Spine Care Services at Capital Regional Medical Center

(bright guitar music) – [Narrator] Back pain is debilitating. Yet many people choose to
live with chronic conditions. Fortunately, today’s
spine treatment options help greatly reduce or
eliminate unbearable pain. We’re here to help you understand why selecting Capital
Regional Medical Center is your best choice for back care. And it starts with you
and your unique situation. To ease your mind, you’re assigned a Spine Navigator Nurse who
will share detailed information about your options before any
treatment is administered, answer questions about procedures, insurance coverage, and after-care. And coordinate all therapy requirements before you’re discharged
from the hospital. They’ll collaborate with
physicians, physical therapists and case managers to facilitate recovery so you get back to living, quickly. Your Spine Navigator is a go-to resource who handles every detail
so you and your family can focus on what’s most
important: your well-being. When you choose Capital
Regional for spine care, rest assured, we’ve got your back. Before, during, and after your procedure. Our team is here to make
sure your experience is seamless and right for you.

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