Spiritual Medicine Digest: Auto upgrading positive morphic fields

hey dr. Karen Ken here welcome to another edition of the spiritual medicine Digest yes I am on the road and my dear James is driving hi James alright so what's the news for this week well I have very good news for you now for a while now my topic and healing the IP members my you know I love the plans that have been working a long time with me have been noticing our abilities to create what I call positive new morphic fields or blueprints that that we can all tap into and that's a positive thing so for example one of the things that has been evolving has been the positive morphic fields of what I call the selfs so self-reliance self fulfilment self responsibility and self-worth self trust with all these selfs like all them and there is a blueprint for each and every one of these things and we can tap into that blueprint now what's been really interesting over the you know several months and definitely over the last few weeks is that these selfs morphic fields have been calling for evolution so with ascension upgrades we have been manually upgrading or evolving each of those so we have the most evolved version of say self-reliance so if you are doing tup again healing and you're looking at to begin healing guide number two with all the positive morphic fields they're all those blueprints you can download to yourself you might have noticed that you've been so-called re-downloading once you already have and the reason that is is because there are new or more involved verses available now a lot of times I have to be alerted to these things in order to make yet another evolutionary jump for all of us or Lisa now to what it is and here's the announcement these positive morphic fields that get upgraded with ascension in the past we have to ask for those upgrades you know ask for those morphic fields in ourselves to be upgraded to the highest blueprint possible but now it is setup thanks to the ascension process thanks to us understanding this and creating a brand new rule or field or whatever you want to call it now we have all of these fields self-evolving or auto evolving in other words if you have downloaded the positive morphic field of say self-reliance then instead of having to redownload or not redownload but download an update and upgrade and manually you be able to actually have it happen automatically sorry if I think jumping up and down here so yeah so so for most people now especially a sensitive sold and in this tribe these positive morphic fields are going to be Auto upgrading so we do not have to do it ourselves and this is a fantastic thing now there's a really interesting scientific proof related to this I'm reading dr. Sheldrake's Rupert Sheldrake's book science that free actually I'm listening to it on audible and I may have mentioned this last week but crystals when they form they can actually automatically evolve to a different form of crystal without any human intervention or any other type of know seeding or something like that to cause a new crystalline formation an example of that was violet all the xylitol with a particular type of crystal when it was first made but it automatically evolved itself to a different form of crystal which might be more stable and so it seems like life evolves over time and so the laws of nature even are not even constant like I used to think the laws of nature are the laws of nature you know fundamental laws of nature never change but come to find out they do like for example the the speed of light did you know that the speed of light changes every few decades I did not know that I just found that out there's this but also the second is measured as light radiation speed of light radiation of cesium going from one state to another and so that can also change so not even as time constant or light you know that the the light speed or you know I mean it's it's nothing is constant really it's always evolving it's always changing so it's a matter of habits dr. Sheldrake's about you know nature is like has all these habits so maybe we have a habit of having some negative thought or negative pattern and then we download the positive thought or pattern we pull the negative patterns out then what has to happen in order for us to live that new positive reality is practicing in that new blueprint you know so we get more and more habits formed in that way and then life starts to bend and mold itself to that new reality so many of the VIP students and myself have been creating brand new morphic fields for us to tap into especially ones with you know for lightening star seeds or earth angels so we can tap into these positive morphic fields that have been co-created that among us through our imagination certificate healing through the frequencies ascension that are available so we can all live better and happier lives so pretty yeah pretty cool stuff so Otto evolving positive morphic fields cool or cool so the second piece of news I want to talk to you about is again ascension related and it's about we are being asked to be in our new reality now it's funny because that spells be in but it's very like B yang so it's like being your new reality so with every part of your being your senses you know you're managing that's date within that frequency that vibe within being your new reality is the fastest quickest way you know to not only heal but create prosperity and new realities but the thing is it's not about your thoughts actually per se it's not about having a positive lot per se about oh my life is gonna get better or it's not about hoping it's gonna get better it's literally being in that space vibrating in that space so some of you are like well I tried positive thinking you know it doesn't really work and try the law of attraction I tried you know being grateful for you know what I have and it just you know blows up in my face it doesn't work you know and the thing is is that if you are saying those things it is 100 percent obvious to me that you're not managing your being your state of being because those that have managed the state of being don't have those kinds of judgments and it's not about thought it's about being so I know it's a little deep here it's not seeking see what I mean so when you do the practices to help your state of being of course traditionally we've used meditation now I never really I'm really not good I did I never really got into meditation that that well Monto lately because I was missing a piece because I didn't understand the whole being thing I was trying to go through the mind to meditate so I was trying to still the mind you know person for anything what if I don't mean right and I didn't really get anything out of it I didn't I didn't maybe then try long enough to get anything out of it then people were meditating 1-2 hours a day and I'm like hello I'm busy I don't have a good time so but now that I understand oh it's my state of being that makes the difference throughout the whole day not just through this meditation for an hour or two or whatever my case you know 20 minutes is what I can spare it's how do we manage our state of being with everything that happens to us can we still vibrate at that level so for me being clairsentient highly clairsentient and an empathetic for me going through the body is the doorway and to that stillness that's what I call the stillness through observing internal movement so in that space and I'm right now paying attention to that vibration with and while I'm talking to you and that's the cool thing is that I can be meditating so to speak in this being seated managing my state while I'm interacting and while I'm awake while I'm talking you know while I'm doing something else of course it's wonderful to be completely still to be completely in the yin and yang right so I still encourage people do that for at least ten minutes a twenty minutes a day but this being state that you can tap into periodically throughout the day is what really is going to help your health a lot your prosperity a lot your peace enjoy immediately so that is the guidance from source this week is that things are manifesting faster than ever before so it proves all of us to manage our being States as well as possible because things are manifesting quickly so it's about your being so a few announcements number one on Monday show I'm gonna be doing a solo show here I'm traveling so Monday April 29th at 12:00 noon Eastern the topic of the show is going to be and I've written it down here top mistake sensitive Souls make keeping them anxious overwhelmed and exhausted so we are going to go through some of these top mistakes that so many of us including myself have made or are making that keep us feeling crappy and not peaceful positive calm so please join me if the show live because we are going to do some live readings here and also you know some live mentoring and coaching as well these many many meetings and so many healings so if you happen to be a light warrior sensitive soul experiencing overwhelm then you know we'll see what we're guided to do in terms of helping you and learning some of these mistakes and getting started is super super important because you are needed you are needed to help raise the vibration of the planet and if you do not feel good it's gonna be a heck of a lot more difficult for everyone else but you have a big job to do so my vested interest is to help you shine your light brightly so we can as a collective pull the world out of darkness so enjoy me Monday at noon Eastern for this show and we will if you don't have them on my email list then we'll send you the link through the email you can go on Karen can calm to get on the email list also you can call in the show live and raise your hand to ask me questions the number is eight one eight five one four eleven ninety and just at one so we know that your hand is up eight one eight five one four eleven ninety and so this is a live show and I'm doing it solo so we do so many of these mini healings as far as and as well as our topic and also I want to share with you just how important coming up is so in September 22nd to 27th I am super jazzed to be a speaker and trainer at the Omega Institute the very prestigious Omega Institute is one of the top you know institutes and America where people go for spiritual yoga you know wellness retreats and the light warrior training camp is going to be at that time five days with me in the beautiful Rhinebeck New York I want you to come I want you to come and experience how to start really turning your sensitivity into a superpower so we are going to be doing some major superpower training here at the light warrior camp and I want you to be there so the link to register is Karen can calm /o mega ome GA Karen can calm 4/4 Omega so register soon and I will have some future announcements for the folks that are registering in the early bird but that's a little bit secret right now so I will be announcing that later so if you really want to get to the next level quicker faster you really want to do live training with me so come to the light warrior training at the Omega Institute okay I know how people wear these here but things are always falling out okay last announcement Tuesday so Tuesday April 30th I'm going to be doing a free webinar related to the lifewave x 39 phototherapy stem-cell patch so you might have heard all the hubbub and the buzz about the stem-cell patch maybe you have some questions maybe you missed you know the telesummit release of the X 39 if you are interested in healing faster quicker less expensive than traditional stem cell therapies like you know and and you're interested in natural therapy and light therapy this is a no brainer you got to come to the webinar Tuesday cuz I'll be answering questions I'll be talking about how they work what my experiences have been with these phototherapy patches and about and I'll teach you how you can either get the wholesale or retail and what's the best options for you so that is live so you and if you want to can't make it live it's gonna be Tuesday night at 8:30 p.m. Eastern but if you can't make it live then you can just register and then we'll send you the replay so the link for that is patch training team com /x 39 webinar all one word so pastor 18 comm /x 39 webinar so I hope to see you Monday on the radio show Tuesday for the webinar and in September at the Omega Institute well that's the speaks of spiritual medicine digest have a wonderful week love to you bye

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