Spirit Plants (What is a Spirit Plant and How To Find Your Spirit Plant)

Because we live in a vibrational universe, you can find your vibrational equivalent in just about anything in existence. In the video that I did on spirit animals, I explained that you don’t
only have spirit animals; you also have spirit
minerals and spirit plants. These tend to be the
special ‘relationships’ that earth-based shamanism finds to be the most important for
a persons’ spiritual path. The reason is, is because they represent
three distinct elemental kingdoms. For that reason, having said all that, today we’re going to dive into
the concept of spirit plants. Spirit Plants You probably clicked on this episode imagining that I would talk about plants, where most people use
their medicinal properties to access spiritual dimensions. Things like Ayahuasca, things like peyote… Things like tobacco. Now while I will be touching a tiny bit
on these types of medicines, that’s not actually what
this episode about. To say that something is a spirit plant, doesn’t necessarily imply
that it is being used for spiritual journey work. If something is said to
be your spirit plant, it is your plant equivalent. It is you represented
in the plant kingdom. It’s a plant whose vibration
is the most identical to your own unique and authentic essence. The plant possesses traits, qualities that mirror your innate
inborn traits, qualities, needs, desires, purposes,
strengths and weaknesses etc. Very rarely, especially if there is a distinct split between a person’s physical and
non-physical embodiment, a person can have two
spirit equivalents in a category. Now I have to say this; Why? Because I actually have two spirit plants. The first is Datura Stramonium. The second is the red climbing rose. That being said, because somebody might
have two spirit plants or two spirit minerals or whatever, even what those spirit minerals are, does not actually mean that it’s
any more special than somebody else’s. Now I know that even saying that, it’s not gonna make sense
to the human mind. But that has to be said. For example, the fact that one person
has an oak tree for a spirit plant and another has celery for a spirit plant, doesn’t inherently mean
anything less special about the person whose
spirit plant is celery. But inherent in this example, you can already see where the shadow, relative to actually finding
your spirit plant, resides. There are obviously some spirit
plants you don’t want to have. And it’s not because of the plant itself. It’s actually because of your
ignorance about the plant itself and the stock you’ve put
in human value systems. Over the course of human history, just like minerals, just like animals, humans have had a
very special relationship with the plant kingdom. The vast majority of our actual medicines are derived from plants still to this day. Humans ascribe more value
to some plants than others. For example, we value things
like cannabis or roses, but not as much dyer’s
woad, weed or rye grass. This, on top of a seriously
limited knowledge of the sheer amount of different
plants there are on the planet, make it hard for people
to accurately identify their spirit plant. People also have totem plants. Now this totem plant is a friend, it’s a balancer, it’s a protector, it’s a guide. It’s that thing that assists them, rather than being their representative in the plant kingdom. Of all totems on the planet in every category you can have totems in, people seem to have the most plant totems. I have never met a person with just one. For example, my principal totem plant
is corkscrew willow. But I have several other, let’s call them, more minor totems: pennyroyal, pomegranate, chamomile, sumac, huckleberry, golden daylily, milkweed and fox tail grass. There is another plant that is of significance to all people: it is the shadow plant. This is not a shadow totem, but a shadow plant, yet again, makes it easier. So, what is your shadow plant? It is a plant who vibrates at the frequency of what
is the most denied, disallowed and rejected and
disowned within yourself. Right now, I’m very tempted
to make a joke and to tell you all that my shadow plant is cilantro ’cause I hate it. I actually like the
consciousness of cilantro but the physical taste of it could make me reject an entire plate of food. But it’s not. My shadow totem plant is bindweed. As I’ve said in previous episodes, in indigenous cultures, everything in existence is said
to possess a certain ‘medicine’. Now the reason they call it medicine is because something about it assists the greater universe or others. This medicine may or may not also extend to the physical
plane of existence. And this is something that we see intensely in the plant world. Why? Because willow for example, has a great many characteristics about it that apply to a more non-physical
plane of assistance. It’s medicine towards peace, towards relief, towards tranquility. However, the physical properties of willow is also used for pain relief. For example, aspirin is made from willow. But even plants that don’t posses what a scientist would consider a “healing” property, still possess a intensive medicine. One does not grind up
and eat beech trees. The frequency of beech trees teaches tolerance and non-reactivity to criticism. This is said to be its ‘medicine’. For this reason, beech and its medicine
is revered as sacred. If you suffer from narrow perspective, in terms of the greater universe at large, if you’re limited to
the physical dimension, you may benefit by sálvia medicine. However, if you are somebody who possesses this clairvoyance, shall we call it, you may be said to be
strong in sálvia medicine. Again, all plants have ‘medicine’. All plants have a spirit and that spirit is their
strongest medicine. Many plant spirits, like animal spirits and mineral spirits are teachers and healers and leaders. This medicine they possess can
include physical elements that even scientifically minded people already recognize as medicinal. When people, in the spiritual field, ingest psychoactive plants, what this is actually enabling them to do is to break beyond the confines
of physical perception. It is opening them to a plane
of existence where they can actually interact with the
spirit and consciousness of the specific plant that they
themselves have just ingested. This is why it is so common, once you’ve taken a psychedelic plant, to meet and be taught by, and even led through journeywork by the specific consciousness
of the very specific plant that you have taken. It’s not that only these plants have
medicine and consciousness, it’s not that only these
plants are teachers. What it is, that these specific plants are particularly concerned
with human consciousness. It is that their medicine, their life purpose on the planet of many, is specifically geared towards
human consciousness. They are teachers. Most of them are interested in teaching very specific things to people as well. But I need to say this, especially for spiritual people, because in this non-physical plane that many of these plants get you to, it is just as possible to talk
to the consciousness of a raspberry as it is to talk to the
consciousness of yagé. Let’s talk about the plant consciousness as an element in your life. The plant element of consciousness
carries the frequency of growth, need, desire, yearning, transformation, improvement, expansion and change, learning, attraction, healing, germination, nourishment, progression, evolution, new manifestation and harmonization. Many aspects of life test our growth, our
capacity to harmonize, our desires and needs
and our transformation. Your spirit plant can be
used in order to master this level of existence
and personal progression. OK, so yet again, like I’ve said
in the previous episodes, even though we are in
the practice of integration, that means, that eventually we want to master all medicines, that means every plant, still you have come in as
a singular embodiment for a very specific purpose. Therefore, integrating your spirit plant is self-actualization. Your spirit plant is the expression of our own consciousness. It is the expression of your own essence, it is your plant of
authenticity as it were. It holds the specific medicine you came here to share with the world. Inherent in its blueprint is the
blueprint for your own life path as well as how you are meant to
help others to grow, expand, heal, transform, improve, be nourished and harmonize. Studying your spirit plant will help you to know
yourself and your life path. Now we all know, especially if you’ve been
watching my videos that a person’s personality
is not necessarily an exact reflection of their essence, in fact it rarely is. This makes it pretty difficult for people to identify their own spirit plant. Also, if you’ve got patterns
of self-hate within you, you are likely to feel resistant
towards your own spirit plant. And also, you’re unlikely
to find your own spirit plant because many people simply have plants they want it to be and plants they definitely
don’t want it to be. So what are you supposed
to do if your spirit plant is something like poise ivy or something like… a weed? Now in the greater universe that’s considered amazing. That consciousness is valuable. Just because a human being says it isn’t, doesn’t mean it isn’t. However, you are going to run up against your own dislike for certain plants and your own need for your
plant to be significant. Like I’ve said before, somebody who has the capacity to perceive beyond the
normal range of senses can tell you what your spirit plant is. The same way that a conductor
can tell you whether the pitch and key of one
instrument is exactly the same as another instrument. That being said, I don’t want you to run out
and try to find these people, including me. Because, people do not assimilate information or truths about themselves, when it is just handed to them. It has to be uniquely
a personal experience. It is much more powerful
to find your spirit plant in journey work ceremonies,
rituals, meditations and/or dream states. And, like I keep saying, it would be very beneficial
for you to understand that you do not choose your spirit plant, your spirit plant chooses you. Now obviously, because this plant is your representative
in the plant kingdom, you’re a vibrational match
to it, aren’t you? This means it’s probably going
to show up in your life whether you notice it or not and this means it’s very important
to be in the state of observation. Now, you do not have to be
passive about this process. Like I said, anytime you broadcast forth an asking of the universe, all people, places,
circumstances and events begin to come to you. Therefore, I would suggest you set the intention very strongly to know what your spirit plant is and then stay very very open. What do you do once you
have found your spirit plant? Learn everything you can about it. What traits do you associate
with this plant? Discover the perspectives of
other people and cultures about the “medicine”
this plant possesses. Spend time around this plant. See into this plant, feel
into it and listen to it. Come to understand it. Meditate with this plant in mind. Take note of this plant’s weaknesses
and see them in yourself. Take note of its strengths and find
and express them in yourself. Surround yourself with
things that remind you of this plant and proudly represent it. Do the same thing with your shadow plant and totem plants. Call the energy of this plant
to awaken inside you. Feel it inside yourself always. Own this medicine as your medicine and share it with the world. The medicine inherent
in your spirit plant. Have a good week. Subtitle: narzissus_hun Subtitles by the Amara.org community


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