Speed Therapy: First Dates | Mustang | Ford

– I’m recently single. – I’ve tried a few dating apps. – It feels like work and after work the last thing I wanna do is go on a date. (car engine revving and tires screeching) – Hi. – Hi.
– I’m Cole. – So you’re my random mystery date? – Yeah. – I love your sunglasses.
– Thank you! – Really cute! – Cheers, welcome to Austin.
– Cheers. – Oh my gosh. What’s going on? – Hey. – Hi!
– They called me on the radio and said that I’m
supposed to take you guys to the next place. – [Woman] Okay!
– [Man] Okay. – [Man] I’ve been on two
blind dates in my life. How many have you been on? – [Woman] I’ve never been on a blind date. – [Crystal] Never?
– [Woman] This is a first. (laughing) – [Crystal] I make a
left up here somewhere. – They didn’t even tell you? – Maybe we’re supposed to meet them over here, right? (car engine revving)
– Whoa! (tires squealing) – Oh no! – Hey guys, I’m Crystal Hooks, professional stunt driver. – Yeah (laughs). (car zooming) (tires squealing) (car engine revving) (tires screeching) – Roll a slot, you ready? – You little, you little sassy cat. – I don’t know if I can drive like that, but okay.
(laughing) – Inhaling, and exhaling. (tires squealing) – Yeah!
– Go, go, go, go, go, go! – Yeah! (laughing) (cars zooming) – There you go, get it girl! (car engine revving) – Woo! (laughing)
– Yeah! (car engine revving) – Wow, that was intense! – That was awesome. – Aww! – That’s cute! – Yeah!
(laughing) (tires squealing) – They kissed! Oh my god, they really kissed! (tires squealing)


  1. "They kissed they really kissed…that's my sneaky stunt driving niece …SO PROUD. šŸš—šŸ‘šŸ˜€

  2. Adventure dates can be fun, when the person is stable.
    Going to places and attending events is much better for dating than stressful situations šŸ™‚

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