Spiritual Drug Use… What is your opinion? – Teal Swan


  1. There was an ancient tribe in the north east of india called the atomi tribe who had no mouths ! Yes no mouths just skin ! (Breatharians) these people didnt use stimuli ! They used meditation , i think we can create everything we need though meditation ! We dont need anything we can create what we need with inidia and meditations ! We need to control our intake so we can set ourselves free , any form of drug is bullshit

  2. Pot….why would anyone want to disassociate on the astro plane when you can have joy inspiration and Christ consciousness ? Totally Boring… pot of the most boring drug and thing to do in the world.  It lowers my vibration and joy. uggh !. As for all of the other substances and plants…… Ive never tried them so I have no judgement because I have never given it a shot but I sure don't want to put toxic crap into my body for senseless reasons.

  3. , um dmt isn't synthetic, it's extracted from mimosa and a few other plants. Lol its the main ingredient in ayahuasca.

  4. I recently tried mushrooms I went in to the with the mind set of a sprituial journey, i set an intention before hand I also raised my frequency before consuming them I did them at a friends house but the whole time I wanted to be with myself outside and the thing that i really remember clearly was sitting in meditation with my eyes closed an being "transported" to what seemed like a rain forest, then a voice which I new was not mine eminated from me it sounded like many voices combined into one this/these voices sounded of that of pure light and it empowered me and gave me the knowledge that I'm always being watched over and guided on , and now I feel that it was me channeling my sprit guides, I have never really been a Clairmedium I've always been more of an empathy but I definitely know that my experience made me feel awakened and in tuned to my higherself though I feel and know that I will never and never needed enthogens to reach that state or to gain the knowledge but the mushrooms definitely helped me get the answers I needed

  5. All types of objects can be catorgorized in the drug department such as food, clothing, toys, places, stuff etc… I'm not going to lie i'm addicted to Teal….

  6. @Teal Swan hi Teal swan. My not a new comer to spirituality. To make a long story short. I want to find a good place to work with ayahuasca. Can you suggest a good place? I don't trust many people when it comes to things of this nature, but if you have some recommendations please. Most of the places I've seen and been to have there own motivatives behind the medicine. I know there has to be a "good" shaman some where. Also, the medicine is just a tool.

  7. A few people already brought this up, but DMT, psilocybin and mescaline aren't synthetic. 

    They're naturally occurring. They are the main 3 entheogens tbh. 

    LSD is synthetic.

  8. "Naturally" occurring or synthetic is virtually irrelevant. It's a molecule that affects the brain and it doesn't matter how it's created as long as it's reasonably pure. That whole non-aspect of the conversation just sidetracks us from innumerable more meaningful areas.

  9. Awesome! thanks for this , as a recovering drug addict this helps to feel more comfortable about developing spirtually and not needing assistance from drugs.

  10. P. cubensis has now led me to my second kundalini awakening. This has been done always taking well care of the setting by using non-dual meditation and with a high intention on aligning with source. I will make the best of Teals advice and realize when it stops being of help for my spiritual evolution.
    Love you all!!

  11. ayuaska is not a plant. is a the made from 2 plants. I know a lot of shamans that continue using the plants, but maybe you are right about they don`t need to use then to achive the experience, at least a part of the experience. other than that, I tottally agree with you.

  12. Happy New Year 2016…
    Many blessings…
    From my Spirit to yours.
    Q. Avoiding channels
    on drugs VS Spirituality.

  13. Without getting too far into the video– Immediate opinion is that the use of drugs in the realm of administering them for purpose of understanding or self discovery, they're tools, but as many know when they're abused in ways that avoid dealing with underlying issues– they can become destructive, and habit forming.

  14. I never heard of all these drugs except LSD. I probably shouldn't do any of them knowing me. I'll never forget the time I did acid though, a week before Christmas, all the amazingly beautiful Christmas lights! watched aqua team hunger force with my eyes stuck to the screen while smiling hard. And Darth vador in my kitchen when I went to make a sandwich.

  15. You can't claim to experience human when you drink human blood. NO! You have to eat an entire human. YES! lol

  16. I've never felt so in love with the world, and okay with myself and everything around me as I have on mdma. I didn't even know being so full of love could be even possible for a human being… how is this substance not a human right?
    And lsd showed me how i am part of this fractal universe and not separate from anything in it.

  17. Psychedelics have helped my spirituality tremendously, especially DMT, MDMA, LSD and Shrooms an cannabis use but if you use them too often you lose the power and magic, you must learn from the medicine. My friend was able to channel arcturians and hear them whenever she took MDMA for example so that is something too look into. These things have cured depression, anxiety, PTSD, fears and many psychological, emotional and mental for thousands of people around the world. Even 1 trip alone can change your life and that is all that you will need to get back on track. Personally they helped me find myself again.

  18. I absolutely LOVE your explanation and perspective on drugs and their role in consciousness! Thank you for this video. This is the truth many people in the world need now. ❤

  19. Hello Teal! I agree with everything you've said, you certainly can reach higher states of consciousness without the help or 'push' of these drugs. On the other hand, I feel like people kind of need this push? because of the increasing distractions in our daily lives and the vast growth of the industrial revolution and social media and all that… People have gone as far as saying that the earth is flat and indulging in such matters that are unnecessary…

  20. In my expirience most of these drugs helps temporarily by raising your frequency. It can help with depression for instance but that's their limit. It's duo to body trying to maintain its balance, then you need more to get the same effect and that's how addiction starts.

  21. In other vídeos about diet your mentionate that healthy food and spirituality goles hands by hands and i agree…..before i stopped eating meat ,changing habits and be aware of things etc..i used to abuse drugs.alcohol and food etc….now after alot of changes In my life idont smoke weed daily anymore but salvia has been the thing that has really teached me stuff…..but it kinda creeps me out sometimes

  22. Hello there. My name is Tåm, and I am a Shaman from the hills of Norway. I have been practicing psychedelic shamanism for about 10 years now, but have been into spirituality, and the esoterics for a lifetime. History, psychology. not to mention- music has also been deep passions. Growing up in a disfigured family, with a bone disease inflicted by a car accidet, afflicted by none other than my dad. Drugs and alchohol has been around my household since I was very little. I was also diagnosed (semi) Schizofrenic, by a doctor at a very young age. This was a big mistake, but forgiveness is sendt; cause they know not what they do. My Schizofrenic symptoms were perpetuated by early consumption of the Amanita Muscaria mushroom. But, on the day of consuming this mushroom, being a little boy playing Pizza parlor in the woods, none around me understood the accute effects of mind altering drugs. The Amanita also contains something called Ibotenic Acid, wich to a young child- is mild poison. I experienced deep deliriums, feelings of flight, and otherwordly visions, and tactile sensations. Gnomes stood by my bed. In the days following, laying with a high fever in my bed, I occationally felt myself hoovering close to the roof. "Mom! Mom!" I yelled. She came running. And, ofcourse I was just lying there. "Fever fantasies" my mother told me. I believed her. Upon recovery, everything in my worldview was forever changed. And, what I really needed was a teacher … I got pharmacopia, and therapy instead. "There is something wrong with you" … "You are not in touch with reality". The drugs made my imagination fade away, slowly.It also caused sleep issues, and weight loss. Made me function in school, but totally flatlined as an emotional being. Anti-psychotic drugs, they were. I was on them for years. The magic, wich at times (after the deep fever stopped) was just as much heaven, as it was hell, was nothing more than The Path Of The Shaman; being opened. Seing the true reality of nature unfold. But the thing was, I was surroended by cultural programmed alcoholics, with shitloads of problems of their own. I often times had visions, and feelings that were unexplainable at the time. I just knew. This was something extra-ordinary. I could not understand, but I could feel it, In my teen years, my mother got very sick. This is when I stopped taking the medication, because I no longer had anyone around to convince me to take them. It was really tough, just quitting without consulting any real help. I turned to alcohol, in this phase, Not a good idea. Became a compulsive drinker already at the age of twelve. By the time I was thirteen, I was "the cool kid" who just didn't give a fuck, and could drink other 18 year olds under the table. Alcohol brought on the same type of supression of emotions that the medicine I could used to did. But, it also made me more careless, both towards myself, others, and general outcomes. Tho, this time in my life… Was a doorway to something bigger. I tried smoking pot, maybe 20 times plus, from the time I was 13 til I was 16. Didn't really do much for me. Just felt sleepy. Besides! I also felt emotionally weak, and had paranoid thoughts. Kept away from it, unless I was too drunk to think twice. I had this friend, a lifelong friend. He's the kind of guy that started smoking pot before everyone else, dropped out of school, and family quite early, not a good example for us younger than him; atleast not when it comes to habits, lifestyle, or outlook. He was just off, you know. But he was a real character, this guy. He was a wandering search engine for all things weird, and unnormal. Read allot of books, and had a great imagination. He often abused other drugs too, like pills or alcohol. Stemming from a whole in his heart, devoid of a father figure throughout his life. One could see it manifest. But, there was this day, like any other day- I was just drinking beer, playing consoles and activly not giving a fuck; this fiend appeared, after a break in our relationship where I did not see him for a year and a half. He entered my room a changed man. His character had grown into charismatic. Charming, even. Sharp. He was glowing. Still smoking quality hash, the boy packed his pipe and started telling storied from the summer. I felt my envy coming. "Why? Why has this guy who was NO ONE suddenly become SOMEONE?" I was shocked. So, I had to ask him. "What's your secret?" He just laughed, with a suspecting grin in his face, and those eyes people have when they are just utterly convinced of something. "Well, I started dropping acid last summer, and since then everything has changed". We laughed really good together, "Na, come on man? Stop joking around?" This is when he told me something with his stare, that he already knew he could not possibly convey in words. But he tried. "Well…" He sighs. "It's not what you think it is, LSD. I mean, it was not like I expected it to be! There were… No dragons, no devils, no nothing like that. It was all me. But I was all, and.. All was so beautiful, I mean… I really thought that this was something else. And the first experience I had with it, at the end of the evening I thought WOW! Somehow, somewhere I HAVE to show this to Tåm". So, I accepted the invitation and the rest is history. All I can say is, Psychedelics are not particulary dangerous.But we all know that people can be. The term Psychedelic was actually coined by psychologist Humphrey Osmond, in a corresponding letter to the well known author Aldous Huxley. Psyche=mind, delia=manifest, and they where naturally discovering this throug the use of LSD. LSD is extremly psychoanalytical, most of my experiences have been based in thought, and feeling, even more than vision. Many would agree that LSD does not bring about vivid imagiry, atleast not on a normal dose. (50-200mic). You have more a warping of the senses, and a manifestation of plasticity to the sensory world around you, co-dependent on your general cognitve plasticity at the time of the drop, and depending on the dosage. Newer brain-imaging scans shows that, alltough LSD connects the visual cortex to seemingly distant parts of the brain, it also hyperconnects all-around every aspect of the psyche- allowing the individual to roam inwad, so to speak. By passing old cirquits, and synapses, developing new ones. This is where the term "set and setting" comes into play. "Music is the wallpaper of our minds" a great man one said. Ontological design, is another fancy word for it, The Beatles were well into acid. "I'm painting my room- in a collorful way- so when my mind is wandreing- there it will go" – Fixing A Whole. Where you are, physically and emotionally- determined much of the outcome of your "trip", or journey. Well experienced psychomauts, (as we call them in modern terms) knows how to use this method of set-and-setting, going in with a deep set intention, and also the scene set for anything to undolf, here, in your physical space. Who you're with, and where you are, are extremly important before going deep into this. We need to respect Psychedelics. And to respect our minds. Their mechanism in this way; is also nothing but magical. I dare you to try to abuse psychedelics. (Well, not really. Remember, respect). But as a way of conveing this message; believe me- many have tried. And it does not work like with other drugs. I like to call them Karma agents, as well.

  23. Theese Entheogens. They activly work with what you already have, or do not have. If you come to them with a lack of respect: they will scare the fuck out of you. Does not matter what your ego thinks. Most people who try this for kicks; never return. I have a friend, as an example. He struggles with Heroin dependancy. Bless him. But, he told me once that "Tåm.. I believe that LSD has great potensial and all, but if you were to give that shit to me.. Man, I wouldnt be able to speak propertly even, for maybe 10 hours, and I would most surtenly experience a trip. But, when that trip is over, I would also most likely try to kill you for giving me that experience. You see, I have spent the last ten years running from myself. My own soul, and not to mention god… is not too pleased about this. It would be too much for me". So, it is clear in the way he expressed this that he has, indeed, been to the other side. But what met him there was a reflection of him, his life, his actions etc, So, he says himself he would never return; unless he was on a reallyt true path in life. That's the thing, theese aren't "Narcotics". The word "drugs" is also mislabeling, cause every "drug" gets lumped into one category in most peoples minds. They bring you up, put you down, knock you out, brings about, you know. Theese psychedelics are not drugs, they are more like truth serums. In all reality, they are actually infact Neurotransmitters. Psilocybin, LSD, DMT, etc. In the brain (and gut) they mimic serotonin. But their action? Puts the "magic" in "magic mushrooms". I am not particullary fond of MDMA as a entheogen, when the A in MDMA stand for Amphetamine, this energy is truly not good to the collective. Too self centered, overly focused, emotionally unstable. Hitler's shaking arm, but also his will to power. I would not compare the two, but they have similatiries, MDMA and Amphetamines. Both can be addictive, too. As a medicine man, I would naturally stare away from anything containing this energy. I am not condeming MDMA as a tool in psychoterapy tho, but it can only be a catalyst for openness; the healing has to come from the intention, and the enviorment the individual finds himself, or herself in. I understand that our culture has an affection for things making us feel REALLY good. Despite sometimes going through hell to get there; Tryptamines are more of the real deal when it comes to really learning to enjoy this ride. MDMA is a Phenetylamine; a psychedelic stimulant, so to speak. (other mentions: mescaline, 2CB, nBOME).

  24. Theese psychedelic stimulants have a higher affinity of negative consequenses than tryptamines. (ranging from DMT, to Psilocyvin and LSD). LSD in particular is one of the most interesting agents, when it comes to it's chemistry. It is actually the only psychedelic wich is both a Tryptamine and a Phenetylamine. It inhabits both properties. And also! It is actually not entierly synthetic, as most people believe. It actually is derived from a mushroom wich grows on rye, the famous Ergot mushroom wich also is responsible for countless plagues, deaths, and happenings throughout the ages as it came in form of infected bread. The myth of witches also arrises from theese times of great Ergot mania. In the 1700's outcasts from socetity, often women tierd of being slaved, and owed, exiled to the forest in need of spiritual guidance, and freedom. Like shamans before them, they asked the spirits for advice. And the spirits answered. Today, we have the imagiry of the deformed lady, with a big nose, and hunchback, crazy eyes and rugged skin. Stirring her giant bowl of Witches Brew, wich most surtenly contained the Ergot. Throughout the ages, many a man and woman have tried to derive the poison out of the Ergot, making the psychoactive experience less demanding for the body. Ergot in itself is quite dangerous. Boiling it down, mixing it with other plants- seemed to have a stabilising effect to the intoxication. But, it came at a price. Deformaties, and bodily problems came along with the enlightenment. But it spawned the myth; of the flying lady, across the full moon. With her crazy laugh.

  25. We can also see Ergot use in ancient Greece, where the Elusinian Mysteries were hold. This is where we get the legend of "Keykeon" from. There was a festival taking place, and all people where gathered to dance, and sing, have sex, and contemplate- for days on end. Most people drank wine. But, the most distinguished, and the most dedicated? They turned to Keykeon for enlightement. In the writings from this time we can also see that individuals had to prepare themself, physically and mentally for this journey. One could die. But, the gift rescieved from a succesfull journey- a merging with the white light- cold persumably free one- forever. Platon even writes about this. So, when I think back at Ergot's history- I feel really thankfull for modern chemistry, and that the spirit of the Ergot made it's way into the laboratory, the right hands (Albert Hoffman) at the right time (end of WWII), couldn't have fallen into better hands, and couldn't have come at a better time. "LSD: My Problem Child" is Hoffman's book about the whole journey. He, himself believes that LSD wanted to be discovered. That it came into being, it's metaphysical spirit channeling wisdom through Hoffman, like the spirits of the jungle teached the ancients about the alchemy of Ayahuasca, Hoffman inviting the spirit to have sex with modern technology, and science. The baby was to become something not only of god and nature, but also of the hands of man. LSD is today less toxic than C-Vitamins. We don't have to offer our lives, our noses, or nothing like that in order to see, feel, and get a big chance at believing. But in today's day in age we have to give up on something even more vaunerable, as we develop a dependency on this mechanism of the self: the Ego. On this journey one is forced to leave the Ego behind. Not forever, but in extended periods of trance. For we are like fish in water. Not knowing that we are surrounded by water. Our water is conciousness. Be blessed brothers and sisters. Love.

  26. I agree with you Teal. Words of wisdom. The most recent recent researches on psychedelics :There is Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), there is the book Zig Zag Zen, there is the documentary "Reality of Truth" (On YouTube). There is the book "Secret Drugs of Buddhism". A Lama said that in Buddhism there are 84000 practices. Using substances is just one of these 84000 practices. Some people need the substance, some others don't. I see three different uses for the substances : Inititiation, Remotivation to keep on practising meditation (by microdoses), Celebration on the most auspicious day of the year.

  27. Drugs are tools to expand your concousness, but you must keep balanced, don't get lost in the mystical experiences, you're a human being and your body will deteriorate if abused. Make sure you do research into the safe dosage of drugs and how often you can take them. remember if you abuse drugs they will abuse you back, trust me. Your Mind and body are one.

  28. I don’t like marijuana, psychedelics, or stimulates. I love ❤️ depressants such as valium, xanax, klonopin and opioids.

  29. Follow your curisosity, listen to your intuition but first always use your common-sense and gather as much information and education about the substance you gonna use. If you have no one to guide you, listen to Terence McKenna, Alan Watts, Ram Dass (Richard Albert). You WILL find your way.

  30. I struggle with addiction (weed every day over 4 years, plus others but not like weed) but I also use it for spiritual purposes, as a catalyst, they've helped more than I could ever imagine, but now I have decided I'm to proceed to following my path, integrating my fragmented self accepting and being ok with sitting with my feelings so I can process them and allow myself to have relief, I decided I would walk the path of pain, got to the cross roads of growth or death, and knew my will to survive was/is strong, I walked in to the dark forest, took on different personalities and perspectives, did a hell of a lot of exploring each different reality and what it could teach me, experiencing extreme emotions like fear, anger, confusion, sadness and happiness ( on acid ) getting arrested and trying to escape completely what I learned overall so far is I gotta let go, be ok with feeling, and just follow what I know deep down, of course it's not that simple ok it will be a lot of work but it will be worth it once I have processed all of it, then to move on to another quest, your an amazing person teal, thank u for helping me and all these other people, your words are so important

  31. I have to say a word about ephenidine, a new designer drug, it has a spiritual punch and opens up your heart. The day after I take ephenidine I start crying at one point, every time, I feel emotions that were buried deep down coming up and I just let it go. After that I feel so purified and I feel so much love for everyone. Ephenidine is a good self love catalyst.

    One time, it changed my consciousness for months. Everything was so beautiful beyond words. I had social anxiety, but suddenly I could look at my thoughts from another perspective. Scary thoughts still came but I wasn't afraid of them. I wasn't scared of people anymore as I didn't identify with these thoughts while loving myself so much. My consciousness was greatly expanded. This lasted at least 2 months and then it gradually went back to normal. Because of that I started meditating every day because I thought 'if meditation can manifest this kind of consciousness, I'm gonna meditate the rest of my life. This was years ago. I can still look at the world trough these eyes if I want.

  32. That was very well put, thank you for sharing! I have experience with many plants and substances, but ayahuasca turned out to be the most mind-expanding experience for me. I went to the Spirit Vine center in Brazil. they have very safe ayahuasca retreats in which they teach techniques in workshops on how to navigate the ayahuasca experience. It has been one of the most healing and profound experiences of my life. The website is https://spiritvineretreats.com/

  33. Hello again the power went out of the apartment that I live in last weekend everything was dark I don't know what caused that Mary rare ones that putting out the power because of our our energy is really high and I appreciate you talking about different drugs and stuff and as very smart you'll even talk like that cuz I used pain pills for my back and I want to get off of it but everybody talking about they don't take this this your insurance so it look like I'm going to have to do it in my way the way that I was taught how to do it until I feel like it but right now I don't and I don't let it interfere too much with me or maybe not enough influence of my own innovation because I think it does my thinking but not my feelings if you have anything to say about that to me comment back I would appreciate it

  34. can I get a helloooo baby.love that imfamation I have never actually truly been so more inspired to actually change my addiction about using drugs my choice of drugs are meth and weed.i only used it to expand and now I know that I need to let it go as it has become a daily habbit nad destroy my body and be able to grow and truly expand I have been cheating I must admit but now I know because of your arwearnes you just shared to me I now n
    know wat my addiction truly is the true foundation of spiritual awarnes and the chase of the true knowledge that has the real power the way.i have much to learn and am looking forward in filling my cup of true wisdom from you thankyou

  35. There is no God pill.
    That's called spiritualism, not spirituality.
    Drugs produce invalid spiritual experiences .
    Good luck.

  36. i think she is absolutely right when there is a thirst for spirituality in person it is useful for a break through on expansion but not a recreational thing

  37. Does anyone who ever played "Dungeon's and Dragon's" when they were younger remember the female half -elf adventurer character depicted on some of the book covers and drawings of such in the "D&D" manuals, [if you remember high intelligence and charisma levels#'s were I criteria for that characte] It's so interesting to be watching and listening [and learning from] an actual real living and breathing one of them now. I'm not joking she IS a half elf and if anyone here can't stand a truthful factual and obvious mention of that , *fact well I don't know what to tell ya

  38. Teal, Thank you very much for your input about Entheogens, Ayahuasca does not allows to be used in a recreational way. it is a purge and it is considered a Medicine to transform. The purging is physical,emotional and then the spiritual connection. Not easy to take, but for who ever is ready, very much worth it. Not for everybody. At some point it will show us our Duality and many human beings are not ready to see their own shadow / ego / demons.
    Ayahuasca is a tool to be taken with previous preparation ( food diet and health-medical check up) and always in ceremony with the guidance of a shaman or facilitator. No everybody is a candidate to take it.
    Mushrooms, Peyote, San Pedro or Wachuma, together with the Ayahuasca are Master /Teacher plants – Fungi.
    Entheogens; Tools be combined with meditation,yoga, nature, art, music etc. etc. what ever rises the vibration.
    To be taken with respect, and never with the intention of a recreational trip.

  39. If it wasn’t for drugs I would probably have never woke up…… would most likely still be living in ignorance is bliss

  40. I know . Six years ago. Advice still true Teal!.❤ Natural is best if one feels the need. And with someone knowledgeable. Don't gone alone my friends. Some get lost on this trail. Of mind expansion. The way back can be hard to find! Just saying. Do I know for sure? If you will get lost? No. No one does but you. Just saying be careful out there. It can be very cruel. Thank you Teal. Love you all. Goodnight! ✨

  41. Ayahuasca helped me a lot with my family problems and taught me forgiveness. It took 9 sessions but they were worth it, my family problems are solved since then. And it activated my Kundalini process which helps me in different ways, bodily and mentaly by intensifying my meditations. After half a year without remembering my dreams only 1 session brought my dreams back including lots of lucid dreams. I now do Aya twice a year and that seems perfect to me.

  42. have  right  of  things    and by the way,the accuser IS satan…satan in you   and all them that in a point of time would manifest falsehoods   for the benefit of the counterfeit flesh.

  43. Psilocybin is not synthetic. It is the psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms. Love you Teal. Thanks for this video.

  44. This is something I learned on my own. I'm happy this video confirms the teachings that I have received from life itself. When I first discovered psychedelics at the age of 25, it was as if a full blown door had open me up to whole different world of beauty and wonder. I only stuck with shrooms and LSD. I didn't realize it but I started to become attached to these types of psychedelics thinking that life could not be at its ultimate beauty without them. So of course I didn't take them constantly, but I would take them like twice a year which isn't bad. But when I turned 26, I remember a time over the summer when I was taking psychedelics literally every single weekend for like 6 week straight. The last time I took them over the summer, I had the most horrific experience in my entire life and felt like I was rotting my mind. I went through months upon months trying to dissect that horrifying trip that I had and I tried to figure out what the hell it meant. A bunch of my friends are spiritual healers and we found out that I was basically abusing these medicines without even realizing it. So I came to a conclusion: If I really feel like I don't need to use psychedelics, then I'm not gonna use them. And I also decided that I'll only use them a few times a year. There's really no need to overdo it honestly.

  45. Back in 1987, I took some magic Mushrooms, but wanted an Spiritual experience, A beam if light appeared in my Lounge with an Alien .He was moving.I ran into my room to tell my girlfriend at the time ,she said your tripping then shouted at me to get this dame Crystal out of the bed

  46. Remember you mentioned Fox when I have the time I'll tell you about Fox that sat with me in a Full Moon not Long ago

  47. I would love to see two opposing minds such as you and Martin ball or Leo from self actualized.org talk about this topic. I look up to you guys and it would just be really interesting to see.

  48. "the vibration of a separate portion…" i get what you mean Teal… I hope you don't eat your nuts with their shells to get the "unseparated" thing though… Peace! ✌️

  49. Mescolin is what's in peyote. I've made a very strong brew from san pedro and I saw a rain light network surrounding the planted

  50. okay so…. my mate sent me this video saying this is what she believes about drugs… and this was my response as an experienced user who barely uses "entheogens" or trips thesedays and I really hope ur view has changed by now @Teal Swan:

    I keep an open mind about being against them or not using them too

    but i wil finally watch that video u sent me about ur view on it. just been busy af tbh and like Im pretty sure we just got diff views on it

    Even tho u seem cool af

    lol she even acknowledges ayahuasca as "medicine" 🙂

    key term

    lol but she mentions dmt and psilocybin and dpt as a synthetic compound… sorry but that girl isnt educated on this

    Those are 3 natural compounds

    she listed as man-made…

    just saying

    If u ever want to discuss this properly like pls hit me up

    Cause like as much as I can see she is being very genuine.. she is just wrong about some things

    Ive extracted dmt, dpt and psilocybin

    the other compounds she mentioned as synthetic are synthetic

    But this is just some real info for u Dakota
    I think what she kinda means is that they are not endogenous compounds…

    Which she is then only wrong about dmt which at the time she made the video hadnt been proven to be endogenous in humans

    but it has since

    "The pineal gland has long been popular. The philosopher Descartes wrote in the 1600s that the pineal gland was “the principal seat of the soul and the place in which all our thoughts are formed.” Since then, the idea that the pineal gland is the mystical ‘third eye’ mentioned in many Eastern religions has grown in popularity."

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