Spiritual cleansing for esoteric healing with ASMR

spit here… spit… get it all out there, stomp it, stomp it with… with all of your anger… that’s right get it all out blow… blow three times she has a little bit…. a little bit of … of evil eye it’s because the energy from the other people’s looks… can sometimes concentrate in the body, when your defenses are low that’s why the energy doesn’t… it becomes concentrated, bad energy becomes concentrated in the body, but when you eat well, you become strong… and can overcome the bad energy Show me your hands, show me… This is holy water… for bad thoughts This is crown of roses… smell it scrub your hands with it also… get it all out show me, show me… scrub yourself that’s it… we didn’t bring anything else that’s all we brought for today another day we can do it with the flowers wait for me to put the “chuquita” [potion of ash, oil, and herbs] for the evil eye let’s put it on your belly button also “chuca”, “chuca”, this is the “chuca” for the evil eye [potion of ash, oil, and herbs] and since we didn’t bring the “agüitas” [water or liquor based potions made from medicinal plants] we can do them on another occasion that’s right…. ma’am, what does the word you are saying mean? You said “chuca” “chuca” These “chucas” are… We make them ourselves they are from the mountains so… they are for bad energy they fight bad energy to expel them and to… that is to say, to… maintain yourself… so you do not… you do not get the evil eye That is called “chuca”? That is called “chuca”. and the other words that you were saying? that it goes in the wind, the wind is the… the “guaira” “guaira” is the wind “guaira”? Yes, guaira is the wind and there was another word… it means “sucshi”, “sucshi” means that it goes guaira is the wind, sucshi is that it goes, to expel those bad energies… And what does “sabandija” mean? That is another term, that means “go”, referring to the things that enter the body that it goes out, speaking in this manner, in our tradition, that’s how we talk Are they Quichua words? Yes, these are Quechuas word which we know these are our words, these are the words that we use to do cleansings. Of course.


  1. I adore these videos! They are relaxing, and you can tell all of the work that goes into them. I definitely appreciate the addition of the subtitles 😊 and the bunny was a nice touch 😄

  2. Nice ASMR but if you think about the content it's beyond insanity. A woman spitting on you to cleanse the bad energy. Chuca chuca to avoid the evil-eye… Seriously?

  3. Being hit over the head with bits of hedge while someone makes steam train noises. What's the world come to!

  4. This has been my favorite video since uploaded ❤️ could you make more with her? She has a very soothing cleansing ritual. 😉

  5. How did this practice of cleansing get started? What's the history of this ritual? When I was in Ecuador I noticed the Shuar have a similar technique as the Quechua.

  6. Playlist of spiritual cleansing videos for ASMR 😊
    👉 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPps__5u3mYHdZVH4QtplIu0UoHSTScv7

  7. It's a beautiful young lady/soul. I don't hope she suffers a lot from bad/negative energy/entities. May she be divinely protected.

  8. Mucho respeto por las tradiciones! Todos los giles que se hacen los superados, 100% racionales, que no dejan lugar al misterio ni a la maravilla, ni me quiero imaginar cuán feliz es su vida jajaja saludos desde Buenos Aires.

  9. I’m still waiting for my boyfriend to lean over in bed and question ‘What in the fuckery are you watching?’

    It’s been 3 years…

  10. How does one spell "Chuca"? I've been looking for it online and have found nothing of its history. These videos are a learning experience!

  11. I was totally relaxed, thinking “yeah, I would totally do a spiritual healing”…and then she took a big swig of swamp water and blew it all over this girl. Ummm, no.

  12. I love these videos. Relaxing, asmr triggering delights. Great channel. thank you. You deserve more views

  13. Translation: enjoy the therapeutic benefits of this poison ivy and salmonella.

    …all joking aside, this was very relaxing..

  14. Yo también me voy a poner un sombrero y con el cilantro q tengo en el refri voy a hacer lo mismo a mi bicicleta para q se limpie la cabrona!!

  15. Really great ASMR. I love watching this girl. She's so cute and pretty. Please make more videos with this pretty girl in it.

  16. So she got the “evil eye” because of her looks. And she can stop the evil eye by “eating well”. In other words, get fat to stop others 👀 you.

  17. Thank you for expressing and explaining your healing process. Many cultures use the egg for healing the evil eye. Thank you for sharing your beautiful video. The bunny in the background chilling out even made it better!

  18. Where are all the triangles gone??

    And why there is a woman with a gangster's hat hitting a girl with cocaine leaves and spitting on her??

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