Speed Therapy: Positive Thinking Day | Ford

(energetic music playing) (engine roaring) – My name is Henry Ford III, I work for the Ford Motor Company. – And I’m Crystal Hooks, the first. And I’m a stunt driver. – We have some comments from social media that we are going to
read out loud right now. – Okay, I’m interested. – You ready? Theo said, “Well, ugly but aFORDable.” – Oh, I see what they did there. – That’s clever. “Ford as a whole is a mistake.” (laughing) – What? – The next one is from Patricia, she says, “I’d rather ride
a bike than drive a Ford.” (laughing) – [Cameraman] You said
something about a bike? – Oh, I’d rather ride a Schwinn Cruiser. – Like, with your legs? – Born and raised by the bow tie, go with what you know. That’s why I’m a Chevy guy. – Amy, I heard you said
the Mustang is sloppy? That’s like a dagger in my heart, Amy. – I’m sorry. (energetic music playing) (engine roaring) – Have you ever felt this? (engine accelerating) – There should be a handle! – 106! 109, holy! – Andrew says, “Who even
drives Fords anymore?” I think some people drive Fords. – A lot of people. – Yeah, I think a lot
of people drive Fords. – I drive three today. – Isadora gave us the middle finger emoji. That’s, that’s mean. – If, am I actually getting in this, are we really doing this? (engine roaring) – Whoo! – Does this feel like a Corvette? – Feels like a Ford GT. (engine accelerating) – I wanted to go faster! – You did 95! Did you like Ford to begin with? – My views are changing. – So, you’re not a. – I’m a Chevy guy, but
I’m liking these Fords. – Okay, I thought that’s what you said. – Mm hm. (yelling) – Ride of my life! – [Cameraman] So you
might be a Ford guy now? – Maybe. – Maybe what? – Maybe might be a Ford guy. – Okay, okay. – There’s no room for hate in
this world, don’t you think? – No, for sure. – Love only. – I have the biggest smile
on my face right now. I don’t know if therapy does that, every time I’ve gone to therapy, I’ve left crying.


  1. Put a V8 in the GT and bring back sedans and you’ll have more sales. It’s what Henry Ford wanted in his car company is for the buyers to tell him what they wanted. And he gave. Start listening to the market. And car enthusiasts who enjoy V8 sedans and trucks

  2. I am FORD man , I cannot count how many ford I had in my lifetime , but now I drive a lariat I order it the way I want it , plus I am a retired auto technician for 30 years , my lariat is the best truck there is , I have a lot of my friends and my family they drive Ford because of me

  3. So I'm exclusively a ford guy , And I've never been ask to go out and drive a GT , 350 GT , or a GT 500 . So sign me up please ! 🀩

  4. Ford products are the best on the road, not an opinion but FACT! If only Henry were alive to see what he created. Glad to see HFIII, haven't ever seen him. Upholding the good name of Ford Motor Company is my lifes work. Go FOMOCO πŸ’―πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  5. Ahh man this is awesome! But why can’t a die heart Ford guy, like me, drive the GT! Literally crying inside lol.

  6. Literally everyone I've met who hates on ford's I've met is stuck in the past. Like literally no one who dislikes ford's is really looking at newer ones. The criticisms leveled at the brand basically all apply to their older vehicles.

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