Pack


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